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How to Apply for a Ghana Passport Online 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Obtaining a Ghana passport is a crucial step for anyone hoping to live in the lovely and welcoming African nation of Ghana with citizenship privileges. 

You are granted the rights and privileges of a Ghanaian citizen, including the ability to travel to other nations. Ghanaian nationals can simply apply for a passport online. 

But in order to be eligible for the easier online Ghana passport application process, non-citizens need to go through a more stringent procedure. 

The procedures for applying for a Ghana passport as a non-citizen and being qualified to use the online application site are covered in this article. 

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How to Apply for a Ghana Passport Online 2024

In 2024, the Ghanaian government streamlined and modernized the passport application process, empowering non citizens to apply for their passports conveniently online. 

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for Ghanaian citizens, outlining the step-by-step procedure, requirements, and the benefits of obtaining a Ghana passport through the digital platform.

Step 1: Determine eligibility

If you are applying for a Ghana passport as a non-citizen, you will be providing the majority of your evidence offline for your initial application instead of online. 

Also, it’s crucial to ascertain your eligibility before submitting an application for a Ghanaian passport. Non-Ghanaians who are married to Ghanaian nationals or who have Ghanaian heritage are eligible to apply for a Ghanaian passport, as per Ghanaian immigration requirements. 

Furthermore, non-Ghanaian nationals who have resided in Ghana for more than five years and can attest to their social integration may also be qualified to apply for a Ghanaian passport.

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Step 2: Gather the required documents

Non-Ghanaians who wish to apply for a Ghanaian passport must submit supporting documentation. Depending on the applicant’s specific situation, different documents may be needed, but in general, the following ones are needed:

  • a filled-out Form 3 passport application
  • a certified copy of the candidate’s passport or birth certificate
  • a copy of the applicant’s marriage licence, if they are wed to a citizen of Ghana
  • Proof of heritage from Ghana (if appropriate)
  • Application letter sent to the Hon. Minister at P.O. Box M42, Accra, Ministry of the Interior
  • evidence that you have lived in Ghana for at least five years, if relevant
  • Four passport-sized photos against a white backdrop
  • The application cost of GHC 3,000 has been paid. 

The documentation requirements may occasionally be updated. Therefore, even when you are qualified to apply for a passport online, please always check the Ghana Immigration Office website first for any updates. 

Step 3: Submit the application

The application must be submitted after the necessary paperwork has been completed. Applications for passports from non-Ghanaians may be submitted at any Ghanaian embassy or consulate in their place of residence or in their country of origin. 

Alternatively, foreign nationals who are already in Ghana may apply in person at the passport office located in Accra.

Step 4: Payment Procedures

After completing the application form, applicants are required to make the necessary payments for the processing of their passport. The government portal typically accepts various payment methods, including online banking, credit cards, or mobile money.

Understanding the associated fees is paramount, as it ensures that applicants provide accurate payments and prevents any delays in processing. 

The section provides a breakdown of the fees, emphasizing transparency in the financial aspect of the application. Additionally, it offers insights into potential considerations, such as currency conversions or transaction fees, that applicants should be aware of during the payment process.

Clear instructions are provided on how to initiate the payment, ensuring that applicants can proceed with confidence. 

Comprehensive payment information contributes to a seamless online application, enabling efficient fulfillment of financial requirements for Ghanaian citizens to progress toward obtaining their passports.

Step 5: Wait for processing

The next step is to wait for the application to be processed after submitting it. Depending on the circumstances of the applicant and the passport office’s workload, the processing period for a Ghanaian passport can differ. 

However, as a non-Ghanaian citizen, you may generally expect to receive your passport after submitting all necessary paperwork for up to eight months. 

However, after you receive it, you will just need a few weeks to complete an online application for a Ghana passport. 

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Step 6: Collect your Ghana passport and qualify for online application

Following the completion of the passport application, you will likely be invited for additional clarifications and biometrics. 

Step 7: Attending the Passport Office Appointment

After successfully completing the online application, the next crucial step is scheduling and attending an appointment at the passport office. 

This section guides applicants through the process of securing an appointment slot, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the scheduled time and arriving well-prepared.

Applicants will gain insights into what to expect during the in-person appointment, which typically involves the capture of biometric data and the verification of submitted documents. 

Emphasis is placed on the necessity of bringing all required documents in their original form, ensuring a smooth verification process.

The section highlights the significance of punctuality, as passport offices adhere to strict schedules. It advises applicants on how to organize their documents for easy access during the appointment, streamlining the verification process. 

Understanding the in-person visit dynamics helps applicants confidently navigate the final steps, ensuring accurate biometric data capture and prompt document verification for Ghana passport issuance.

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Step 8: Tracking the Passport Application Status

Once the online application and in-person appointment processes are complete, applicants enter the phase of eagerly awaiting their passport’s issuance. 

