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ThinkYoung and Boeing Empower 62 Tanzanian Youth with Digital Skills for the Future 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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A partnership between ThinkYoung, a profit organization and Boeing, a prominent aerospace company, has been established to empower 62 Tanzanian youth with the essential skills needed to excel in today’s dynamic digital world. 

The collaborative project, known as “ThinkYoung@Boeing Tanzania” aims to close the skills gap and equip these individuals for the promising future ahead.

ThinkYoung and Boeing Empower 62 Tanzanian Youth with Digital Skills for the Future 

Equipping Young Minds for the Digital Age

The program called “ThinkYoung@Boeing Tanzania” has been carefully crafted to offer a training program in skills. 

During a timeframe, the 62 selected individuals will participate in training sessions that address various sought after digital skills. 

These sessions will include areas such as website creation, data interpretation, programming, online marketing and cybersecurity. 

By giving these individuals a foundation in these essential fields, ThinkYoung and Boeing are empowering them to actively engage in the digital economy. 

The program’s emphasis on web development will provide them with the expertise to create and construct websites, a skill set in today’s internet world. 

Training in data analysis will equip them with the tools to derive insights from data, a skill across various sectors. 

Additionally, participants will develop proficiency in coding, the language of technology, paving the way for careers in software development and beyond. 

The program also acknowledges the significance of marketing, a skill that will enable them to navigate the marketing landscape effectively and craft impactful campaigns. 

Lastly, cybersecurity training will furnish them with the knowledge to protect themselves and others in the digital realm.

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Building a Brighter Future for Tanzania

The program “ThinkYoung@Boeing Tanzania” goes beyond teaching skills. 

It also focuses on developing skills, like thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication that are valuable for any job in today’s world. 

These skills are highly valued by employers in all fields and will benefit these individuals throughout their careers.

ThinkYoungs commitment to empowering people in Africa is truly impressive. 

Their partnership with Boeing in Tanzania showcases how corporate social responsibility can make a difference in the lives of youth. 

ThinkYoung and Boeing are empowering 62 individuals with digital skills and cultivating a mindset focused on growth, setting the stage for a promising future for Tanzania, a country full of untapped potential.

A Beacon of Hope for Tanzania’s Youth

The “ThinkYoung@Boeing Tanzania” program shines as a guiding light for the youth in Tanzania. 

By providing them with skills and promoting a mindset of growth, this project enables them to engage in the digital economy actively and make valuable contributions to the country’s progress. 

This initiative showcases the role of education and teamwork in laying the groundwork for a promising future, for Tanzania’s young generation.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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