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Telegram is Rolling Out a New Feature: ‘view-once’  Voice and Video Messages 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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As part of its January feature release, Telegram is rolling out a number of upgrades, such as the ability to “view-once” audio and video chats, halt recording while sending a message, and additional read time restrictions.

In September 2023, the app included “view-once” movies and images for one-on-one conversations. The business is now working to add audio and video messaging to this functionality. 

In order to allow the recipient to hear the voice message or see the video message only once, users can tap the mic icon to start recording and then swipe up to choose the “view-once” option.

Additionally, Telegram is launching a function that lets users stop and restart voice and video message recording via the same menu. 

Get ready to explore the Telegram feature: “View-once” Voice and Video Messages. 

What is Telegram?

Despite being temporarily blocked in Russia, Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur, launched Telegram, a multi-platform messaging application that is unaffiliated with any organisation or government. 

With an estimated 700 million monthly users, it launched on iOS and Android in late 2013. Every time one of its bigger rivals is involved in a privacy incident, Telegram’s user base usually grows. 

Telegram stands out because of its emphasis on encryption, privacy, and an open-source API. To complement the official Telegram apps and online interface, there are innumerable unauthorised clients. 

Additionally, it permits the use of several accounts on the same device and different devices to use the same account (confirmed by SMS).

How does Telegram work?

Like most other messaging apps, Telegram allows you to message other users, start group discussions, call contacts, transfer files and stickers, and make video calls. It does operate differently from other chat apps, though, thanks to a few unique characteristics.

The main selling point of Telegram is its privacy, which is protected by end-to-end encryption. This prevents anybody not involved in a two-way discussion from seeing what has been exchanged, including hackers, the government, and companies.

But unlike regular conversations, Telegram only encrypts calls and uses it in its “secret chats” feature. They are merely client-to-server encrypted. In the meantime, end-to-end encryption has been utilized throughout WhatsApp, the purportedly less secure service.

Is Telegram safe?

Generally speaking, Telegram is just as safe as most other communication programmes. One could argue that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption for all messages is a preferable strategy, but privacy advocates could be put off by the company’s connections to Facebook and Meta.

Also, you receive the same degree of end-to-end encryption if you use the “secret chats” function. Moreover, communications in hidden conversations cannot be screenshotted or forwarded, and they can be set to self-destruct. 

Users can choose to remove not only their own messages but also those of other users from the service. When a message is deleted, it is also deleted for all users on the platform. Not to mention that all conversations, albeit not end-to-end, are encrypted.

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Is Telegram free?

Telegram’s CEO and founder, Pavel Durov, offers free help for users. The company started using additional revenue streams in 2021, such as a Telegram Premium membership programme, but its primary offering—free chat—will not change.

These new ways to make money include paid sticker packs, premium services for corporate teams and power users, and advertisements on public one-to-many channels—which work similarly to Twitter feeds. A portion of these proceeds will be returned to users as compensation to the makers of the original sticker packs or as increased visibility for channels.

A few extra capabilities, like the ability to upload larger files, publish stories, purchase stickers, and more, are available with Telegram Premium, which costs about $5 per month. Ads are also eliminated.

The Telegram New Feature: ‘view-once’  Voice and Video Messages 

Telegram is introducing a number of improvements as part of its January feature update, such as the addition of “view-once” capabilities for audio and video messages, the capacity to pause and resume recording for audio and video messages, and additional read-time monitoring settings. 

Voice and video communications can now be viewed using the “view-once” option, which was first made available for photos and videos in one-on-one chats in September 2023. By touching the microphone icon to start recording and selecting the “view-once” option, users can limit the number of times that recipients hear or see the voice or video message.

Within the same menu, Telegram is now adding the ability to stop and start recording audio and video communications. In one-on-one private chats, users may now know when their message has been read by the receiver. This feature can be turned off in the settings.

Premium Benefit

Telegram gives premium users the ability to conceal their read time while maintaining visibility over others’ read times that are posted openly. Paid users can also select between “Everyone” and “My Contacts and Premium Users” as who can start discussions with them. 

Telegram had already released capabilities for better channel discovery and customisation in the previous month. Later that month, improvements included calls that were more battery-efficient and had end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the bot platform was modified to enable bots to reply to other chats or topics, handle quotes, responses, and links, and respond to messages.

