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Samsung And Apple In A Competition To Develop A Blood Sugar Monitor Without Diabetes Needles.

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Samsung and Apple have solidified their place as international technological titans. But the two companies are constantly in competition, with each working hard to outdo the other. 

With the advancement of technology, several efforts are being made by the two companies to develop a non-invasive blood sugar monitor. With the race currently on, who will come out on top?  Producing an innovative product that will allow you to easily check your glucose level without fear of needles.

 In this post, we’ll be reviewing the competition between Samsung and Apple to develop something truly phenomenal!

Non-invasive Blood  Sugar Monitor

Researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), in collaboration with MIT, have introduced a perfect method to monitor blood glucose levels. The process will use Raman spectroscopy, a non-invasive approach detailed in a recent publication in Science Advances.

In sync with this breakthrough, Samsung announced its new product, the Galaxy Ring. The Galaxy ring is a testament to the company’s strategy to appeal to users opting for alternative wearables like rings for health tracking. The company envisions offering users a comprehensive well-being overview through sensors placed on various body parts and throughout the home.

Health tracking has become a pivotal feature for smartphones and watches, with major players like Samsung, Apple, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google leveraging these capabilities to attract and retain users. 

There’s no denying that continuous blood pressure monitoring and glucose tracking stand out as significant advancements, with Apple actively developing a glucose reader that eliminates the need for skin pricking—a potential game-changer for diabetics. The company aims to combine photonics and optical spectroscopy to make it work.

Meanwhile, Apple is set to incorporate hypertension detection into its smartwatch later this year, providing users with information on elevated blood pressure without requiring calibration or exact readings. 

However, Apple’s investment in health technology is not rosy, as the company recently removed a blood oxygen feature from the Apple Watch following a legal setback in a patent dispute with Masimo Corp.

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What Is The Price Of This Galaxy Ring?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is scheduled for release before the end of 2024. Samsung executive Hon Pak shared that the integration of health features into devices, including the recently unveiled Galaxy Ring, is part of an even bigger strategy. 

While the pricing for the Galaxy Ring is still pending, the device, according to Pak, will offer activity and sleep tracking, with plans for additional health features in the pipeline. 

Pak further emphasized the company’s commitment to exploring various avenues to improve blood pressure features, with a focus on redefining blood pressure in the context of cardiovascular risk.

Despite the challenges in blood sugar monitoring, both Samsung and Apple are actively working on enhancing blood pressure monitoring, with Samsung aiming for extended periods without calibration.

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What Other device is Samsung Yet To Release?

Samsung is extending its health technology initiatives beyond wearables, exploring sensors for future earbud versions to measure body temperature and heart rates. According to Hon Pak, the proximity of the ear to the heart may offer a more direct pathway than the wrist, and combining data from various sources could provide users with a comprehensive health profile.

Beyond wearables, Samsung is also looking into mixed-reality headsets as a potential frontier for health technology. Pak highlighted potential applications in meditation and mental health, with active efforts to establish partnerships in these areas.

Concurrently, Apple is gearing up to launch its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset priced at $3499, signalling its entry into the health technology market.

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What is the purpose of Samsung and Apple’s competition in developing a blood sugar monitor without diabetes needles?

Both Samsung and Apple aim to create a non-invasive blood sugar monitor to provide a convenient and needle-free solution for individuals to monitor their blood glucose levels, particularly for those with diabetes.

How does a blood sugar monitor without diabetes needles work?

The specifics of each company’s technology may vary, but generally, these monitors utilize non-invasive methods such as optical sensors or other innovative technologies to measure blood glucose levels without the need for traditional needles or finger pricking.

What are the potential benefits of a needle-free blood sugar monitor?

A needle-free blood sugar monitor eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional methods, promotes regular monitoring, and may contribute to better diabetes management, leading to improved overall health for individuals with diabetes.

How will these monitors impact the healthcare industry?

Successful development and adoption of needle-free blood sugar monitors would revolutionize diabetes management, making it more accessible and encouraging regular monitoring. This, in turn, will lead to improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs associated with diabetes-related complications.


The race between Samsung and Apple to develop a needle-free blood sugar monitor reflects a groundbreaking shift in the technological landscape of healthcare. This competition not only signifies the companies’ commitment to innovation but also highlights the potential for transformative advancements in managing health conditions. The pursuit of a non-invasive solution for monitoring blood sugar levels without the need for traditional diabetes needles showcases the industry’s dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals with diabetes. As these tech giants continue to push the boundaries of medical technology, the prospect of a needle-free blood sugar monitor stands as a promising and accessible breakthrough that could redefine how we approach and manage diabetes in the future.


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