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46 Visa-free Countries Nigerian Passport Covers in 2024 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Searching for Nigerian visa-free countries? We shall list the visa-free countries where Nigerian passport holders can travel in this page. 

What travel destination needs no visa? Not to add, you can use these nations to expand your travel experience as a Nigerian.

Nigeria now allows travel to 46 countries without a visa. Certain regions provide a direct pass, while others demand an eVisa or Visa on arrival policy.

Almost all Nigerians consider travelling abroad for vacation or business. 

Obtaining a visa is as difficult as a camel attempting to fit through a needle, with the Nigerian passport ranking 93rd in the world as of March 29, 2019, in terms of freedom of movement. 

However, there exist nations where Nigerian passport holders can enter without a visa and obtain one upon arrival in a matter of days or months.

Travelling to visa-free countries lower costs and anxiety.

We have given you a list of visa-free countries you can travel using only your Nigerian passport. 

What are the 46 Visa-free Countries Nigerian Passport Covers in 2024?

Here are some of the countries Nigerians can visit without a visa:

1. Barbados

Barbados is open to Nigerian visitors without a visa. Located east of the Caribbean Sea and the Windward Islands, Barbados is a country in the western portion of the North Atlantic. Since English is the official language here, communication is easy. Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, is a great place to buy both high-end jewellery and little things.

2. Benin Republic

The Benin Republic boasts an abundance of natural resources, including breathtaking beaches, a dynamic culture, ancient customs, and protected species including elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, and West African lions. The Pendjari National Park, which is home to breathtaking views of nature at its most exquisite is at the Atakora range’s slopes and cliffs. Nigerians receive a visa when entering the nation because they are neighbours.

3. Burkina Faso

This country presents you with its renowned natural scenery, intriguing design feats, and a thriving arts sector. Burkina Faso has a large number of gold shops. Nigerians are granted free entry and stay into the country with the presentation of an arrival ticket. 

Burkina Faso is probably best known for its music and drumming culture; if you’re interested in incorporating West African drumming into your own music, this is the country to visit! The Bobo-Dioulasso Mosque, Les Cascades de Banfora, and Nazinga Game Ranch are among the well-liked tourist destinations.

4. Burundi

Among the nations on this list that grant Nigerians a visa 30 days after arrival is Burundi. Burundians have long had a rich history of artistic expression, which includes the introduction of ceramic manufacturing by Italian missionaries. Artists’ collections include drums, swords, and papyrus panels adorned with Burundian mythology.

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5. Cambodia

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Cambodia. Nigerians can enter Cambodia via main border crossings or airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and they will be granted a 30-day visa upon arrival.

You can visit the beaches of Cambodia and have a nice time if you’re craving quiet after the rush and bustle of Nigeria. You will have a warm and friendly journey from the incredibly kind and generous people of Cambodia. 

The Choeung Ek near Phnom Penh, the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, and the immaculate beaches of Sihanoukville are well-known tourist destinations.

6. Cameroon

Although not the largest country in Africa, Cameroon is in some respects as big as the continent. Often referred to as “Africa in miniature,” it has sections that speak French and English, making communication easy. Like Nigeria, its majority regions are Muslim and Christian. 

The tallest mountain in West Africa is located in Cameroon, which also features high plateaus, rain forests, desert plains, and mountains. 

Due to its border with Nigeria, the nation is open to visitors from that country without requiring a visa. When visiting Cameroon, popular tourist destinations include the Kribi, the National Museum in Yaounde, the Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe, and the Limbe Botanic Garden.

7. Cape Verde

Known by many as Cabo Verde, or Cape Verde, this enigmatic island paradise off the coast of West Africa is renowned for its folksy rhythms, gorgeous beaches, and laid-back cities. The ten volcanic islands make up the archipelago. A former colony of Portugal is Cape Verde.

Nigerians are granted visa-free entrance into the nation. Kriolu is the native tongue of Cape Verde, whereas Portuguese is the official language spoken there. For individuals who prefer eating fruit, there are an abundance of fresh fruits available. One of the great destinations that Nigerians can travel to without a visa is Cape Verde.

