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Poll Reveals Indrive as Top Choice for Nigerian Ride-Hailing Drivers, Bolt Loses Popularity

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Nigerian indrive e-hailing poll: Debate has been going on on who the best ride-hailing drivers are. To settle this dispute, a poll by Technext was conducted among the drivers. The participating drivers operate under the Amalgamated Union of App-based Transporters of Nigeria (AUATON). The results revealed InDrive as the ride preferred by the majority of drivers. 

Nigerian indrive e-hailing poll: Indrive Selected as The Most Preferred By Drivers

InDrive recorded 47.4% of the total votes while Uber, another popular e-hailing platform, recorded 31.5%. However, Bolt, a popular e-hailing ride, came third with only 15.8% of the total votes. The newly-launched app, Rida came last in the pack with 5.3% of the total.

Nigerian indrive e-hailing poll

The preferred hailing ride was founded in 2013. Today InDrive is available in over 749 cities across 46 countries on five continents. In 2022, it was the second most downloaded ride-hailing app worldwide based on Google Play and App Store data. inDrive was incorporated in the US in 2018, and its head office is located in Mountain View, California. The company’s foundational values are transparency, fairness, and innovative use of technology to challenge injustice. 

About InDrive

InDrive was launched in Lagos, Nigeria in August 2019. It was previously known as InDriver. The company launched a model that allows drivers and passengers to negotiate fares rather than a fixed price, which was the norm.

The strategy it came with made the platform popular among users in the country. Also, it has modified it to enable both algorithm and human interference in its pricing mechanism. This model is precisely why drivers prefer the platform above others.

Indrive preferred Nigerian e-hailing app

The drivers appreciated the flexibility provided by the app’s model, which allows them to set their own prices and select their preferred destinations. This is particularly important considering the high cost of fuel and spare parts, as well as the reluctance of major e-hailing apps like Uber and Bolt to adjust their fixed fares.

However, the drivers expressed concern about the introduction of a “fastest finger” trend in selecting rides through the model, which they found to be problematic. for available rides with many settling for lesser fares.

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According to Technext, a driver said, “Indrive is a test of the true personality of drivers. Some drivers, small money are already shaking.”

But in the end, they agreed it would have been the driver’s choice which translates to some degree of independence in pricing. The platform enables drivers to gradually and consistently boost their earnings. However, drivers criticized the platform for deducting commissions before the ride began. 

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