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How To Login On Opay With Email, Phone Number, Password

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Opay has been innovating in the sphere of financial transactions within Nigeria. It made it much easier and handy for users to manage their money.

However, for new users, it can get slightly overwhelming to go through the Opay login process.

You can log into Opay in several ways; one of the most convenient and safe ways is Opay login with a phone number and password.

Every user in Nigeria needs to know the fineness of Opay login so that maximum benefits can be reaped by moving around with the App.

Whether interests border on Opay login with email, by phone number, or a combination of the two, this will go a long way to help walk you through each step with simplicity and clarity.

Whether you make use of the Opay app or access it online at www.opaylogin.com, this guide is bound to ensure your experience remains very smooth and trouble-free. Let’s dive in!

What is Opay and How Do You Access It?

Opay Login

OPay is a Nigerian FinTech company that aims to simplify money for all through its mobile money platform. That is way more than transactions; it’s one marketplace for many financial needs. 

  1. Simple Transactions: Send and receive money using your fingertips, recharge your phone with airtime and data while getting cash back, and pay bills easily—all in one place through the OPay app.
  1. Financial Management Tools: Grow your money with theirдия product, OWealth, which carries attractive daily interest rates. They claim you can access your funds anytime without affecting the interest earned.
  1. OPay Debit Card: Get the convenience of a free debit card, with no annual fees. You can withdraw at ATMs or make in-store/online purchases through POS terminals. They even give you some free monthly ATM withdrawals.

OPay is accessible using: 

  • Downloading the OPay app from Google Play.
  • Sign up directly in-app – They boast of fast and easy registration with possible welcome bonuses.

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What Requirements Are Needed for Opay Sign-Up?

The requirements for opening an OPay account will vary depending on whether you are opening a personal account or a merchant account.

For a personal account, you generally need:

  1. Your phone number
  2. An email address
  3. A Bank Verification Number, BVN for Nigeria.
  4. Make a password (secure)
  5. Take a selfie for verification

For a merchant account, you will most likely be asked to provide all of the above information plus some other information such as:

  1. Your business name
  2. The type of business you run (individual/corporate)
  3. What kind of volume you are expecting per month
  4. The type of OPay services you intend to make use of (online, in-store, or both)

What are the Benefits of Using Opay?

OPay redefines the ease that comes with fast transactions for users and businesses in Nigeria. The following are some of its key benefits.

For Individuals

  1. Convenience and Speed: You can transact nearly instantly with OPay as part of sending and receiving money, paying bills, airtime, and even data recharges.
  1. Affordability: OPay prides itself in very minimal charges and free services, like the bank transfer, which happens every day without being charged, and the bill payment services lacking charges.
  1. Rewards and Incentives: Enjoy bonuses and discounts on airtime and data top-ups when you use the service, potentially saving you money on your mobile needs.
  1. Databank Security: It is a fully licensed CBN platform, ensuring compliance with all the regulations set out by the Central Bank of Nigeria to guarantee the security of all your financial data.
  1. Debit Card: An OPay debit card that comes with unlimited free ATM withdrawals—one that does not incur card maintenance fees, allowing you to easily access your money.

For Businesses (Merchants)

  1. Increased Sales: With OPay being available to customers who want to transact conveniently with their mobile phones, customers may want to purchase your products, and you could therefore make additional sales.
  1. Effective Management: OPay serves users with a very intuitive dashboard to be in control of transactions, track resources effectively, and have access to huge business intelligence.
  1. Instant Settlement: Have your funds in your wallet at the instant point of sale—with none of the delays associated with traditional payments.
  1. Lower Transactions Costs: Since the fees charged by OPay will be lower compared to most payment alternatives, this will reduce the transaction processing cost, and customers gain from decreased prices.

In general, OPay may become an attractive financial platform in Nigeria that provides a convenient, safe, and inexpensive way to manage money and complete various financial transactions.

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Understanding the Opay Login Process 

Opay login is quite an easy and safe means of gaining access to your account. This is how it goes: upon clicking on login, you will be prompted to provide your phone number or email address and password, as registered.

The provided information will be checked against that recorded in the database of Opay. In case the credential turns out correct, it grants you access to your account.

In some cases, advanced security in Opay may lend an additional layer of safety by requesting two-factor authentication to verify if the authenticity is owned.

Now you will access all features and your wallet and transaction history. The login definitely streamlines the same, but in case any issues do pop up then there is always the support team from Opay to help with the same.

How to Perform Opay Login with Phone Number and Password

Below are the steps to log in to Opay using your phone number and a password:

  1. Open the Opay app or website.
  2. Click on the “Login” button.
  3. Enter your phone number, which was registered at the time of creating your account. Remember to include the country code of your phone number in it.
  4. Type in your password. Make sure it is correct and the same as the one you created during registration.
  5. Now click the “Login” or “Submit” button.
  6. The system will verify the information you provided. This may take a few seconds only.
  7. Provided that your login credentials are correct, you will gain access to your Opay account.

Remember to keep your phone number and password safe to make your account safe from unauthorized access. You can contact the Opay customer support in case you are facing any problems while logging in.

How to Perform Opay Login With Email 

Follow these steps to log in to the Opay using email:

  1. Open the Opay mobile App or the Opay website.
  2. Click on “Log in.”
  3. Click “Email” as your login mode.
  4. Enter your email address. Ensure it is accurate and identical to the one used at the opening of the account.
  5. Enter your password. This should be correct and similar to the one used when the email was opened.
  6. Tap “Log in” or “Submit”.
  7. Wait for a few seconds as the system authenticates your credentials
  8. Once your login credentials are correct, you will be granted access to your Opay account

Do not forget to make good protection for your email and password to avoid an unauthorized login. You might also contact the Customer Support of Opay if you encounter a glitch while logging in.