What are the other Features that Telegram is Rolling Out?

Telegram is a popular programme that is used daily by billions of people. The most recent features are added on a regular basis to enhance the app’s usability and functionality. If you use Telegram frequently, you should read this post because it contains the most recent features that you should utilize right away.

Make sure your smartphone is running the most recent version of the Telegram software before looking through the list of these features. If you’re using an Android smartphone, you can check and update the software in the Google Play Store; if you’re using an iOS device, go to the Apple Software Store.

Manage Downloads on Telegram Using Download Manager

Users may now effortlessly manage their downloads in one location with the help of the download manager included in the Telegram app. For people who routinely download several files, movies, and other content, this is really helpful. You have the option to pause or restart all downloads or just certain items using the download manager.

Downloads can also be prioritised. The download icon shows up at the top of the screen when a file has been downloaded. To view and manage downloads, tap the symbol. 

As an alternative, you may browse and control the files you’ve presently downloaded in the Telegram app by tapping the search box and choosing Downloads.

How to use Download Manager in the Telegram app

  • On your smartphone, launch the Telegram app and download any available files. A new download icon will appear at the top.
  • To view all of your recent downloads in the Telegram app, click on it. As an alternative, you can click the Downloads tab after tapping the search option.
  • You can organise all of your downloads here. Individual files can be tapped on, the download can be paused, the file can be prioritised, and more.

Import Chats to Telegram From Other Apps

Users can now import their chat history from other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, into Telegram thanks to a new chat import function. Other messaging apps allow you to export chat, which you may then import into Telegram.

Telegram chats will automatically import all of your conversations, so you can pick up where you left off. If you wish to transfer your discussions from other apps to the Telegram app, this is also quite beneficial. Both iPhone and Android may use this. Applications like Line and KakaoTalk can also utilize the chat import capability.

How to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram


  • Open Whatsapp and select the conversation you want to export.
  • Go to ‘Contact Info‘ or ‘Group Info’.
  • Tap on ‘Export Chat’.
  • Choose ‘Telegram’ from the Share menu.
  • Now select the contact you want to import.


  • Open the chat you want to export in WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots.
  • Go to ‘More‘ and tap on ‘Export Chat’.
  • Select ‘Telegram’ from the Share menu.

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Share Your Telegram Chat Folders With Others

You can now share your Telegram conversation folders with other users. You can better arrange your Telegram discussions with the aid of chat folders. For work, news, or your friend group, you can make a chat folder and add all the individual chats that are related to it to it. 

Chat folders are immediately added to the Telegram home screen after they are created. To swiftly access chats, you can swipe back and forth between these tabs. Keeping your disorganised Telegram chats organised and without missing any crucial messages is made simple with this method.

The feature of sharing chat folders within the app was recently added to Telegram. Users may now share chat folders with just one link thanks to the new feature. 

By tapping on the shared link, recipients can instantly join any chat within the shared folder.

It is possible to generate many invitation URLs for every chat folder, each of which allows access to a distinct chat. Users can choose which chats to include in the shared folder when establishing a link. Additionally, they can give the link a distinctive name, such as “News” or “Movie Updates.”

How to share chat folder with others:

  • Navigate to the conversations section of the Telegram programme on your smartphone. To share the link, long-press the conversation folder on your iPhone, choose which chats to include and which to exclude, and then hit “Share.”
  • On an Android smartphone, get to Settings by clicking the three dots in the top left corner of the screen, choose the conversation folder you wish to share, and then click Create link. There will be a connection generated. You may forward this link to your friends and coworkers by copying it.

Set Global Timer for Telegram Chats

You can set a global auto delete timer with the Auto Delete All Chats option, which will cause all new chats’ messages to be automatically deleted. This implies that after the predetermined amount of time, the messages in any new chat you start or join will be automatically removed.

It’s crucial to understand that ongoing conversations are unaffected by this global timeframe. However, by going to the new menu at Settings > Privacy & Security > Auto-delete messages, you may quickly expand the auto-delete settings to any of these chats.

You can also erase the conversation history of a particular day or range in a single chat on Telegram. Launch the chat, pick the desired dates by clicking on them, and then click Delete chat history for those days. 

