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Mykes Loan App in Kenya: Application and Paybill Number

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Do you need emergency cash to address a pressing need before payday? Are you aware of the complex paperwork required by banks and other financial institutions? If so, the Mykes Loan app is designed for you.

Mykes loan app

Mykes Loan app stands out as one of the leading Mpesa loan applications in Kenya. It has played a significant role in revolutionizing digital financial transactions.

Powered by Deltech Capital Kenya Limited, this loan app offers loans ranging from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 50,000, with an interest rate of 32% and a repayment period of 7 days and 91 to 365 days, depending on the amount.

Mykes Loan has set a standard in the loan industry by providing a seamless process. With just a smartphone, you can easily access the amount you need in your bank account within minutes, without the hassle of paperwork. This streamlined approach has transformed what used to be a challenging process into a straightforward one.

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How to Get Started with Mykes Loan

When applying for a loan, you need to provide certain details, correct? Even though there’s no paperwork involved, lenders still need to record some information, right? Good. However, before requesting a loan, we must fulfill a few requirements.

The first step is to download the app. How do we do that? We simply go to the Google Play Store, type “Mykes Loan app” in the search bar, and download and register with our phone number once the results return.

After downloading, we launch the app, enter our personal information, and verify our account. Then, we choose the loan amount we need, and within a few minutes, our loan will be approved and disbursed into our account.

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How to Repay your Loan via the App

You can repay the loan through Mpesa or the MyKes app. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to repay your MyKes loan using their Mpesa Paybill Number (4047993).

How to Repay MyKes Loan Through Mpesa:

  1. Open your Mpesa menu.
  2. Select “Lipa na Mpesa.”
  3. Choose “Paybill.”
  4. Enter 4047993 as the business number.
  5. Use your phone number as the account number.
  6. Input the repayment amount.
  7. Enter your PIN and confirm by pressing OK.

Note: Make sure to confirm that the payment is being sent to Deltech Capital Kenya.

Delay in Repaying Mykes Loan

If you don’t repay your Loan on time, you will incur an additional fee of 2% per day. It’s important to note that this company is known for contacting people on your contact list if repayment is delayed. However, this situation rarely occurs, and timely repayment not only avoids extra charges but also grants access to higher loan amounts in the future. It is highly recommended that you repay your loans promptly and take advantage of this opportunity.

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FAQs about MyKes Loan App

1. How can I download the MyKes Loan app?
To download the app, simply go to the Google Play Store, search for “MyKes Loan app,” and follow the prompts to download and register using your phone number.

2. What loan amounts does MyKes Loan offer?
They offer loans ranging from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 50,000.

3. How long is the repayment period for MyKes Loan?
The repayment period for a loan is 7 days and 91 to 365 days.

4. How can I repay my Loan?
You can repay your MyKes loan either through Mpesa using Paybill Number 4047993 or through the app.

5. What happens if I don’t repay my Loan on time?
If you fail to repay your loan on time, you will be charged an additional fee of 2% per day. The company may also contact people on your contact list as a reminder.

6. Does timely repayment of Loans offer any benefits?
Yes, timely repayment not only avoids extra charges but also grants access to higher loan amounts in the future.


In conclusion, the MyKes Loan app offers a convenient and efficient solution for individuals in need of emergency cash. With a seamless application process, flexible loan amounts, and manageable interest rates, MyKes Loan stands out as a reliable option in the digital lending space.

Additionally, the ease of repayment through Mpesa or the app, coupled with the benefits of timely repayments, makes this Loan a preferred choice for borrowers. Whether it’s addressing urgent financial needs or accessing higher loan amounts in the future, MyKes Loan provides a user-friendly platform for financial assistance.

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