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Leja Loan: How to Access it

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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If you own a business in Kenya, you understand the importance of having a solid source of capital. Meet Leja Loans, a one-stop shop for loans, accounting, and insurance. Accessing funds through Leja Loan is as simple as a few taps on your phone. 

Leja Loans Business App is not like other loan apps. It is a comprehensive platform that assists Kenyan business owners in managing their finances by providing various types of loans as well as bookkeeping services. 

Individuals can rapidly apply for and obtain financial assistance by using the user-friendly Leja Loan app or a simple Leja loan USSD code

Have you ever been caught in a cash pinch with nowhere to turn? Digital lending apps like Leja are transforming the way we get credit; it’s faster and easier than ever before. 

In this article, we will look into the Leja loan and how to access it. Say goodbye to cumbersome documentation processes and boring waiting times; with Leja Loan, help is just a few clicks away.

Overview of the Leja Loan

Leja Loan

The Asilimia Group, a respected financial services organization, owns and operates Leja. Leja is designed specifically for Kenyan business owners who want to organize their accounts and gain access to accessible lending choices.

Leja caters to small business owners by offering a combined financial management tool and microloan service. The Leja functions as a digital bookkeeping system, allowing businesses to track income and expenses, send and receive mobile money payments, and generate receipts for customers. 

This streamlines financial organization for small business owners. Leja further supports these businesses by providing access to microloans.  

Targeted specifically at active users of the Leja app (with a minimum three-month usage requirement), these loans likely address short-term business needs or gaps in cash flow. The maximum loan amount of 20,000 Kenyan shillings suggests they are intended for smaller financial needs. 

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How Does Leja Loan Work?

Leja Loan is a mobile app that enables Kenyan microbusinesses to manage their accounts and obtain loans. Here is a detailed explanation of how it works:

The key features include:

1. Simplified Record Keeping

Leja promotes detailed record keeping, allowing users to track daily sales, spending, and liabilities. This will ensure that the business performance is well understood.

2. Mobile Money Management connectivity

The Leja platform’s connectivity with mobile money accounts allows users to conveniently handle all business payments, increasing efficiency.

3. Affordable Transactions

Leja does not charge transaction fees for money transfers and bill payments.

4. Debt Management

Leja users can track overdue payments and issue automatic payment reminders to clients, lowering delinquency.

5. Loan Products

Leja provides two types of loans that are specially designed for microbusinesses:

  • Airtime Loans: Low-interest loans sent directly into a user’s M-pesa account for airtime purchases.
  • Business Loans: This category provides customers with access to loans for direct payments to suppliers for goods and services, making procurement processes more efficient and speedier.

6. Partnership and referral programs

  • Leja collaborates with several lending organizations to give its users a variety of loan possibilities.
  • The platform encourages user acquisition through referral schemes, in which users are rewarded for introducing friends to the app.

How to Create Your Leja Account

Are you eager to start? Here’s how to download and set up your Leja account in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the Google Play store: Look for the Leja Business App on the Google Play Store for your Android device. Sorry, iOS folks, Leja is currently only available on Android.
  1. Click ‘Download’: After you’ve located the app, click the ‘Download’ option to install it on your smartphone.
  1. Open the App: Once the download is complete, open the app to begin the setup process.
  1. Enter Details: You will be requested to enter some basic information, such as your name, email address, and business details. Don’t skip any fields; having a detailed profile is beneficial.
  1. Verify identity: The next step is to verify your identification. You must show at least one valid ID and a selfie. Trust and safety are crucial.
  1. Link Bank Account: To conduct transactions and disburse loans, you must first connect your bank account to the Leja App.
  1. Final Review: Once all stages have been completed, double-check your information for accuracy.
  1. Confirm: Click the ‘Confirm’ button, and voilà! Your account has been set up, and you can now see everything Leja has to offer.

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What is the Leja Loan Application Process?

Leja Loan Application

The Leja Loan Application Process typically involves the following steps:

Business Loan

  • Download the Leja Loan App: Get the free app from the Google Play store.
  • Signing up: Set up your Leja Loan account by entering your personal information on the app.
  • Select a product: Select the loan terms and conditions.
  • Get Approved: Approval occurs in real-time. Once accepted, the money will be transferred to your mobile money account.

Airtime Loan 

  1. On the homepage, click the “Loan” button.
  2. Choose “Get a Loan”.
  3. Enable camera, location, and SMS.
  4. To complete the KYC process, enter the following:
  5. Profile photo
  6. Date of birth and employment status Status ID number
  7. Allow for CRB consent.
  8. A loan limit offer for you will be displayed.
  9. Tap “Apply Loan”
  10. Enter the loan amount that you would like to borrow.
  11. Submit your loan request.
  12. You should receive two confirmation messages.
  13. CHANGE AGENTS – A success notification containing the disbursed money, full repayment amount, and due date.
  14. SAFARICOM is validating the recharged balance.
  15. ETOPUP -The amount received.

How to Access Leja Loan via USSD

To gain access to Leja Loan via USSD, you must normally follow a series of steps supplied by the Leja Loan service. Be advised that these processes can be location-specific and are subject to the terms and conditions of the service issuer.

1. Determine whether you qualify

Before using the Leja Loan USSD code to apply for a loan, be sure you meet all of Leja Loan’s standards. These should include characteristics such as age, employment reputation, and income level, among others.

2. Dial the USSD Code

Use your mobile phone to dial the Leja Loan USSD code provided by Leja Loan. This code, often in the format *429#, is unique to the Leja Loan service.

