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Advanced Anti-Theft Protection Now Available for Android Phones

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Smartphones contain our most treasured memories and are a safe place for our private information. To ensure this, Google has introduced a new suite of advanced Android anti-theft protection features.

According to the search engine company, these features will be rolling out through Google Play services updates later this year to the billions of devices running Android 10+, with some features available in Android 15.

Android Anti-theft Protection

Android Anti-theft Protection

Google stated that it was working to boost Android’s security against theft with new and improved protection features. The new features are listed below:

Factory reset upgrade: This prevents your Android from being reset by a thief. With this upgrade, if a thief forces a reset of the stolen device, they won’t be able to set it up without knowing your device or Google account credentials. This feature renders a stolen device unsellable, reducing incentives for phone theft.

Private space to hide sensitive apps: Private space is a new feature that lets you create a separate area in your phone that can be hidden and locked with a separate PIN. This gives additional security for apps that might contain sensitive data, like health or financial information.

Increased authentication: This protects you in case your PIN is known by a thief. When enabled, the new enhanced authentication will require biometrics for accessing and changing critical Google accounts and device settings. This includes changing your PIN, disabling theft protection or accessing Passkeys, from an untrusted location.

Factory reset protection updates and private space will be released as part of Android 15. Enhanced authentication protections will be released to select devices later this year.

Other Android Anti-theft Protection

The other feature now available on Android is automatic protection. It recognizes suspicious signals and protects your data on your gadgets. There’s also the automatic AI-powered screen lock feature for snatched phones. 

Another feature is the Theft Detection Lock. This powerful new feature uses Google AI to sense if someone grabs your phone from your hand and tries to run, bike or drive away. If a common motion associated with theft is detected, your phone screen quickly locks. This keeps thieves from easily accessing your data.

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Finally there is the offline Device Lock. It automatically locks your screen to help protect your data even when your device is off the grid. 

Note that Theft Detection Lock and Offline Device Lock will be available to Android 10+ devices through a Google Play services update later this year.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

Abdullahi Kafayat is an enthusiastic writer interested in the tech world. She's a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and has a BSc in Chemistry. You can reach her at Kafayatabdullahi17@gmail.com.

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