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Meta to Reduce Lagos Office Size After Recent Layoffs of Nigerian Team

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Meta office downsizing layoffs: In a move that has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian tech industry, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has announced plans to downsize its Lagos office. 

This decision comes on the heels of recent layoffs that affected at least 35 employees, primarily from the company’s engineering team. 

While Meta insists that this is not a retreat from Nigeria, the move has sparked concerns about the company’s long-term commitment to the country.

Impact of Meta Layoffs on Nigerian Employees

The layoffs at Meta’s Lagos office have had a significant impact on the affected employees. 

At least 35 Nigerians lost their jobs, and many others may have had to relocate or accept different working arrangements. 

This has caused uncertainty and anxiety among Meta’s remaining Nigerian workforce.

The downsizing of the Lagos office also suggests that Meta may be scaling back its operations in Nigeria. 

Meta to Reduce Lagos Office Size After Recent Layoffs of Nigerian Team

The company is renegotiating its lease for office space, which indicates a desire to reduce its physical footprint in the country. 

This could lead to further job losses or a shift towards a more remote work model.

Meta’s Insistence on Staying in Nigeria

Despite the layoffs and office downsizing, Meta has maintained that it remains committed to Nigeria. 

The company has pointed to its plans to start offering monetization options to creators in Nigeria in the third quarter of 2024 as evidence of its continued investment in the country. 

This move is seen as a positive step for Nigerian content creators who will now have the opportunity to generate revenue from their work on Facebook and Instagram. 

It could also help to attract new talent to the platform and boost the Nigerian creator economy.

However, some analysts remain skeptical about Meta’s long-term plans for Nigeria. 

They point out that the company’s decision to downsize its office and lay off employees suggests a more cautious approach to the market. 

Additionally, the recent closure of Microsoft’s Nigerian development center has raised concerns about the overall health of the tech sector in the country.

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Closing of Microsoft’s Nigeria Office and its Impact

In another blow to the Nigerian tech industry, Microsoft announced the closure of its development center in Lagos earlier this year. 

This decision was attributed to a shift in the company’s global strategy and was not related to the performance of the Nigerian office.

The closure of Microsoft’s office has added to the uncertainty surrounding Meta’s downsizing in Lagos. 

It raises concerns about the attractiveness of Nigeria as a destination for tech companies and could discourage other firms from investing in the country.

The Nigerian government has a role to play in addressing these concerns. 

By creating a more favorable business environment for tech companies, the government can help to attract and retain investment. 

This could include providing tax breaks, investing in infrastructure, and developing programs to support the growth of the tech sector.


The downsizing of Meta’s Lagos office and the closure of Microsoft’s Nigerian development center are significant developments for the Nigerian tech industry. 

These moves raise concerns about the future of tech jobs in Nigeria and the overall health of the sector. 

However, Meta’s plans to offer monetization options to Nigerian creators offer a glimmer of hope. 

The Nigerian government can also play a role in supporting the tech sector by creating a more favorable business environment.

While the future of Meta’s operations in Nigeria remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the company’s decision to downsize its Lagos office has had a significant impact on the Nigerian tech industry. 

The coming months will be crucial for Meta, as it seeks to navigate the challenges of the Nigerian market and reassure its employees and partners of its commitment to the country.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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