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Bolt Launches in Cairo with Cheaper Fares than Uber

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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One of the largest ride-hailing services, Bolt, has debuted in Cairo. Due to its decision to launch in Cairo, it will be a strong rival to Careem, InDrive, and Uber.

The ride hailing service has launched an alluring deal for riders with its recent entry into Egypt: a 50% discount for six months, completely covered by Bolt. Drivers will also receive an exemption from the usual 15% commission.

Bolt Strategy In Cairo, Egypt 

Bolt’s recent incursions into Zimbabwe and Botswana are preceded by this expansion into Egypt. The action is in line with the company’s significant investment of €500 million ($542.8 million) in Africa, which represents a strategic plan to increase its footprint and create jobs for more than 300,000 additional drivers.

According to Bolt Egypt Country Manager Haitham Mansour, “Egypt is an important market for our entry beyond merely boosting driver revenues; we aim to ignite demand through competitive pricing.” “We guarantee drivers earn more while providing customers with attractive service fees by maintaining commissions significantly lower than our competitors.”

Benefits of The Riding Hailing Service In Cairo

In Cairo, Bolt provides a number of features and advantages. Bolt offers several benefits, such as affordable prices, dependable and effective service, and an easy-to-use app interface.

Additionally, the ride service prioritizes driver satisfaction since it can improve the overall experience for passengers. Bolt’s dedication to security and safety protocols also guarantees a safe ride for its customers. 

Safety Measures Implemented By Bolt 

In Cairo, the ride hailing service puts its drivers’ and passengers’ safety first. A number of safety measures have been put in place, such as driver verification, real-time GPS tracking, and round-the-clock customer service.

For extra security, it also lets users share trip information with reliable contacts. Bolt also verifies drivers’ backgrounds and invites users to leave reviews and ratings following each trip. These steps contribute to making sure that everyone utilizing Bolt in Cairo has a safe and secure experience.

Bolt in Cairo provides features like in-app emergency assistance and direct driver contact via the app, in addition to the safety precautions I previously mentioned. 

Riders can feel even more secure and at ease thanks to these features. The service is dedicated to providing its users in Cairo with a dependable and safe transportation experience.


With its debut in Egypt, Bolt has expanded into 15 African markets. It began in South Africa in 2016 and has since spread to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Tanzania, and Uganda, among other nations. 


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

Abdullahi Kafayat is an enthusiastic writer interested in the tech world. She's a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and has a BSc in Chemistry. You can reach her at Kafayatabdullahi17@gmail.com.

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