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Edo State Government to Launch Ride-hailing API Integration

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The Edo State Government made a significant step in the direction of regulating the ride-hailing industry within its borders.

The move is announced in the form of an upcoming launch of Application Programming Interface (API) integration for ride-hailing platforms like Bolt, Uber, and others operating in the state.

The announcement was made by Mrs. Edugie Agbonlahor, Managing Director of the Edo State Transport Authority (ESTA), at a recent driver safety summit held in Benin City by Bolt, a leading ride-hailing company.

With Lagos as an Example, Offering Custom Solutions

This development puts Edo State on track to follow what Lagos State did by introducing similar API integration with ride-hailing operators.

The Lagos initiative was derived from a provision within the state’s regulations requiring these companies to give access to their data to the Ministry of Transportation.

It was further reported that another agreement signed by the Lagos state government and ride-hailing companies cemented API integration as a mandatory requirement for operations within the state.

However, enforcement of this provision has been a source of conflict between the Lagos government and Uber, another major player in the Nigerian ride-hailing industry.

Edo State appears to be following the same path; however, it should be noted that details concerning API integration and possible requirements for ride-hailing companies are still hidden.

There is no indication as to whether or not Edo State Government intends to create its own set of rules that will apply specifically to the ride-hailing industry, similar to what Lagos State did.

Sustained Safety and Joint Effort: The Edo State Government’s Objectives

Mrs. Agbonlahor reports that API integration for ride-hailing platforms is a part of the broader strategy by the Obaseki-led administration to implement essential regulations for ride-hailing services within Edo State.

Envisaged benefits are not only limited to data access but rather extend to the improved safety measures of both passengers and drivers.

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A Mutual Relationship: Envisioned Benefits

The details of how API integration will increase safety are not out yet.

Nevertheless, ESTA, on behalf of the Edo State Government, has released plans to give visual identifiers to ride-hailing platform drivers.

These identifiers will make interactions between state authorities and ride-sharing drivers easier.

This could lead to a more harmonious atmosphere among all the stakeholders in the ride-hailing industry, resulting in their joint efforts for continued safety and sustainability of ride-hailing operations in Edo State.

Unveiling the Details: What Lies Ahead

Despite the Edo State Government announcement of the launch of ride-hailing API integration, crucial details about its implementation and possible regulations for ride-hailing companies have not been made public yet.

It will be an interesting observation to see how Edo State would customize its approach in comparison to the existing model in Lagos State.

Whether Edo will opt for a more cooperative approach or a stricter regulatory framework is still unknown.

One thing is clear; the soon-to-be-launched ride-hailing API integration in Edo State indicates a big step towards formalizing the ride-hailing industry within the state.

This move could be advantageous to all parties involved from passengers and drivers to the government itself.

As Edo unfolds their plans, more detailed specification of what it means on their ride-hailing landscape, may become evident within the state and beyond.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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