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What If I Forgot My Opay Login Password With Email and Phone Number?

If you forgot your password during Opay log in with your email and phone number, no need to freak out.

Opay has a password recovery process that can help regain access to your account. Here’s what you are to do:

Email Login

  1. Log on to the Opay website or mobile app.
  2. Tap on “Login” and select “Email”.
  3. Input your email address registered with Opay.
  4. Click on “Forgot Password”.
  5. Follow these on-screen instructions to create a new password.

For Phone Number Login

  1. Go to the Opay website or download their mobile app.
  2. Click on “Login” and select “Phone Number”.
  3. Put in your phone number used for registering.
  4. Click on “Forgot Password”.
  5. Follow through with the procedure to reset your password.

You will also, in any case, receive in your email or phone number provided at registration a link or code to reset the password. Use this to create a new password and regain entry into the Opay account.

Keep the new password safe and to yourself; do not share it with anyone, lest your account is accessed by unwanted persons.

Kindly reach out to customer support on Opay in case it is having problems recovering the password.

Can I Perform Opay Login Without OTP?

Yes, you can log in to the Opay without OTP if you have enabled the “Remember Me” or “Trust this device” feature. This helps bypass this step from OTP and lets you enter your Opay Account directly.

Here is how you can turn the “Remember Me” feature on:

  1. You need to log into your Opay account through the app or website.
  2. Check the option next to “Remember me” or “Trust this device.”
  3. Press Trust remembering to turn it on.

This will keep you signed in automatically to your Opay account when this is enabled without demanding an OTP.

Note, though, that this will further reduce the security of your account since anyone can just use your device to log into your account without the OTP.

If you are concerned about the security aspect, you can always turn off the “Remember Me” button and ask for an OTP every time one is to log in.

For Opay, security happens to be quite critical, hence adding a layer that confirms your identity with OTP to ensure your account is secure.

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How to Perform Opay Login With Number Verification 

To log in to the Opay by verification on a mobile phone number, kindly pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Launch the Opay app or log onto their website.
  2. Type in your phone number.
  3. You will receive an OTP through a text message.
  4. Input the OTP for phone number verification
  5. Enter your password or PIN
  6. Click “Login” to access your account.

Troubleshooting Opay Login Problems

If you are having some log-in troubles on OPay, there might be several reasons for this. Here are simple steps that will guide you through the troubleshooting of common login issues:

1. Verify Your Login Credentials

First, ensure that you use the correct phone number, email address, or username that is likely to be attached to your OPay account. Make sure that there are no misspellings or errors. In case of having forgotten the password, the “Forgot Password” option can be used. Follow the guidelines to recover your account.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Be sure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Poor connectivity may hinder the login process.

Try changing to either mobile data or Wi-Fi to see if it happens to be a problem.

3. Clear Cache and Cookies

If there is a problem when you are trying to log in to the OPay website, you could clear your browser cache and cookies because some of those problems occur temporarily, and then everything will work fine again. You want to go into the browser settings and clear the cache and the cookies.

4. Update the OPay App

If you are on the OPay mobile app, ensure that you have the latest version of the mobile app running on your device. Maybe an older version is buggy and will prevent key features like login from working. Log in to your app store to check if you are due for an update.

5. Disable VPN or Proxy

In case you have any VPN or proxy turned on, try turning it off. Some VPN/proxy configurations interfere with the login process.

6. Contact OPay Support

If you have followed the above steps and you are not logging in successfully, it is recommended that one has to contact OPay’s customer support for further assistance. They could provide special troubleshooting steps and clarification regarding your account problems.

Always remember to provide the maximum possible details while contacting customer support; this helps to know and resolve your login troubleshooting problem.

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OPay Customer Service 

OPay has made provisions for various contact options to reach its customer support department, depending on the cause for reaching out. Please refer to the following options:

  1. E-mai: General inquiries: customerservice@opay-inc.com

 Dispute on failed debit with no credit alert, mail ng-support@opay-inc.com. 

  1. Phone: For inquiries on OPay Business accounts, be it on POS repair or swap, dispute on transactions, or other business services: 018888329
  1. Whatsapp: +234 916 599 8936

Final Thoughts 

Opay login is straightforward. You can log in using your email, phone number, and password easily. It is free from all troubles, provided that the details are correct and verified.

If there is an error, double-check your information or reset your password. Using Opay login with a phone number, email, or even the app, you are guaranteed ease and security of logging in within the shortest time.

You can comment down below if you have any further questions or need more assistance. Keep an eye out for more updates from our social media handles: 

– Facebook: Silicon Africa

– Instagram: @siliconafricatech

– Twitter: @siliconafritech

Stay tuned for more tech tips and solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I utilize the Web OPay?

Yes, you can log in to OPay on the web. Just log in to your OPay account on your computer’s web browser via the official website of OPay: https://www.opayweb.com/

Do I need to log in separately into the OPay mobile application and the OPay website?

No, you can use the same login email address and password for both the OPay mobile application and the website.

Can I log in to OPay with a social media account?

At the moment, it is not possible to log in with any social media within the OPay app.

How do I log out from my OPay account?

To log out of your OPay account, open the OPay app or log in to their website; navigate to the account settings or profile section. On tapping/clicking on Log Out/Sign Out, it will successfully log you out of your account.



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