How to set a global chat timer for all Telegram Chats

  • Launch the Telegram mobile application.
  • Select the chat that you wish to have deleted automatically by clicking on it.
  • Tap the person’s or group’s profile photo.
  • After choosing “More,” choose “Enable auto-delete.”
  • Select one of the following time periods for the auto-deletion: one day, one week, one month, or more.
  • Messages in that conversation will be automatically removed after the predetermined amount of time, once established.

Translate Messages in Real Time

Numerous multilingual channels are available on Telegram. You’ll be relieved to learn that the Telegram app has an integrated translation capability if you’ve been utilising an external translation software to comprehend communications.

This functionality may be used by non-blue subscribers by long-pressing on a message and selecting the “Translate” option. After that, you will receive an automatic translation of the message. 

You can instantly translate whole group messages into group channels if you have a premium subscription. Use the Translate button located at the top of the chat window to accomplish this.

How to enable message translation in the Telegram app:

  • Navigate to Settings after opening the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • After swiping down, select Languages and press the Show Translate button.
  • Choose the language that you would like translated for your discussions. Rules for “Do not translate” can also be established.
  • You can enable the Translate Entire Chats feature if you have a paid subscription.
  • Return to the chats you wish to translate at this point. To translate a message, long press on it and select “Translate.” To translate, press the Translate navigation bar at the top of Telegram if you have a Premium subscription.

Hide Media When Sharing on Telegram

You can utilise the new Hide with Spoilers function to surprise someone or prevent spoilers from being posted in your Telegram group discussions. 

By doing this, you can conceal media in the Telegram app before sharing it with others. With Telegram’s ability to compose group conversations with spoilers, it’s extremely useful when exchanging movie spoilers. Telegram applies a blur effect to images that contain spoilers, which the recipient can tap to view.

  • To share an image, open the Telegram app on your phone and navigate to the relevant chat.
  • Select the image now, then choose the Hide with Spoiler option by clicking on it with the three dots at the top.
  • Send the image now. To view and remove the blur effect, the recipient simply taps on the image.

Post anonymous messages in the Public Groups

Sometimes, when we engage in discussions in Telegram groups, we don’t want to disclose who we are. With Telegram, you may utilise the name and photo of your channel in group chats without giving away who you are. People see the specifics of your channel instead than your account. You must first create a Telegram channel in order to use this. You can post messages on an existing channel by using its details.

How to post messages anonymously in the telegram groups:

  • To join the conversation, open the Telegram group you wish to join.
  • In the upper left corner of your profile photo, click on it. The list of every Telegram channel you own is displayed here.
  • Choose the channel on which you wish to post a message now. After entering the message, click “Send.”
  • Users will see the channel’s profile picture instead of your personal account details.

Set Custom Wallpapers to Telegram Chats

A new feature to customize the chat appearance has been added to Telegram. Now, users can customize the background of each one-on-one chat. A message is delivered to the chat partner once a custom wallpaper has been set, allowing them to either utilise the same wallpaper or make their own.

How to set custom wallpaper in the Telegram app

  • Go to the chat for which you wish to create a personalised background by opening the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • Select “Set wallpaper” by tapping on the three dots menu located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can choose the wallpaper from here. Click “Choose wallpaper from gallery” and choose the picture you wish to use as your wallpaper to make a personalized wallpaper. It may be made more personalised by changing the motion, blurring the background, and many other things.
  • The recipient will get a notification that the wallpaper has been set, allowing them to utilise it on their own page. He or she has the option to set background by tapping on the view. There’s not a way.

Turn On Power Saving Mode to Save Battery Life

Recently, Telegram added a power-saving option to the app that might help you lower power usage and increase the battery life of your smartphone. When the battery life of your smartphone falls below a certain threshold, the new “Power Saving Mode” can be turned on automatically. 

With separate switches within the programme, you may choose which effects you wish to turn off. Limiting background updates is another feature available in the power-saving settings if you’re using an iOS device.

How to enable power saving mode on the Telegram app

  • Open the Telegram app on your smartphone and go to “Settings.”
  • Select “Power Saving.”
  • Adjust the slider to decide at what battery level you want to activate the power-saving mode.
  • Use the toggle switches to select the effects you want to turn off

Set Alerts for Live Location on Telegram

Telegram and WhatsApp, two popular personal messaging apps, include a useful feature called live location. They can view your current location on a map within their app when you activate and share your live location. 

