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Top 21 Fast Growing Real Estate Startups & Companies in Africa

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Real estate startups in Africa are poised for tremendous growth in the coming decade, positioning the sector as one of the continent’s largest industries in terms of financial value. 

From a business perspective, this indicates a vast potential for real estate startups and companies, with expectations of significant expansion as urban areas continue to grow.

The African real estate market is witnessing a transformative shift, driven by innovation and technology. 

Real estate startups and real estate tech companies are at the forefront, leveraging digital solutions to address the continent’s unique challenges and opportunities. 

Here, we explore the top 21 fast-growing real estate startups and companies in Africa, shaping the future of the industry.

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Top 21 Fast Growing Real Estate Startups & Companies in Africa

Here is a list of Africa’s fast-growing real estate startups and companies.

1. LandLayBy (Kenya)

LandLayBy is a real estate tech company using blockchain to offer a transparent platform for land transactions. 

This innovative approach addresses common issues such as fraud and ownership disputes, ensuring secure and verifiable transactions. 

By integrating blockchain technology, LandLayBy enhances trust and transparency in the real estate market. 

Their platform is particularly beneficial in Africa, where property fraud and unclear land titles are prevalent. 

LandLayBy’s solution simplifies the buying, selling, and leasing processes, making real estate transactions more efficient and reliable for individuals and businesses.

2. Seso Global (Nigeria)

Seso Global provides a comprehensive real estate technology platform that streamlines property transactions using blockchain technology. 

Their system ensures secure documentation and simplifies the buying process, addressing trust and transparency issues in Nigeria’s real estate market. 

By digitizing and verifying property records, Seso Global reduces the risk of fraud and makes it easier for investors to navigate the market. 

Their innovative approach enhances transaction efficiency and builds confidence among buyers and sellers, fostering a more robust real estate ecosystem.

3. Estate Intel (Nigeria)

Estate Intel is a data-driven real estate technology company that offers market insights and analytics. 

Their platform provides comprehensive data on market trends, property values, and development activities, helping developers, investors, and real estate professionals make informed decisions. 

By leveraging data analytics, Estate Intel enables stakeholders to understand market dynamics and identify investment opportunities. 

Their services are crucial for navigating the complex and evolving Nigerian real estate market. They ensure that clients can optimize their strategies and investments based on accurate and timely information.

4. PropTech Hub (South Africa)

PropTech Hub is a real estate startup that incubates and accelerates real estate technology companies. 

They provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to support the growth of innovative solutions in the African real estate market. 

By fostering a collaborative environment, PropTech Hub helps startups develop and scale technologies that address industry challenges. 

Their initiatives promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, driving digital transformation in the real estate sector. 

PropTech Hub’s efforts are essential for nurturing a vibrant ecosystem of real estate tech companies in South Africa.

5. Meqasa (Ghana)

Meqasa is a leading real estate technology platform in Ghana. It offers a user-friendly website and mobile app that connect buyers, sellers, and renters. 

Their platform provides comprehensive property listings, virtual tours, and detailed property information, making it easier for users to find their ideal home or investment property. 

Meqasa enhances the property search experience by offering tools that increase transparency and convenience. 

Their services cater to a diverse audience, from individuals seeking homes to investors looking for profitable opportunities, and they thus play a significant role in the Ghanaian real estate market.

6. KamerApp (Cameroon)

KamerApp is a real estate startup focused on the Cameroonian market. It offers a platform with comprehensive property listings, virtual tours, and a secure payment system. 

Their technology enhances the buying and renting experience by providing detailed property information and ensuring secure transactions. 

KamerApp addresses the need for a reliable and user-friendly real estate platform in Cameroon, making it easier for users to find and secure properties. 

By improving transparency and efficiency, KamerApp is transforming the real estate landscape in Cameroon, helping to build a more robust and trustworthy market.

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7. HouseAfrica (Nigeria)

HouseAfrica leverages blockchain technology to offer a transparent and secure platform for real estate transactions. 