This section guides individuals on how to track the status of their passport application using the online tracking system.

Applicants will learn how to navigate the tracking portal, which provides them with real-time updates on the progress of their application. 

It emphasizes the importance of regularly checking the status, as it allows individuals to stay informed about any potential issues or delays.

Status updates like “processing,” “verification,” or “ready for collection” provide applicants insights into their application’s progress in the issuance pipeline.

Applicants are encouraged to proactively check their status and receive guidance on addressing discrepancies or concerns.

Empowering applicants to track passport status ensures transparency, alleviating uncertainty for a positive and informed experience during passport issuance.

Why you need a Ghana passport in 2024

Obtaining a Ghana passport is a fundamental necessity for Ghanaian citizens, and the online application process in 2024 presents a convenient avenue for securing this crucial document. 

The Ghana passport serves as a primary identification and travel document, granting citizens the ability to travel internationally and access consular assistance while abroad.

In an increasingly interconnected world, having a Ghana passport is essential for global mobility, enabling citizens to explore new opportunities, participate in international events, and engage in cross-border activities. 

The online application platform streamlines this process, offering a user-friendly and efficient means for citizens to initiate and complete their passport applications from the comfort of their homes.

The Ghana passport also plays a vital role in establishing one’s citizenship and identity. It is a recognized form of identification required for various transactions, both locally and internationally. 

Additionally, possessing a valid passport facilitates seamless interactions with government agencies, financial institutions, and other entities that may require proof of identity.

In essence, the Ghana passport is more than a travel document; it is a key to unlocking a world of possibilities and opportunities for Ghanaian citizens. 

Utilizing the online application system not only simplifies the application journey but also aligns with the modernization efforts of the government, ensuring a more accessible and citizen-centric approach to obtaining this essential document.

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Is it easy to get a Ghana passport online?

 In 2024, obtaining a Ghana passport online is more accessible and streamlined, showcasing the government’s commitment to administrative efficiency.

The online Ghana passport application provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying the steps for citizens to secure this vital document. The online platform allows applicants to initiate and complete passport applications from home, reducing visits to passport offices.

The digital transformation has significantly reduced bureaucratic hurdles, making the process more efficient and time-effective. The government’s investment in technology has led to a more transparent and straightforward application journey. 

Clear instructions, intuitive interfaces, and online payment options contribute to the overall ease of obtaining a Ghana passport.

 The digital approach aligns with global trends, providing citizens with a convenient means of acquiring essential travel and identification documentation.

In 2024, online Ghana passport issuance highlights tech-driven modernization, ensuring a seamless citizen-centric experience.


Can I pay the passport application fees online, and what payment methods are accepted?

Yes, online payment is a common feature. Accepted payment methods usually include online banking, credit cards, and mobile money.

How long does it take to process a Ghana passport application online?

 Processing times can vary, but applicants can often track the status of their application online for real-time updates.

Is it mandatory to schedule an appointment at the passport office, and how can I do it?

Yes, scheduling an appointment for in-person verification is typically required. Instructions on securing an appointment slot are usually provided during the online application process.

What happens during the in-person appointment at the passport office?

The appointment involves the capture of biometric data, document verification, and any additional steps required to finalize the passport application.

How can I track the status of my Ghana passport application online?

Applicants can usually track their application status on the official government portal, which provides real-time updates on the progress of their passport issuance.

Can I renew my Ghana passport online, or is it only for new applications?

Renewal processes may also be available online, depending on government policies. Applicants should check the specific requirements for renewal.

What should I do if there are discrepancies in my passport application or if I encounter issues online?

The FAQ section of the official passport application portal often provides guidance on addressing common issues. Additionally, there may be a helpline or customer support services for assistance.

Is the online passport application system secure, and how can I protect my personal information during the process?

Governments typically prioritize the security of online systems. Applicants should use secure internet connections, safeguard login credentials, and follow recommended security practices for a secure application process.


In 2024, online Ghana passport issuance reflects commendable progress in enhancing citizen services and administrative efficiency through a streamlined process.

 The user-friendly digital platform empowers Ghanaians by simplifying the application journey, from initiation to in-person appointments, and facilitates tracking passport issuance status.

Government’s tech commitment ensures a transparent, accessible, and time-effective approach, aligning with global trends in modernizing governmental services.

The streamlined online application meets travel needs and positions the Ghana passport as crucial for global mobility and identification.

Government’s digital transformation simplifies bureaucracy, fostering a citizen-centric and responsive administrative landscape, reducing hurdles for citizens.

In Ghana’s digital evolution, the online passport application system showcases a commitment to efficient and secure avenues for essential documentation.

Digital progress signals a responsive government, enhancing citizens’ experience in obtaining or renewing Ghana passports.

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