Santa Maria Beach, Funana Casa da Cultura, and Pico de Fogo are a few of the well-known tourist destinations.

8. Chad

Home to a strong Islamic culture, nomadic ethnic groups, and opulent desert landscapes and thrilling wildlife parks. Nigerians can travel to Chad for free, without having to worry about paying a hefty fee for a visa.

Chad serves as a crossroads for several civilizations, and the effects of its lengthy and rich past are evident in the countries’ cultures, languages, and surroundings. 

Situated in the centre of Africa, it serves as both the home and the base for a diverse range of wild animals. You can go to the Zakouma National Park, which is home to 44 different kinds of massive animals and many different kinds of avian creatures.

If you have interest in authentic artefacts, you will find the neighbourhood with intriguing sandstone arrangements, including many regular curves and smooth fingers of shake. Leading attractions include Zakouma National Park and the Ennedi Desert.

9. Comoros

The Comoro Islands are located off Africa’s southeast coast. The Comoro Islands are present in the list of countries where Nigerians are not need to have a visa because they grant them a visa upon arrival.

Comoros’s distinctive and stimulating collection of star-studded islands provides plenty of opportunities for getaway. 

Explore the breathtaking Lac Sale, which offers a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding area and a glimpse beyond Hahaya beyond the coast.

Later in the day, you might dive into the Marine National Park and witness the Goliath ocean turtles depositing their eggs. Tropical shorelines in abundance, a biological system of wonderful marine life, and sweet scents that uplift your spirits.

10. The Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)

Holders of a Nigerian passport has free entry into the Republic of the Ivory Coast without a visa. Its capital, Abidjan, is a very attractive city with lots of hills and lush tropical foliage. It is in the border of tidal ponds and close to the sea.

You can explore the beautiful Abidjan Cathedral, which is on a hilltop above the city; the quiet but kid-friendly zoo; the pristine Parc du Banco rainforest; and the expansive outlying business districts in Cocody, Treichville, and other rural locations.

A visit to the pontoon at the tidal pond provides an excellent view of Abidjan’s horizon. For trips outside of Abidjan, there are several options. You could visit Korhogo or Comoe Game Park in the north on any number of days.

11. Djibouti

Surrounded by Ethiopia to the west and south, Eritrea to the north, and Somalia to the southeast, Djibouti is a small African country home to about 500,000 people.

Djibouti is part of the countries where Nigerians can travel without paying any money for a visa.

The country boasts some truly amazing sights. Some include Lake Assal, also known as Lac Assal, which is a stunning scenery and the second-deepest place on Earth. You might even go kayaking for a large amount of time or scuba diving around the country.

Nestled on the coast of East Africa is the remarkable country of Djibouti. The country, with a population of around 887,000, includes sights from outside the country due to the movement of volcanoes in the surrounding area.

You can have a remarkable African experience, fascinating societies, and excellent touring opportunities in Djibouti. The Day Forest National Park in Djibouti City, Lake Assal, and Arta Beach are among the top attractions.

12. Dominica

Nigerians receive a free 21-day transit visa by Dominica. This country is an island in the Caribbean that is home to hot springs, lakes, waterfalls, crevasses, and tropical rainforests.

The rocky shoreline is ideal for provincial waterfront towns and rocky, dark sand beaches, which are generally good places to swim or jump. East Caribbean Dollars (XCD) are accepted as payment, and English is the official language.

Dominica is without a doubt a must-visit destination for travellers, adventurers, darlings, and anybody else seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

13. Ethiopia 

Discover why Ethiopia is the centre of Africa by finishing the espresso trails’ ethereal vistas that whisper with social persona and ancient ruins hung in undeniable beauty. At almost 100 million inhabitants, it is the second most densely populated country in Africa. The Simien Mountains National Park at Gondar, the Blue Nile Falls in Bahir Dar, and the temples in Lalibela are among the attractions.

14. Fiji Island

In the South Pacific Ocean is the Republic of Fiji. With 333 islands and about 800,000 people living there, English is one of the official dialects. The capital is Suva. This country in Oceania is reputed to have one of the most advanced economies in the Pacific. 

