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7 Best Sites to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Selling Gift cards in Nigeria has gained more attention now than ever. Therefore, knowing the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria is essential if you want the best rates.

Gift cards are incredibly useful at the brands they are associated with, and they generally facilitate the payment procedure. 

But, their success in Nigeria is mostly due to factors outside of their brand rather than just what they can accomplish there.

Therefore “gift card trading” is exchanging gift cards for cash. Let me explain if the word “gift cards” is unfamiliar to you. 

They are digital assets made by the specified brand that can be used as a simple and alternate form of payment at the store.

In this article we would like to enlighten you about the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria before going into where to sell them.

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Importance of Selling or Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria 

People who want to know the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria do so for a variety of important reasons, such as promoting global trade, being a fantastic way to make extra cash, and minimizing waste. 

1. Promotion of International Business: One of the best ways to build your brand is to sell your goods or provide services to people or companies that are located abroad.

But it’s no secret that collecting money in Nigeria appears to be becoming more difficult every day, particularly when visiting the bank is involved.

Gift card trading allows you to exchange gift cards for cash. You may sell the cards on reputable websites like Cardtonic and get paid in a matter of minutes.

2. Great Way To Get Cash: If you received a gift card and don’t particularly like the brand, selling or trading them for cash is a great way to get cash when you need it. 

3. Prevents Gift Card Breakage: Gift card breakage is the term used to describe when a gift card is left unused for various reasons, such as moving, losing interest in the brand, forgetting you bought them, etc. Selling or trading them for cash helps you avoid this.

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7 best sites to sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Cardtonic, Paxful, Giftcard Granny, Cardcash, Facebook Marketplace, and Suregifts are the 7 best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria in 2024. 

1. Cardtonic

Cardtonic, one of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria is an excellent website that enables people who have unwanted gift cards to quickly and easily sell them for cash at any time of day. 

On this platform, you can obtain the finest gift card prices in Nigeria in addition to a very helpful customer care service in case you need assistance. 

It’s well known that Cardtonic is the one of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria. 

You can easily sell your gift cards on the go using Cardtonic’s mobile application.

You can sell a variety of gift cards on this exchange, including ones from Amazon, Walmart, Steam Wallet, iTunes, Nintendo, and Google Play. 

Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the Cardtonic mobile app.

Less tech-savvy users will find the app easy to use because of its intuitive design and welcoming user interface.

The best part is that Cardtonic is doubly encrypted, dependable, and safe, so gift card scams are not a concern. 

In Nigeria, they offer the fastest payout. You receive prompt payment without any problems for your gift cards. You can sell gift cards anywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

Pros: An intuitive application, a customer service team that responds quickly, and a very active social media presence.

2. Paxful 

One of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria is also the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria. You can exchange or sell your gift cards on this peer-to-peer marketplace.

Pros: The platform has many active users, making it easy to locate a buyer. 

Cons: Because it’s peer-to-peer, it’s not entirely secure.

3. Gift card Granny

This US-based platform allows users to exchange gift cards online. You can securely sell or exchange your digital assets from Nigeria even if you are based outside. 

Gift Card Granny helps customers get the best offer quickly by displaying the lowest rates from multiple online marketplaces (which incentivizes purchases).

By purchasing gift cards, purchasing daily emails, and encouraging friends to make purchases on Gift Card Granny, you can increase your income on the platform.

Pros: Reputable website that facilitates bulk sales. 

Cons: It’s challenging to get in contact with customer service.

4. Card cash 

You may sell your gift cards at competitive prices on CardCash, an online marketplace for gift cards.

They have partnerships with well-known companies such as Uber, Starbucks, Walmart, CVS, Amazon, and others. 

This is the most profitable way to sell gift cards. You can trade in your Amazon gift card and earn an extra 11%.

With CardCash, you can exchange unwanted gift cards for cash or sell them for other gift cards on an online marketplace. It’s a great location for Nigerian gift card sales online.

Pros: You can exchange your cards for any gift card you’d like to receive as cash payment. 

Cons: Nigerian operations are limited.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook introduced Facebook Marketplace as an add-on to their app. It`s users can use it as a marketplace to buy and sell goods. 

Pros: There is room for negotiation and no set prices. 

Cons: Unlike Facebook, you are selling to private customers. Thus, there’s a chance that a buyer will con you. 

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6. Suregifts

If you would like to exchange your gift cards, you can also consider Suregifts. They are an extremely safe platform for exchanging gift cards in Nigeria. 

Benefits: You can sell gift cards for Nigerian retailers like Spar or ShopRite. 

Cons: Limited to local gift cards and relatively low resale rates.

7. LegitCards

One of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria without having to worry about technicalities is LegitCards.

Undoubtedly, it’s among Nigeria’s top gift card exchange platforms. The company’s strongest feature is its complete transparency. 

There are no additional costs involved when trading a gift card; you will receive the card’s full value in Naira straight into your bank account.

Legitcards provides the finest market pricing, according to numerous dealers’ testimonies.

Check out Legitcards to take advantage of the greatest trading experience and high rates.

The fact that you may exchange your gift cards for cash without having to register is another benefit of using Legitcards.

The red tape and formalities involved in swapping gift cards have been eliminated for you. They are prepared to purchase if you have a card to exchange. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the best Site to sell gift card in Nigeria

In selecting one of the best sites to sell gift cards in Niger Check for Reputation & Security, Payment Options & Flexibility, Customer Service, and Exchange Rates & Fees before selecting a platform. 