Their system provides verifiable property records and simplifies the documentation process, addressing issues of trust and efficiency in the Nigerian real estate market. 

By ensuring accurate and tamper-proof records, HouseAfrica reduces the risk of fraud and enhances transaction security. 

Their innovative approach builds confidence among buyers and sellers, promoting a more reliable and efficient real estate ecosystem. 

HouseAfrica’s technology is essential for modernizing and securing property transactions in Nigeria.

8. Rent Small Small (Nigeria)

Rent Small Small is a real estate tech company addressing housing needs in Nigeria by offering a platform for flexible rental options. 

Their system allows tenants to pay rent monthly, which is more manageable for many compared to traditional yearly payments. 

By providing a more accessible and flexible rental system, Rent Small Small caters to urban dwellers and young professionals. 

Their platform also includes features for property listings and tenant screening, enhancing the rental experience for landlords and tenants. 

This innovative approach is transforming the rental market in Nigeria.

NyumbaLink is a real estate technology platform that connects property owners with potential buyers and renters in Kenya. 

Their service includes comprehensive property listings, virtual tours, and detailed property information, enhancing transparency and convenience in the real estate market. 

By offering tools that facilitate property search and transactions, 

NyumbaLink helps users make informed decisions.

Their platform addresses the need for a reliable and efficient real estate service in Kenya, improving the overall property transaction experience and fostering a more transparent market environment.

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10. Zanzibar House (Tanzania)

Zanzibar House is a real estate startup focusing on the luxury market in Zanzibar. 

They offer high-end property listings and personalized services for investors seeking vacation homes or investment properties in this prime location. 

Their platform provides detailed property information, virtual tours, and tailored assistance, enhancing the buying experience for high-net-worth individuals. 

Zanzibar House’s focus on luxury real estate addresses the growing demand for premium properties, promoting investment in this attractive market and supporting the development of the region’s real estate sector.

11. Broll Property Group (South Africa)

Broll Property Group is one of the big real estate companies in Africa. It offers a range of services, including property management, valuation, and brokerage. 

Their extensive network and expertise make them a African real estate industry leader. 

Broll’s comprehensive services cater to commercial and residential markets, providing clients with valuable insights and support throughout the property lifecycle. 

Their professional approach and wide-ranging capabilities ensure high-quality service delivery, contributing to the growth and stability of the real estate market in South Africa and beyond.

12. Knight Frank (Kenya)

Knight Frank is one of Africa’s top real estate development companies, known for their comprehensive property services. 

They offer valuation, consulting, and management services for both commercial and residential markets. 

Knight Frank’s strong presence in Kenya provides clients with expert advice and support in property transactions and investments. 

Their extensive market knowledge and professional approach make them a trusted partner in the real estate industry. 

Knight Frank’s services help clients navigate the complexities of the market, ensuring informed decisions and successful outcomes.

13. Mara Delta Property Holdings (Mauritius)

Mara Delta Property Holdings is a significant player in the African real estate market, focusing on property development and investment. 

Their diverse portfolio includes commercial, retail, and hospitality properties across multiple African countries. 

By investing in high-quality properties and developing strategic assets, Mara Delta supports the growth of key sectors in the African economy. 

Their property management and development expertise ensures that their projects meet international standards, attracting investors and tenants. 

Mara Delta’s comprehensive approach to real estate contributes to developing robust and sustainable markets across Africa.

14. Africa Logistics Properties (Kenya)

Africa Logistics Properties is a real estate technology company developing modern logistics and warehouse facilities. 

Their projects support the growth of e-commerce and distribution networks in Africa by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

Africa Logistics Properties enables businesses to expand their operations and improve supply chain efficiency by addressing the demand for efficient and scalable logistics solutions. 

Their focus on innovative design and technology ensures that their facilities meet the needs of contemporary businesses, driving the growth of the logistics and warehousing sector in Africa.