3. Follow the Prompts

After dialing the USSD code, your screen will display a choice of alternatives from which you can choose. These options may contain loan amounts, terms and conditions, and directions on how to proceed.

4. Select your Loan Option

Based on what is offered in the menu selections, select an option that implies a loan application. It might be expressed with a number or a keyword such as “Apply for Loan” or “Get Cash.”

5. Provide Information

Once you’ve decided to apply for a loan, you’ll usually need to provide some personal information. This could include your name, phone number, ID information, work details, and perhaps bank information.

6. Agree to Terms

After providing all relevant information, you may be shown the loan’s terms and conditions. Read these terms carefully to ensure that you understand them, including the interest rates, payback period, and any other charges.

7. Confirm Application

If you accept the terms and conditions, you will be prompted to confirm your loan application. This may necessitate entering a PIN or answering with a specific term that indicates your agreement.

8. Wait for Approval

After submitting your USSD loan application, you should receive a response from Leja Loan. This could take several minutes or longer, depending on how quickly the service processes applications.

9. Receive Funds

If your loan request is approved, the funds will often be transferred to your mobile money account or bank account associated with the phone number you provided throughout the application process.

It is critical to remember that obtaining a loan via USSD requires supplying personal and financial information; thus, choose a secure connection and a reputable service provider. Furthermore, borrow responsibly and only take out a loan if you are confident in your ability to return it on time.

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Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Leja Loan

Even if all of Leja’s conditions and terms do not expressly mention the eligibility requirements for a loan, the following information is available:

  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Leja loan. This is a common condition for most financial products in Kenya.
  1. Mobile Money Integration: It appears that you must have a registered and valid mobile phone number with a service provider that works with Leja. Leja presumably needs this because it disburses loan funds directly to your mobile money account for ease and reach.
  1. Potential User Activity Requirement: Before being eligible for a loan, you must be an active user of the Leja app for a set amount of time (potentially more than three months).

How to Repay Leja’s Loan

You can repay Leja loans through the Leja Loan App that is designed to be simple. The app has an intuitive interface that helps users in the repayment process. Users can easily complete their loan payback by navigating to the “Pay Now” area of the Leja app and following the self-explanatory payment procedure.

On the other hand, borrowers can decide to pay back their Leja loan using M-Pesa which is widely used. To do so, borrowers can access their Safaricom menu, select “M-Pesa,” then choose “Lipa na M-Pesa.” From there, they can select the “Pay Bill” option and enter the business number 977888.

The registered phone number should be entered as an account number followed by the payment amount and M-Pesa PIN. After confirming the correctness of the details, payment can be submitted by pressing “OK.”

By providing several repayment options, the Leja Loan App ensures that borrowers will be able to choose what suits them best making the repayment process easier for everyone.

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Leja Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like a decent bonus? Leja knows how to win an entrepreneur’s heart and offers a variety of perks and promotions to keep you entertained.

Friend Referral Program 

Leja’s friend referral scheme is the icing on an already tasty cake.

  • Invite Friends: Once you’ve completed the setup process, navigate to the ‘Invite Friends’ area of the app.
  • Share the Link: You will be provided with a unique referral link or code. Share it with your friends, family, or anyone else you believe could benefit from Leja’s services.
  • Earn Rewards: You will be compensated for each individual who signs up through your referral link and completes a qualified action (such as taking out a loan).
  • Redeem: Rewards are usually in the form of airtime or cash, which may be redeemed within the app.

Available Promotions

Leja periodically runs particular promotions, which are usually associated with holidays or special events. They could include lower interest rates, cash-back offers, and so forth.

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on app notifications and emails; Leja will notify you of any impending deals.
  • Participate: If the terms and conditions for a live promotion are favorable, review them and join right away.
  • Enjoy the Perks: Once you’ve met the promotion’s requirements, you may enjoy the benefits, which may include reduced fees or a cash incentive.

As a result, Leja not only assists you with business finance management and financing but also offers tips to make your experience even more enjoyable. 

Leja Customer Support

Therefore, when you find yourself in a pickle, know that with just one tap or click, you can get help right away. Here’s how to contact Leja’s support team.

  • Email Support: The tried-and-true method of receiving assistance. Send an email to support@asilimia.co.ke outlining the issue you are experiencing, and you should receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Phone Support: Prefer to talk? Don’t worry. You can contact Leja customer service at 0768212665. Keep your account information available to expedite the procedure.
  • Visit in Person: If you prefer face-to-face communication and are in or around Nairobi, you may find Leja’s office at 14 Riverside Westlands, Nairobi. However, it is best to phone ahead to ensure that someone will be available to assist you.

Final Thoughts

Accessing Leja Loan is simple either through their intuitive application or by using the Leja Loan USSD code on your phone. 

With just a few taps or a single phone call, users can apply for a loan without any problems. Therefore, whether it is for emergencies or personal expenses, Leja Loan offers an easy solution. 

Therefore, users can easily get the help they need by following the uncomplicated steps that are laid out in the application or through the USSD code. Leja Loan gives a smooth lending experience, making sure that all people can easily get financial support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Leja?

Leja is run by the Asilimia Group, a reputable financial services organization. 

Who Should Utilize Leja?

If you are a Kenyan business owner seeking a comprehensive finance solution, Leja is for you.

How does a Leja loan work?

Leja offers low-interest airtime loans (the payment is sent immediately to the user’s registered MPESA number). 

Does Leja grant loans?

Borrow Loans. LEJA has partnered with money lending institutions, which use LEJA to provide consumers and micro businesses with low-interest loans. 



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