You can stay in the country for four months without a visa if you have a Nigerian passport, although you might need a guest’s permit during that time. 

Once the visa-free time has expired, this grant can be renewed. You may explore the astounding shorelines, diverse marine life, and the most captivating tropical landscape in Fiji.

15. The Gambia

With the length of the Gambia River valley and its surrounding slopes, the Gambia is the smallest country in Africa. Situated on Senegal’s periphery and abutting the Atlantic Ocean, The Gambia has documented ties to Arab, French, and British influences, which are evident in its architecture, cuisine, and history. 

With a population of over 2 million, the country is renowned for its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and intriguing coastlines. Well-known sights include Bijilo Forest Park and the Wassu Stone Circles.

16. Ghana

Ghana, a country full of friendly and hospitable people, is steadily becoming a top tourist destination. Nigerians can enter the country without a visa as one of the main advantages of ECOWAS, albeit they occasionally may receive one upon arrival. 

The country is also has recognition for its several important artefacts from the slave trade, such as strongholds occupied by the British, Dutch, Danish, Germans, Portuguese, and Swedish along the coast. 

Additionally, you can explore the remote history of the Ashanti people, visit the two esteemed national parks inland, or simply relax on one of the beautiful beaches, such as Kokrobite or Winneba.

17. Guinea

Visa-free access is available to Nigerian nationals into Guinea, a rather tiny country. They do have extraordinary natural resources including gold, diamonds, and bauxite in their nation.

Guinea is a magnificent place with vast canals, beautiful beaches, and native animals. It is home to almost 12 million people and in the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean. Guinea awaits the intrepid tourist who is eager to discover a genuine African treasure. 

Mount Nimba Nature Reserve, Les Cascades De La Soumba, and Conakry Grand Mosque are among the attractions.

18. Guinea-Bissau

The days are wild and the nights are soft in Guinea-Bissau, where the astonishing rhythms of Portugal blend with the lush shorelines of West Africa.

Guinea-Bissau, bounded to the east and south by Senegal and to the north by Guinea, grants Nigerians a 90-day visa upon admission. The country boasts two or three backwoods and a unique park where, with luck, you can spot chimpanzees. 

Notable points of interest include Bafatá, Dulombi-Boe National Park, and the Bissagos Islands.

19. Haiti

The western portion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola is home to the nation of Haiti. Upon arrival, Nigerians are granted a free 90-day visa. 

Hikers will find heaven in Haiti because of its numerous mountains. Numerous beaches, water sports, a waterpark, and traditional Haitian dance performances are among the attractions in Haiti. 

Not only is it a source of income for many Haitians, but it also produces some of the region’s best art. Whether it’s voodoo, sculpture, or vibrantly coloured canvas, owning a piece of raw, real, and true Haitian art is a necessity for any art collector.

20. Iran

Initially referred to as Persia by the West until 1935, Nigerian nationals are surprisingly granted visas to Iran the moment they arrive. You can see the tombs of well-known figures as Cyprus the Great, Imam and Reza, the biblical Mordecai and Esther, etc., or take a tour of the ancient cities, Armenian churches, and museums, which have collections valued at over $2.5 billion.

21. Kenya

Nigerians can obtain a visa-free benefit for Kenya, a country with incredible natural life, within ninety days of arriving. Among the greatest places in Africa to have a vacation, Kenya stands out. 

Well-known tourist destinations, including Mount Kenya, are situated in the lower regions, with its waterfalls settling over the savannah flatlands and tropical woodlands. 

The nation’s many seaside towns and islands offer refreshing winds that blow over the Indian Ocean, helping to lift your spirits. Kenya offers you an African dream adventure of a lifetime, from her most breathtaking peaks to her deepest sea profundities!

Kenya is the safari epicentre of the magnificent African continent. Well-known sites include the Karura Forest in Malindi and Fort Jesus in Mombasa.

