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How to Get M-PESA Statement Online 2024 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Notably, M-Pesa is a cutting-edge mobile money service that has revolutionised transaction processing, especially in Kenya. Because of M-Pesa’s broad influence, which ranges from small-scale traders to major enterprises, it is an indispensable instrument in the daily lives of millions of people.

Maintaining transparency and good financial health requires knowing how to handle and analyse your M-Pesa transactions.

For all M-Pesa users, this article provides thorough guidance on “How to Get an M-PESA Statement,” an essential component.

There are more options than ever before for getting an M-PESA statement online these days. 

USSD numbers (*234# or 334#), the Sim Tool Kit, the M-PESA M-Ledger App, the MySafaricom app, or the Safaricom online self-care site can all be used to obtain an M-PESA statement. 

Not only that, but in the case of the latter, you may choose how far back you wish to go and receive a mini or full statement. The days of having to wait in a queue at a Safaricom customer support office to obtain your statement are now long gone. 

You can get your M-PESA statement on demand as long as you have a phone (even a Kabambe) and a functional email (in the event of a full statement).

Understanding the Importance of an M-Pesa Statement

Getting your M-Pesa statement shouldn’t be as difficult as navigating the world of mobile money. 

In addition to giving you a clear picture of your transaction history, a statement is a crucial document for financial planning and accountability. Here’s how to obtain your M-Pesa statement quickly and conveniently.

Understanding the significance of an M-Pesa declaration is essential before delving into the “how.” 

All of your transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, payments, and transfers, are comprehensively documented in these statements.

For individual users, it’s a tool for better money management and spending tracking. It is essential for organizations to use it for accounting and transaction reconciliation.

Steps to Get Your M-Pesa Statement

Accessing Via USSD

  • Press *234# on your phone to view the M-Pesa menu.
  • Choose “M-Pesa Statement” after selecting “My M-Pesa Information.”
  • Select “Full Statement” to continue.

Via the Safaricom App

  • Download the Safaricom app, then launch it.
  • Go to the section for M-Pesa.
  • Choose “Statements” and indicate how long you require the statement for.

Via the M-Pesa Website

  • Go to the M-Pesa official website.
  • Enter your login information to log in.
  • To download your statement, navigate to the statements area and follow the instructions.

Frequency and Accessibility 

You can get M-Pesa statements as often as you need them. Depending on your needs, you can ask for a statement covering the previous month, three months, six months, or even a certain time frame.

Recall that you may complete the short, easy-to-use process from the comfort of your home or place of business.

It’s advised that you keep your statement for future use after you receive it. It is available for download and digital storage, or printing for hard copy record-keeping.

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How to Check M-PESA Statement

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your M-Pesa Statement

Depending on whether you want a mini or full M-PESA statement, here are the seven ways to get an M-PESA statement online:

1. Via USSD *234# 

To obtain your M-PESA statement, either in full or in part, online, follow these steps:

  • On your Safaricom line, dial *234#. 
  • Select M-PESA Statement (usually choice 1), then M-PESA Information.
  • Choose Request Statement (typically the first option).

For Mini Statement

  • Select the “Last 5 Transactions,” which is typically option 0. 
  • Then, watch for an SMS with your mini statement. 

For Full Statement

  • Select Complete Statement (often option 1).
  • Decide how many months the statement should span when choosing the statement period. 
  • After entering your email address, confirm it. 
  • Await receiving your M-PESA statement from Safaricom. 

It is important to note that the entire statement you will receive will be password-protected, with your ID serving as the default password. This implies that you have the option to modify it.

2. Via USSD *334# 

You can also register for M-PESA statements with Safaricom by using the USSD code *334#. However, in order to use this service, you must first register your queue. To do so, follow these steps:

  • On your phone, dial *334#, and select the M-PESA statement. 
  • Select Register for Email Statements, then click the checkbox to agree to the terms. 
  • For the purpose of receiving an OTP (or validation code), enter your email address.
  • To validate your request, enter your M-PESA pin. 
  • Enter *334# on your phone one more. 
  • Select M-PESA Statement after selecting My Account. 
  • To confirm your email using the OTP you received by email, select option 1. On your M-PESA line, dial *334#. 
  • Select M-PESA Statement after selecting M-PESA Information. 
  • Choose between a mini statement and a full statement 
  • Follow the ensuing steps to complete the statement request 

After registration, follow these steps to get your M-PESA statement via USSD code *334#.

