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Investors Show Renewed Confidence in South Africa

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The South African investment sector is about to take a boost! The upcoming country’s election is starting to turn the tide of the financial markets. This remarkable development will boost investors’ confidence in South African bonds.

South African bonds absorbed the most cash in April since 2019, and the trend is continuing in May. Stocks are at a 15-month high. The rand is one of only five emerging-market currencies to strengthen this year.

investors confidence in South Africa

Upcoming Election To Renew Investors Confidence In South Africa 

Foreign investors previously pulled an impressive sum of $50 billion from the South African market due to the crisis of confidence. The country dealing with power outages, corruption and other issues sapped investors’ confidence. It was previously a risky business to invest in the South African market. However, the upcoming election is likely to change the tide of the market.

To be sure, South Africa has a lot of convincing to do after years of economic mismanagement, according to Derrick Msibi, chief executive officer of Stanlib Asset Management Ltd.

“Those who have been disappointed have the memory of an elephant,” Msibi said. “They never forget or easily relinquish their reservations, demanding compelling evidence of change.”

Peter Brooke, a portfolio manager at Old Mutual Investment Group Ltd, said, “International equity investors have largely underweight South Africa. So, their biggest risk is a positive election result driving a stronger currency and a re-rating of both our equity and bond markets. The low positioning and cheap assets could make this an explosive rally.”

Investors Confidence In South Africa: A Boost For Its Economy

Several investors are hoping the rand remains stable, this will convince foreign investors to invest more in South African bonds. Consequently, yielding a growth in the South African Economy. 

“We hope that growth ticks up, local bond yields move down and the rand remains stable,” JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategist David Aserkoff said. “If that happens, then we are confident South Africa will outperform emerging markets sharply, reversing the trajectory of the last 10 years.”


Examining other countries over election matters will give an idea of what to expect. In 2023, Greece and Argentina elected pro-market leaders who introduced economic reforms. Consequently leading to significant market returns, with an MSCI gauge of Greek equities soaring 48% that year. 

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