15. Novare Equity Partners (South Africa)

Novare Equity Partners is a leading real estate developer focusing on commercial and retail properties. 

Their innovative projects cater to the growing demand for high-quality infrastructure in Africa’s urban centers.

 By developing modern shopping centers, office buildings, and mixed-use developments, Novare Equity Partners enhances the urban landscape and supports economic growth. 

Their commitment to sustainability and community development ensures their projects positively impact the environment and local communities. 

Novare’s expertise in real estate development makes them a key player in shaping the future of Africa’s cities.

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16. Growthpoint Properties (South Africa)

Growthpoint Properties is one of the top real estate developers in Africa. Its diverse portfolio includes office, retail, and industrial properties. 

Their focus on sustainable development and innovation makes them a leader in the industry. 

Growthpoint’s projects incorporate green building practices and advanced technologies, promoting environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. 

By offering high-quality, adaptable spaces, Growthpoint supports the evolving needs of businesses and communities. 

Their commitment to excellence and sustainability drives their success and positions them as a key contributor to Africa’s real estate sector.

17. Mixta Africa (Nigeria)

Mixta Africa is a real estate startup that develops affordable housing solutions to address the housing deficit in Nigeria. 

Their projects provide high-quality, cost-effective homes for low and middle-income families.

 By focusing on affordability and accessibility, Mixta Africa helps to bridge the housing gap and improve living conditions for many Nigerians. 

Their innovative approach to design and construction ensures that their homes are both durable and affordable. 

Mixta Africa’s commitment to social impact and community development makes it a vital player in the Nigerian real estate market.

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18. Home Afrika (Kenya)

Home Afrika is one of the big real estate companies in Kenya, known for developing integrated communities. 

Their projects include residential, commercial, and recreational facilities, creating holistic living environments. By focusing on mixed-use developments, 

Home Afrika addresses the diverse needs of urban populations, promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. 

Their commitment to quality and community development ensures that their projects enhance the well-being of residents and contribute to the region’s overall development. 

Home Afrika’s innovative approach makes them a leader in Kenya’s real estate sector.

19. Shelter Afrique (Kenya)

Shelter Afrique is a real estate technology company supporting affordable housing development across Africa. 

They provide financing and technical assistance to developers, helping to increase the supply of affordable homes.

 20. EchoStone Housing (Nigeria)

EchoStone Housing uses innovative construction technology to build affordable homes quickly and efficiently. 

Their approach addresses Nigeria’s urgent need for housing, offering sustainable and scalable solutions.

21. Rendeavour (Kenya)

Rendeavour is one of the top real estate development companies in Africa, focusing on large-scale urban developments. 

Their projects create modern cities with integrated infrastructure, promoting sustainable urban growth.


Why are real estate startups in Africa expected to grow significantly in the next decade?

Real estate startups in Africa are anticipated to experience significant growth due to increasing urbanization, a rising middle class, and a growing demand for housing and commercial properties.

How are real estate tech companies transforming the industry in Africa?

Real estate tech companies are revolutionizing the African market by introducing digital platforms that streamline property transactions, improve market transparency, and enhance customer experiences. 

What challenges do real estate startups in Africa face, and how are they overcoming them?

Real estate startups in Africa face challenges such as property fraud, unclear land titles, and inefficient transaction processes. 

What opportunities exist for investors in the African real estate market?

Investors have numerous opportunities in the African real estate market, including residential housing developments, commercial properties, and innovative real estate tech solutions. 

Which regions in Africa are experiencing the most growth in real estate development?

Regions experiencing the most growth in real estate development include Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana. 


The African real estate market is vibrant and rapidly evolving, thanks to the innovative efforts of real estate startups and tech companies. 

These 21 fast-growing companies are leading the charge, leveraging technology to address the continent’s unique challenges and opportunities. 

From blockchain-enabled platforms to affordable housing solutions, these companies are transforming the real estate landscape in Africa, driving growth and improving accessibility for all.


List of Real Estate Startups in Africa


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