3. Using The STK (Sim Toolkit) Menu) 

This method is limited to providing you with a report of your most recent transactions, therefore it is only effective for micro statements. Using this method, you can obtain your M-PESA statement as follows:

  • Go to your Safaricom line’s STK menu. 
  • Press “M-PESA.”
  • Select My Account, followed by Mini Statement. 
  • Put in your M-PESA pin. 
  • Await receiving your SMS mini-statement. 

4. Using MySafaricom App 

You may also view M-PESA statements on the MySafaricom App. For complete M-PESA statements alone, use this option. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Install and use the MySafaricom app on your smartphone. 
  • Using your ID and M-PESA number, register for an M-PESA statement. 
  • After entering your email, select Full Statement. 
  • Await the appearance of the M-PESA statement in your email. 

5. Via M-PESA App 

This is probably the simplest method to view and download an M-PESA statement if you have the M-PESA app. It lets you select the period and the kind of transaction you want the statement to show.

Here’s how you use the M-PESA app to obtain your M-PESA statement: 

  • If you do not already have the M-PESA app on your phone, install it now. 
  • Launch the application
  • Somewhere towards the top, tap the M-PESA Statement button. 
  • To view a selection of your most recent M-PESA transactions, click See All.
  • To view the statements in greater detail or to change the start and end dates, tap Export Statements. 
  • Select “Generate Statement.” 

Keep in mind that you may only create a statement with this option for a maximum of six months.

6. Through M-Ledger App 

The M-Ledger app is the ideal option if you would need a statement of your M-PESA transactions for a period longer than a year. 

You can export the tables data to Word or PDF when this programme generates the report in a readable format. Additionally, it groups transactions by kind, including airtime, withdrawals, deposits, Pay Bills, and transferred money. 

Better yet, you may access and restore the transactions from the cloud.

7. Through The Safaricom Online Self-Care Portal

A complete M-PESA statement is also available online via the Safaricom website’s online self-care portal. The following is how to handle the request: 

  • Go to the Safaricom website and select the “self-care” option. 
  • Choose the desired registration (individual, for example). 
  • After entering your phone number, create a username. 
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, watch for the validation code to arrive. 
  • Enter the code to confirm the registration. 
  • Enter the self-care portal with the password and login you created, select the time period you wish to receive the statement for, and then watch for it to appear.

How to Get M-PESA Full Statement Online

Getting an M-PESA full statement can be done in a few different ways. Using the M-PESA app, MySafaricom app, USSD code *234# or *334#, and the Safaricom Self-care portal, you can accomplish this. You can get a statement for a maximum of six months by using these options. 

How to Get M-PESA Statement for 3 Months

Using the M-PESA app is the most straightforward method of obtaining a three-month statement. Using the M-PESA pin, launch the app, then tap the M-PESA transaction. After that, select the desired period by tapping “See All.” 

Recall that you have the option to designate your preferred transaction type. You can also use the USSD codes *234# or *334# as an alternative. 

How to Get M-PESA Statement for 6 Months

The best option for obtaining a 6-month M-PESA statement is to use a smartphone app or USSD. In the event that you choose to use USSD, call *234# or *334# on your M-PESA line and proceed as instructed. 

If you decide to go the app way, you should think about using the MySafaricom or M-PESA apps.

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How to Get M-PESA Statement for One Year

You can view transactions for up to six months using the majority of methods for receiving an M-PESA statement. If, however, you would need a one-year statement, you might wish to use the M-ledger app. Alternatively, you can pick up a statement by going to a Safaricom customer service centre with your ID. 

Requesting M-Pesa Statements for a Specific Number

This feature is especially helpful for monitoring transactions related to a certain service or paybill number.