Telegram revealed several new notification options for Live Locations in Telegram in a recent update. You may set up an alert on Telegram to be notified when friends are nearby if they allow you to view their live location.

The ability to view your friends’ faces has also been enhanced with the live location feature. In this manner, even in highly busy situations, you may ensure that you don’t miss each other when you get together. Additionally, the app allows you to choose how long to share your location.

How to set alerts for live location in the Telegram app

  • Using your smartphone, open Telegram and choose the conversation in which you wish to reveal your current location.
  • When the message box is closed, tap the attachment icon.
  • Select “Location.”
  • To share your current location, click the “Send my Current Location” button.
  • Tap “Share my live location for…” and choose a time frame to share your moving location.
  • To establish an alarm, press the alert symbol now. Enter the distance now and select “OK” to confirm.
  • When asked, allow Telegram to access your location.
  • For the length of your discussion, the selected chat will now have access to your real-time location.

Post Stories on Telegram

If you enjoy Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, do you miss them on Telegram? We have wonderful news for you, so don’t worry! Recently, Telegram released its own version of Stories. Similar to other platforms, Stories allow you to upload images and videos and personalise them with stickers, location data, and a variety of other features.

All users can access Telegram Stories without having to have a paid subscription. If you don’t want users to take screenshots of your posts, you may manage who can access your Stories and prevent them from happening. Editing articles you’ve already uploaded to Telegram is another option.

Additional features available to Telegram Premium subscribers include priority ordering, the ability to hide Story views in stealth mode, the ability to see who has viewed a Story even after it has been experienced, the ability to set custom expiration times for Stories, the ability to save Stories directly to the Gallery, the ability to view up to 100 Stories per day, and more.

How to post and edit telegram stories:

  • Click the camera icon in the lower right corner of your screen when the Telegram app is open.
  • To take a picture, press the shutter button; to record a video, hold it down. To choose from your gallery, swipe up.
  • Click Next after adding stickers and captions to personalise the story.
  • After selecting the recipients of your story, click “Post Story.”
  • Click on your chat page to view the story icons if you wish to alter a story after it has been posted. To view your narrative, click the thumbnail of your profile photo.
  • edit stories on Telegram
  • Navigate now to the narrative that needs editing. When you click the three vertical dots, choose “Edit Story.”
  • Make your own modifications, such as changing the wording or adding stickers. Select the “Done” icon.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Telegram a Russian app?

Although Pavel Durov, the creator and CEO of Telegram, is Russian, the business is unaffiliated with the Russian government. Actually, the creator of the social media platform VKontakte left Russia in 2015 due to pressure from the Kremlin over his ownership of the platform. Due to the app’s refusal to share user data with the authorities, it has previously been prohibited in Russia. The company’s present headquarters are in Dubai.

Is content removed or censored on Telegram?

Copyright-violating content is eliminated by Telegram from public channels, sticker packs, and bots. Private one-on-one or group chats do not allow the firm to view or delete information.

Will Telegram provide the government or any third parties with my data?

No. Your information is kept on servers located in many nations, and the encryption keys are kept in various jurisdictions. Thus, no government may compel Telegram to surrender your data. The corporation says it has never provided any private information to governments on its FAQ page. For refusing to do so, it was really temporarily outlawed in Russia.

Do calls on Telegram cost nothing?

Sure. If you exceed your data limit, you could have to pay for additional data if you are not using Wi-Fi.

How can I use Telegram to locate groups?

It’s simple to find groups on Telegram. Just utilise the search bar located in the upper left corner of the desktop application. This will provide groups that are relevant to your search phrase, which you can click to join.

Is the Telegram app secure?

Telegram provides end-to-end encryption as a security feature. This implies that when you send a message, it is safeguarded. But once they get to the Telegram servers, they get decrypted, which can leave you open to attack.

Have you tested the beta features of the telegram app?

To test the Telegram app’s beta capabilities, install Telegram X (Android only) on your smartphone. Before being included into the Telegram app, the majority of features are tested on Telegram X. As an alternative, you can follow the official Telegram Beta channel to learn about the most recent features and beta releases. For iOS beta releases, adhere to the guidelines and resources provided in the Telegram beta channel. Verify that the gadget you have is compatible.

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