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Major Segment of 2Africa Subsea Cable is Now Operational

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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A significant portion of the 2Africa subsea cable, the world’s largest subsea cable project, is now operational, marking a major milestone in enhancing internet connectivity across Africa. 

This news, highly anticipated by telecommunications companies and citizens alike, promises to revolutionize internet access on the continent.

The 2Africa subsea cable, a project by a consortium of companies including China Mobile International, Meta (formerly Facebook), Vodafone, MTN, Orange, Airtel, Senegal Telecom, and Liquid Telecom, boasts an impressive 45,000 kilometers of cable stretching from Europe through the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, surrounding the African continent, and connecting back to Europe via the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. 

This colossal infrastructure project is designed to address the ever-growing demand for internet bandwidth in Africa. 

The operational segment, spanning key regions in Africa, will provide much-needed internet capacity and reliability, impacting millions of users.

Enhanced Capacity and Speed

One of the most significant benefits of the operational 2Africa cable segment is the substantial increase in internet capacity. 

Major Segment of 2Africa Subsea Cable is Now Operational

The system boasts a design capacity of up to 180 terabits per second (Tbps), exceeding the combined capacity of all existing subsea cables serving Africa. 

This translates to significantly faster internet speeds for users across the continent. 

Faster internet speeds will enable a wider range of online activities, from seamless video streaming and high-speed downloads to improved video conferencing and the ability to utilize cloud-based applications more effectively.

Improved Reliability and Security

The 2Africa cable not only offers increased capacity but also enhances internet reliability. 

The cable utilizes advanced technologies, including spatial division multiplexing (SDM1), which allows for more efficient use of fiber optic pairs. 

Additionally, the cable boasts a deeper burial depth compared to older systems and avoids areas prone to subsea disturbances. 

These advancements contribute to a more robust and reliable internet connection for users.

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Impact on Businesses and Individuals

The operational segment of the 2Africa cable is expected to have a significant impact on both businesses and individuals across Africa. 

Businesses will benefit from improved connectivity, enabling faster data transfer, more efficient cloud-based operations, and enhanced communication channels. 

This can lead to increased productivity, better collaboration opportunities, and a more competitive business landscape.

For individual users, the 2Africa cable promises a vastly improved internet experience. 

Faster speeds will enable smoother online browsing, quicker downloads and uploads, and enhanced enjoyment of online entertainment. 

Additionally, the increased reliability will ensure a more stable and consistent internet connection, crucial for activities like online learning, working remotely, and staying connected with loved ones.

The Road Ahead

While a major segment of the 2Africa cable is now operational, the project is still ongoing. 

The complete rollout is expected to be finalized in 2024. 

As more segments become operational, the positive impact on African internet connectivity will continue to grow. 

The 2Africa cable represents a significant step forward in bridging the digital divide and fostering a more connected and prosperous Africa.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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