When asked throughout the statement request process on any of the aforementioned platforms, the procedure entails providing the disputed number.

The Importance of Diverse Time Frames

  • Long-Term Financial Planning: Comprehensive financial analysis and planning benefit greatly from longer period statements, such as those covering three years.
  • Short-Term Tracking: For recent financial assessments and short-term budgeting, a six-month statement is helpful.
  • Particular Transactions: Statements pertaining to a certain number can be very helpful to companies or individuals who are keeping an eye on transactions involving a specific paybill number or service.

What are the Benefits of Regularly Checking Your Statement?

  • Financial Awareness: Keeping a closer eye on your statement will help you stay on top of your spending habits and financial situation.
  • Security: It lets you identify any unauthorised transactions or disparities right away.
  • Budgeting: Based on your spending patterns, you can more effectively plan and modify your budget by looking over your statement.

What are the Tips for Efficient Statement Management?

  • Establish a regular check-in schedule for your statements, such as a weekly or monthly one.
  • To receive notifications for new statements, make use of the M-Pesa app’s notification feature.
  • Report any strange transactions you come across right away to Safaricom customer support.

Utilizing Your Full Statement

  • Planning and Budgeting: To improve your financial planning, examine your income and spending trends.
  • Applications for loans and taxes: Use it as supporting documentation when submitting loan or tax applications.
  • Dispute Resolution: A complete statement may be an important piece of evidence in cases of disagreements or discrepancies.

How to Get M-PESA Statement Through Email

If you sign up using the MySafaricom app, the USSD *234# or *334#, or both, you can receive an M-PESA statement via email. As an alternative, register for the statements by visiting the self-care portal on the Safaricom website. Safaricom will provide the statements via a single app after you sign up. 

Go to M-PESA, My Account, and Mini Statement if you choose the STK menu. As a result, you might receive the statement by SMS.

It’s handy to receive your M-Pesa statement via email, and it guarantees you have an immediately accessible digital record of your transactions at all times.

Those who need to discuss financial records with accountants or financial consultants or who prefer to keep them in electronic format will find this method especially helpful.

Advantages of Email Statements

  • Accessibility: Email statements are accessible from any location, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Archiving: Simple to arrange and preserve for a long time of documentation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Helps promote eco-friendly behaviours by reducing the need for paper.
  • Security: Ensures that your financial information is kept private.

Receiving and Managing Your Email Statements

Once configured, M-Pesa will automatically send your statement, at the frequency you have selected, to the email address you have registered.

To keep your statement private, make sure your email account is secure.

To make it simple to retrieve these remarks later, create a special folder in your inbox.

How to Get M-PESA Statement for Another Number

You may occasionally need to view an M-Pesa statement for a different number than your own, such as for business accounts, family members you are caring for, or other justifiable purposes.

It is imperative that you approach this knowing exactly what the legal and privacy ramifications are.

  • Consent: Make sure you have the other number’s owner’s express consent before accessing their M-Pesa statement.
  • Privacy: Exercise caution when handling any collected information and be aware of privacy problems.
  • Compliance: Respect local laws and Safaricom’s regulations governing the access to and exchange of financial data.

The processes to obtain an M-PESA statement for a different number are listed below.

Steps to Obtain an M-Pesa Statement for Another Number 

  • Obtain the account holder’s written consent so that compliance and record-keeping are maintained.
  • Gather the required information, such as the phone number registered with M-Pesa and identity documents.

Requesting via USSD (If You Have Access to the Other Phone)

  • Dial *234# on the other M-Pesa registered phone.
  • Choose the “M-Pesa Statement” option after going to “My M-Pesa Information.”
  • To receive the statement on that phone, select the statement type and adhere to the steps.

Through the Safaricom App (If Linked to the Other Number)

  • Go to the M-Pesa section if the Safaricom app is configured with the other number.
  • Choose “Statements” and enter the statement’s duration.
  • Make sure this is done with authorization and in a transparent manner.

Online Request via M-Pesa Website (With Account Holder’s Approval)

  • With the account holder’s consent, log in to the M-Pesa web portal using their credentials.
  • Follow the procedure to request a statement as detailed in previous sections.