22. Liberia

Liberia, one of the ECOWAS member countries, has strong historical ties to the United States and grants Nigerians a visa-free entry. The country legitimately takes pride in the variety of beaches in and around Monrovia, the capital. Robertsport offers wonderful beaches and an interesting look at Liberia’s socioeconomic past for a fun day excursion.

23. Madagascar

Nigerians acquire Visa on arrival in Madagascar, merely within 90 days. Madagascar is regarded as the eighth continent in the globe in addition to being the fourth-largest island in the world due to its distinct ecosystem. The Indian Ocean is the ideal backdrop for swimming, snorkelling, and smooth surfing. Locals build the various carved wooden canoes that you may see sailing across the glistening waters or moored offshore under the canopy of trees.

24. Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is made up of more than a thousand coral islands (not including islands used for tourist resorts). 

The Maldives is one of the nations that does not require a visa upon arrival, and it grants a 30-day visa to holders of a Nigerian passport. 

Even though the majority of the Maldives’ islands are mostly used for tourism and agriculture, the country nevertheless offers a wide variety of unique and exciting tourist attractions. The Maldives gives you so much more if you intend on travelling for an ideal honeymoon or just wish to dive and surf in its turquoise waters.

25. Mali

Travellers to the country are frequently in a state of shock because they can’t help but stare in awe at the majestic peaks, mud-built buildings, and kind residents. The Great Mosque of Djenne and the National Museum of Mali are two of the attractions.

Nigerians do not need a visa to enter this country. Situated within the Sahel, Mali is a landlocked nation steeped in a turbulent past. Nevertheless, it boasts some astounding attractions, including the famous city of Timbuktu and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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26. Mauritania

Upon arrival, Mauritania grants a Nigerian visa. The country is located between the Atlantic Ocean’s compass and Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Senegal, and Algeria. This is a country rich in history. 

You can hire a guide or anyone around who is familiar with the desert in Chinguetti, one of this country’s most astounding urban areas, and ride a camel across the desert for as long as your “Ouguiyas” (Mauritania currency) will allow. Both the tea and the rises never stop.

Following your camel ride, you can tour Chinguetti, which takes pride in having a notable “Old City”—a crumbling sandstone town with a number of historic mosques and a few libraries.

27. Mauritius

Mauritius, a charming island nation in the Indian Ocean located about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of Africa, is part of East Africa. 

With more than 1.2 million residents, it is well-known for its relaxing shorelines, reefs, and tidal ponds, which make it perfect for leisurely activities like swimming and scuba diving. 

Mauritius provides you with beautiful scenery, global influences, and an amazing wild life. Île aux Cerfs island’s Seven Coloured Earths and Pamplemousses’ L’Aventure du Sucre exhibition hall are popular tourist destinations. 

Mauritius is a beautiful destination for nostalgic travels. Visit the island nation in the late spring (November–December) and winter (May–October) seasons for the most comfortable weather and the least amount of precipitation.

28. Micronesia

Micronesia, an island nation in northwest Oceania, grants Nigerians a 30-day visa upon arrival. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, the Federal States of Micronesia is an amazing independent island nation. It is home to more than 600 notable islands and is predicted to have 104,837 inhabitants. The ideal destination to fulfil all of your fantasies of island-hopping is Micronesia! The Blue Grotto of Saipan, Taki Falls, and Chuuk Lagoon are examples of popular attractions.

29. Mozambique

Mozambique is a country of contrasts, from the breathtaking shorelines along the coast to the 2,436-meter Monte Binga crest. Nigerian visitors are granted a 30-day visa upon entrance into this beautiful country. 

Located on the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is a popular destination for anglers, shoreline darlings, scuba divers, and seamen. 

The sights in Mozambique range from well-known tourist destinations to mind-blowing regular ponders. The gorgeous blue sea is the perfect backdrop for a variety of water activities or just a romantic getaway with your significant other.

30. Nauru

Known as the “tiniest republic in the world,” Nauru allows bearers of Nigerian identity to enter the country without a visa. You may visit places like the Japanese-supported Anibare Harbour and explore World War II antiquities in Yemen if you travel there. Anibare Bay, Buada Lagoon, Command Ridge, and Moqua Caves are among the primary attractions.

31. Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a lot of natural beauty, which you should see even though it lacks many major tourist destinations. You can go hiking, motorcycling, swimming in its lakes or beaches, scuba diving, and surfing. The Pearl Cays, Masaya Volcano, Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, and Somoto Canyon are a few of the well-known attractions.

32. Niger Republic

In addition to being a nation in West Africa, the Niger Republic borders Nigeria. Nigerians do not require to get a visa in order to enter this nation because it is an ECOWAS member. A nation rich in Arab and African traditions has plenty to offer. From elegantly attired males to lively marketplaces offering leather goods, handicrafts, and local goods. Get a camel and take a tour!

33. Palau

The pearl of Micronesia is Palau. It is a world of surreal tropical grandeur, the “Serengeti of the sea,” recovering tidal ponds, World War II remnants, and a pool of bright jellyfish.

Palau is a beautiful country that has recognition for its lakes filled with jellyfish, and it grants Nigerians a 30-day visa upon arrival. With breathtaking jump locations including The Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel, and Blue Holes, Palau is best famous for scuba diving. 

Among the most well-known sights are Babelomekang, Icebox Park, The Etpison Museum, Palau International Coral Reef Centre, Giant Clam Beach, and the Rock Islands.

34. Rwanda

In Rwanda, verdant forests tremble with gorillas, while the streets teem with the sensual sounds of East Africa’s afro-beats. Old timberlands may be found in Rwanda, which also boasts national parks including Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest in Butare, and Volcanoes National Park in Ruhengeri. After 30 days of arrival, Rwanda grants visas to holders of Nigerian passports.

35. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Within three months of their arrival, Nigerians can obtain a visa from St. Kitts and Nevis. The Leeward Island chain contains the two countries of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Because of the presence of both European and British settlers, the Island features a blend of calypso beats and European designs. Travellers are drawn to this country by its unspoiled beaches and landscapes, as well as by landmarks like Cockleshell Bay and Mount Liamuiga.

36. Samoa

Nigerians who arrive in this island nation in the South Pacific are granted a 60-day visa. Samoa, sandwiched between Hawaii and New Zealand, has an endless supply of waterfalls, blowholes, energetic caverns, beaches, historical sites, and much more. Samoa is a popular destination for weddings and unforgettable first nights. On their websites, a few hotels and resorts provide special packages with adequate plans.

37. Senegal

The Atlantic Ocean is to the west of Senegal, a nation in West Africa that is home to a growing number of the continent’s most endangered species of animals. Senegal is a country that contrasts stark images of isolated huts in the Savannah with the fast-paced realities of Dakar.

When visiting Senegal, make sure to visit the reserve, which is home to a variety of wild animals including antelopes, giraffes, rhinos, elands, and many bird species. The Grand Mosque and Lake Retba are two well-liked sights. Senegalese nationals are exempt from needing a visa because the country has an ECOWAS membership with Nigeria.

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38. Seychelles

Seychelles, an island republic in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa that grants Nigerians entry without a visa, is surrounded by the islands of Zanzibar, Madagascar, and Mauritius. Until French traders and seamen reached its shores in the late eighteenth century, the Seychelles remained largely uninhabited. 

These days, the Seychelles boasts of an eclectic blend of cultures, including French, British, African, Indian, Chinese, and Arab, as well as fantastic culinary traditions and the world’s greatest beaches. 

Correspondence won’t be a problem because both English and French are spoken in the Seychelles. Each of the Seychelles’ 115 islands has a unique flair and enchanted charm.

39. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, a country on Africa’s west coast, is exempt from ECOWAS visa requirements for Nigerian nationals. The beaches on Banana Island and the Freetown Promenade are interesting places to visit. Banana Island offers history, water sports, and unmatched quality among other things.

Sierra Leone is the unappealing precious stone of Africa; if you look closely, you can see both its common magnificence and its sublime potential. Well-known sites include the Makeni Clock Tower in Makeni and Bunce Island in Freetown.

40. Somalia

International ID holders from Nigeria are granted a visa upon arrival in this country. Somalia teeming with wild life is due to its amazing geography and unique climate. Much of Somalia is home to creatures ranging from lions to meerkats. 