1. Reputation and Security: Look through their social media accounts and inquire about the company from friends, family, and coworkers.

What remarks are made about them? Are they safe, or are there many controversies about them? 

2. Flexibility and Payment Options: You can only be compensated in cryptocurrencies on a platform such as Paxful. If you don’t have any issues with this, it’s fantastic.

But selling here wouldn’t be the best option if you were seeking for other options, like cash. For this reason, it’s critical to understand every payment method they provide.

3. Customer Service: To ensure a genuine reply, contact the customer service representatives of any site you plan to sell your gift cards on. 

4. Exchange Rates and Fees: This is a crucial consideration when choosing a site to sell or trade your gift cards.

Before selling, you should ascertain the rate and amount they are prepared to pay for your gift card. and if there are any additional costs.

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Tips for Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

If you wish to trade or sell your gift cards, there are a few things you need to do first: find out how much the card is worth, make sure it’s not expired, pick the best site to sell gift card and watch out for con artists. 

1. Find Out the Gift Card’s Value: You must first ascertain the gift card’s value in order to determine whether or not you are getting a decent price.

For instance, you know your iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth much more than 200,000 Naira, so you wouldn’t sell it for that amount. 

2. Verify Expiration Dates: To exchange your gift card before the specified date, it’s critical to know when it expires.

3. Select the Best site to sell your Gift Card: Although some gift cards are naturally expensive, you can get even greater returns on reputable sites.

For instance, the Cardtonic #Steamheat and #Razersharp campaigns caused the rates of these digital assets to soar on our platform. 

4. Watch Out for Scams: There are several ways that gift card scams might appear.

Sometimes the rates, or the people/platforms with little to no track record, could seem too good to be true. You should be good if you could only try to exercise due diligence.

How To Make Money From Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Using gift cards to earn money is quite simple. Selling your gift card to individuals or organizations prepared to pay for it is one of the simplest ways you may generate income with it.

For a fair price, plenty of people are ready to take those cards off your hands. 

On InformationNGR exchange and other companies that buy gift cards for real money or any cryptocurrency of your choosing, you can quickly sell used and unused gift cards.

Instead of waiting for the gift card to expire or lose value, you can trade or exchange it for other digital currencies like Bitcoin, PayPal, or Skrill cash if you’re not interested in selling gift cards.

You can sell your gift card on gift card exchanges and get paid right away, as well as to friends and relatives.

These are some of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria if you have any for sale. You’ll get paid more quickly than you can say “money.”

Gift Cards with the Highest Rates and Resale Value in Nigeria

Presents in the form of gift cards are always greatly appreciated, but if you intend to sell at one of the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria you may have noticed that the most valuable gift cards are the ones that have the highest resale value. 

This is because you can utilize it for purposes other than those the giver initially intended or to get more usage out of the card overall.

However, before you purchase or sell another gift card, consider the following advice on which cards are most valuable in Nigeria. 

You obtain the following figures when you sell $100 worth of several brands. The list is as follows, with no specific order:

  • Visa Gift Card = ₦40,000 ($1 – ₦400)
  • Amazon Gift Card = ₦42,000 (1$ – ₦420)
  • MasterCard Gift Card = ₦39,000 (1$ – ₦390)
  • American Express Gift Card = ₦40,000 (1$ – ₦400)
  • Bestbuy = ₦32,000 (1$ – ₦320)
  • Nike Gift Card = ₦36,000 (1$ – ₦360)
  • eBay Gift Card = ₦37,000 (1$ – ₦370)
  • iTunes Gift Card = ₦38,000 (1$ – ₦380)
  • Google Play Gift Card = ₦39,000 (1$ – ₦390)
  • American Express Gift Card = ₦41,000 ($1 – ₦410)
  • Sephora Gift Card = ₦23,000 (1$ – ₦230)
  • Footlocker Gift Card = ₦29,000 (1$ – ₦290) 
  • Razer Gold Gift Card = ₦40,500 (1$ – ₦405)
  • Nordstrom Gift Card = ₦38,000 (1$ – ₦380)
  • UK Steam Gift Card = ₦51,000 (1$ – ₦510)
  • OneVanilla Gift Card = ₦37,000 (1$ – ₦370)
  • Macy Gift Card = ₦37,000 (1$ – ₦370)


What are the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria?

Some of the top platforms include Cardtonic, Cardcash, and Patricia.

How can I sell my gift cards quickly in Nigeria?

To sell your gift cards fast, consider using reputable platforms like Cardtonic, which offer swift transactions and competitive rates.

Which site offers the best exchange rates for gift cards in Nigeria?

Cardtonic is known for offering competitive exchange rates for various gift cards, ensuring you get the best value for your cards.

Are there any trusted platforms to sell gift cards securely in Nigeria?

Yes, platforms like Cardcash and Patricia are reputable and provide secure transactions, safeguarding your information and ensuring smooth exchanges.

Can I sell a variety of gift cards on these platforms?

Yes, most of these platforms accept a wide range of gift cards, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more, offering sellers convenience and flexibility.


Knowing the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria is made convenient and secure through reputable platforms like Cardtonic, Cardcash, and Patricia.

These platforms offer swift transactions, competitive exchange rates, and accept a wide variety of gift cards, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. 

With their emphasis on security and reliability, sellers can trust these platforms to provide a seamless experience while ensuring the best value for their cards.

Whether seeking quick transactions or the best exchange rates, these sites offer a reliable solution for individuals looking to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

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