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MultiChoice Nigeria puts its Plan to Increase DStv and GOtv Subscription Fees on Hold 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Good news for customers: MultiChoice Nigeria, the company behind the known DStv and GOtv pay TV services, had to postpone its scheduled price hike thanks to the intervention of the Competition and Consumer Protection (CCP) Tribunal. 

This happened a day before the new rates were supposed to come into force on May 1, 2024.

Tribunal Steps In, Halts Price Hike

The decision to stop the price increase was made following an action brought by lawyer Festus Onifade against MultiChoice Nigeria and the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC)

Judge Saratu Shafii, heading the tribunal, issued an order preventing MultiChoice from going with the proposed raise. 

As a result, DStv and GOtv customers will maintain their subscription charges until the tribunal makes a ruling.

Consumers Express Relief

Many Nigerians were relieved to hear that the planned price hike had been postponed. 

The proposed increase, varying between 10% and 26% based on the package, faced backlash from subscribers amidst a backdrop of escalating inflation and economic challenges. 

Social media platforms buzzed with Nigerians voicing their worries, with some considering canceling their subscriptions if the price hike proceeded.

MultiChoice Yet to Respond

As of now, MultiChoice Nigeria has not made any announcement about the tribunal’s ruling. 

It’s uncertain whether the company will contest the order or abide by it during the proceedings. 

Potential Reasons Behind the Price Hike Attempt

Industry experts speculate that MultiChoices recent price hike could be attributed to factors, with the increasing expenses of acquiring content being a reason. 

MultiChoice incurs costs from content providers for broadcasting rights, which can vary depending on market dynamics and viewer demand. 

Moreover, the company might have aimed to cover expenditures, like maintaining infrastructure and producing content.

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Possible Outcomes of the Case

The outcome of the CCP Tribunals decision will shape the trajectory of DStv and GOtv subscription costs in Nigeria. 

Various scenarios could unfold;

Price Increase Approval by Tribunal: Should the tribunal side with MultiChoice, the company would gain approval to proceed with the proposed fee hike. 

This move might trigger a wave of subscriber turnover, with some users opting to either terminate their subscriptions or switch to plans.

Tribunal Orders Partial Increase: The tribunal might approve a price increase but at a lower rate than what MultiChoice initially proposed. 

This could be a compromise that takes into account both the company’s need to generate revenue and the concerns of consumers regarding affordability.

Tribunal Blocks Price Increase: The Tribunal might decide to rule in favor of MultiChoice and instruct the company to uphold its existing subscription fees. 

This outcome would represent a win for ccustomers,though it could have repercussions, on MultiChoice’s standing.

Impact on Pay-TV Market

The outcome of this situation will greatly affect the pay TV market in Nigeria. 

If MultiChoice is permitted to increase its prices, it may establish a precedent for pay TV providers to do the same. 

This could result in a rise in subscription costs across the industry, adding strain on consumers budgets. 

On the other hand , if the tribunal blocks the price increase, it could send a message to pay TV companies about considering consumer affordability when setting prices.

The upcoming weeks and months are critical as the CCP Tribunal deliberates on this matter. 

The final verdict will significantly impact both MultiChoice Nigeria and its DStv and GOtv customers in Nigeria.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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