How to Get M-PESA Statement via SMS

Getting an SMS statement is the best choice for people who want simple, quick access to their recent M-Pesa transactions. 

Those who might not have frequent access to the internet or who would rather receive their transaction information in a more direct manner will find this method especially helpful.

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Benefits of SMS Statements

Instant Access: Almost instantly get a summary of recent transactions.

No Internet Needed: Perfect in scenarios when access to the internet is restricted or nonexistent.

Easy to use and straightforward: Perfect for those who like the most basic features on their mobile phones.

How can I receive my M-PESA statement via SMS? Let’s see.

Steps to Get an M-PESA Statement via SMS

Requesting a Mini Statement

  • Enter *234# on the phone you registered for M-Pesa.
  • Choose the “M-Pesa Statement” option after going to “My M-Pesa Information.”
  • Select “Mini Statement” to get an SMS with a rundown of your last five transactions.

Understanding the SMS Statement

  • Each transaction’s date, amount, and type will all be specified in the SMS.
  • It might also provide a brief financial overview by including the balance following each transaction.

Technical Aspects and Security in Accessing M-Pesa Statements

It’s critical to comprehend technical factors and ensure security when working with financial data, especially when accessing M-Pesa statements online or via mobile devices.

Password Security and Management

  • Using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters is a good way to create a strong password. Stay away from cliches and facts that may be guessed, such as birthdays.
  • Changing Passwords Often: To improve security, you should routinely change the passwords for your M-Pesa app and PIN.
  • Maintaining Password Secrecy: Never divulge your passwords or M-Pesa PIN to third parties.

Online Safety When Accessing Statements 

Secure Internet Connection

  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when accessing your M-Pesa account online.
  • Opt for a secure, private internet connection to prevent data breaches.

Phishing and Scam Awareness

  • Be cautious of emails or messages asking for your M-Pesa credentials.
  • Safaricom will never ask for your password or PIN via email or SMS.

Regular Monitoring

  • Regularly check your account for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately to Safaricom.

Utilizing the Safaricom App

  • Features for App Security: To safeguard your data, the Safaricom app has security features like encryption. Make sure you get the software from the legitimate stores, such as the Apple software Store or Google Play Store.
  • Update the programme to the most recent version to take advantage of new features and improved security.
  • In-App Statement Access: Manage your M-Pesa transactions safely and conveniently by using the app to access your statements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can I Retrieve My Gmail M-PESA Statement?

After registering with Gmail and entering the USSD code *234# or *334#, you can get an M-PESA statement. As an alternative, sign up with your email using the MySafaricom app or the Safaricom self-care portal.

It will take a few days for Safaricom to email you the statement once you join up. After that, each month it will arrive in your Gmail account. 

In general, What Is the Time Frame for Receiving an M-PESA Statement?

Depending on whether it’s a tiny or full M-PESA statement, it could take anything from a few minutes to many days to get. 

A complete statement can take up to five days from the time of request, however a short statement can be obtained in a matter of minutes via SMS. However, keep in mind that when you sign up, Safaricom typically delivers the bill at the beginning of each month. 

What Is the Cost of an M-PESA Statement?

After you sign up, M-PESA does not charge you for receiving an M-PESA statement via email or SMS. Alternatively, you can obtain a hard copy from a customer service centre for Ksh 50.

How Can I Access My Online M-PESA Statement?

By utilising the M-PESA app, MySafaricom app, or Safaricom self-care service, you can check your M-PESA statement online. As an alternative, you can register to get the statement by email by entering the USSD codes *234# or *334#.

Final Thoughts

There is more to M-Pesa than just transaction history and statements. It incorporates a number of features and services that improve the user experience and provide more thorough and seamless financial transactions.

Obtaining an M-PESA statement online is now simple. You have the option of using the SIM Tool Kit menu, the M-PESA app, the MySafaricom app, the M-Ledger app, the USSD (*234# or *334#), or the Safaricom self-care service. 

And you can make the request at any Safaricom customer service centre if all of that seems too complex or if you’d just like a one-year statement.

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