Many parks, like Lag-Badana Park on the outskirts of Mogadishu, have taken animals out of Mogadishu and placed them in secure zoos. You could also go to Mogadishu’s Somali coastline. Somalia is an unexpected country full of lovely people, Afroasiatic culture, and traditional shake craftsmanship.

41. Tanzania

Tanzania, one of the countries where nationals of Nigeria are not required to have a visa, grants them one at the point of entrance. In addition to being home to three of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, Tanzania is also distinguished by possessing the continent’s largest and deepest lakes as well as the continent’s most notable mountain. There is so much to see and do in Tanzania, such as seeing the country’s natural beauty, Maasai culture, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the legendary Zanzibar.

42. Timor Leste

East Timor, as it is commonly known, is a region in northwest Australia that is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Despite its small size, Timor is a popular destination for scuba divers and marine exploration. You can stroll along the white-sand beaches and take in the breathtaking view of the mountains.

In addition to being home to many different tribes, East Timor is full of fascinating sites. One Dollar Beach, Tatamailau, and Atauro Island are well-known tourist destinations. Nigerian nationals are granted a 30-day visa to this nation starting on the day of arrival.

43. Togo

Togo is a fellow West African country, hence Nigerians do not require a visa to visit. Among the most beautiful countries in West Africa is Togo. This country is a happy playground that oversees an exceptionally good variety of lakes and is brimming with white sand beaches, well-mannered and sophisticated people, and mountains and hills just waiting to be explored. Popular tourist destinations in Togo include Koutammakou, Cascade de Womé, and Kara’s bustling business district.

44. Tuvalu

Tuvalu ranks fourth among the world’s smallest nations. This island has enough traditional culture, but not as much as other beautiful places or architectural legacy. You may experience Hawaii virtually by staying beneath palm trees and taking in the sunset. Discover the rhythms and way of life of these nations of islands in the South Pacific.

The Funafuti Marine Conservation Area and Nanumanga Fire Caves are two well-liked tourist destinations. Nigerian nationals are granted a 30-day visa upon arrival in Tuvalu. Fun Fact: Did you know that Tuvalu’s deserted island is home to the skeletal remains of World War II aircraft set against a lovely backdrop of beaches dotted with coconut palms?

45. Uganda

Visas for Nigerians are available upon arrival in Uganda, dubbed the Pearl of Africa. Uganda is home to a variety of African wildlife and moves in time with the soil. Attractions like Lake Victoria, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary are great places to go exploring for experiences.

46. Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a group of 83 islands in the Southwest Pacific that grants Nigerians a visa upon arrival. With its ancient culture, Vanuatu gives you an adventure in the South Pacific. Mele Cascades, Mount Yasur, Millenium Cave, the Yasur Volcano, and the Coolidge dive are among of the area’s well-known attractions.

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Is The Nigeria Passport Important?

According to the Henley Ranking Index, the Nigerian passport is ranked low. However, it is gold and quite advantageous in many African countries.

You can also travel with an identity thanks to it. It is accessible everywhere. But, some nations still require additional documentation for a visit.

West Africa is home to Nigeria. It has an abundance of resources. Additionally, thousands of people migrate there every day, and its landmass is four times larger than that of the United Kingdom. Some refer to it as Africa’s giant.

Nigeria, home to millions of people from many tribes and geographical areas, is steadily becoming more populous. Furthermore, a lot of nations welcome immigrants.

A Nigerian passport entitles you to free entry into a number of nations. Others can call for particular paperwork and registration.


Every nation has its own visa regulations for its neighbouring areas. Something that makes sense in one place might be better in another. There are several ways to enter a place these days.

For instance, Grenada and Nigeria both have similar second passport policies. The US grants the same Granada an E-2 visa to enter the country for business travellers who are prepared to contribute at least $150,000 in the country’s economy.

Africa makes up the majority of the nations on Nigeria’s visa-free list. It is not applicable to America or Europe. Still, there are a lot of Nigerians living in these regions of the globe.

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