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Lagos State Government in a Move to Sanction Uber Nigeria

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Uber Nigeria, one of the major ride hailing services, has received a sanction notification from the Lagos State Government. This is due to the refusal of the company to align with the data-sharing agreement it had with the state. 

Uber Nigeria

What is Data-Sharing Agreement Between Uber Nigeria and Lagos State Government?

According to South Wales, Data Sharing Agreements are structures put in place for the sharing of personal data and documents. This agreement is mostly put in place to help all parties involved adhere to their roles and responsibilities. This produces a secured environment for all parties involved. 

Agreements like this are necessary for ongoing arrangements such as Uber, they govern the law that covers transportation and hence the improvement of Lagos State society in that aspect. It would be a grievous offence if the company didn’t align with the stated agreement it had with the state government. 

State Government To Sanction Uber Nigeria in Lagos

The move to sanction Uber was declared by the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, in the person of Mr Oluwaseun Osiyemi. He confirmed this in a statement on Friday in Lagos. 

He expressed in distress how Uber Nigeria has been flagging down all the regulations that have been previously stated. Particularly regulation regarding the Application Programme Interface (API) integration for safety and security. 

Mr Oluwaseun pointed out the violation and expressed that it was a grievous action from Uber. He emphasized that the actions of the company should be immediately addressed in order to maintain a progressive, secure, and regulated environment in the transportation sector.

API Integration Programme

The API integration is part of the state’s way of making use of technology for monitoring and improving security in Lagos. This sets the state as a standard for other states in terms of transportation security.

“This is essential for fostering a secure and regulated transportation ecosystem for the well-being of all Lagos State residents.” Osiyemi stated.

He also highlighted the rigid nature of the API integration, it is vital in enabling data sharing for government scrutiny, monitoring and safety during trips. This is essential for promoting a secure and regulated transportation ecosystem. All these are the well being of Lagos residents. 

State Government Concerns Over Uber Nigeria Violation

In order to state the gravity of the situation, Mr Osiyemi said “ Immediate corrective action is imperative to rectify Uber’s non-compliance with the Data Sharing Agreement and API integration of the State”.

He further urged Uber to urgently seek resolution within the established regulatory framework, and stated that non-compliance would result in stern sanctions in accordance with the State laws and regulations. 

Uber Nigeria

He finally advised Uber’s users saying “Take caution as the sanction when in place will equally affect their operations.”

Frederic Oladeinde, former Lagos commissioner for transportation also said the operators are expected to release data for trip movement since they made an agreement.

“We are not asking the e-hailing companies to release detailed data. All we are asking from them is data for trip movement so that we can calculate the right charge and levy due to the government. This data is to be supplied every week.” Oladeinde had said.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
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