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Top 10+ Quantitative Market Research Companies in Africa

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In today’s competitive business environment, understanding market trends, customer behavior, and competitive dynamics are essential for success. This is where a quantitative market research company comes into play.

Quantitative market research agencies in Africa provide value propositions that help corporations make statistically informed decisions. They act as your eyes and ears on the floor, collecting numerical facts and insights that allow you to make manual decisions. 

But with a huge continent like Africa, locating the best quantitative market research agencies can be daunting. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the best players equipped to give you the expertise you want.

In this article, we delve into the expertise of these quantitative market research companies in Africa.  We uncover their delights, nearby strengths, and the industries they specialize in.  

At the end of this article, you will be well-positioned to choose the right accomplice in your African market research needs. Let’s dive in!

What is Quantitative Market Research?

Quantitative market research is a way to gather information from a target market using surveys, polls, and questionnaires. 

The collected information is numerical, allowing researchers to examine it statistically and pick out features, patterns, and correlations. These statistics allow organizations to capture customer behavior, market developments, and other factors that would influence the selection of industry agencies.

Here are some key factors of quantitative market studies:

  1. Focuses on numbers: Converts responses into quantifiable records using numerical measurements.
  1. Large sample sizes: This usually involves surveying a large number of people to ensure that the implications are generalizable to the target population. 
  1. Statistical Analysis: Statistical strategies are used to look at statistics and draw conclusions. 
  1. Benefits: Provides objective and measurable insights that can be used to improve merchandise, offers, advertising and marketing, and advertising and marketing campaigns and standard business methods.

Essentially, quantitative market research equips businesses with the understanding to tailor their offerings and techniques to what resonates with their target market.

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What Defines a Top Quantitative Market Research Company in Africa?

Defining a top quantitative market research company in Africa involves thinking about many key attributes and traits. Here are some of the number one features that push important corporations aside:

  1. Robust Data Collection Methodology: Top companies use a wide arsenal of methodologies that include online surveys, face-to-face interviews, smartphone interviews, and mobile surveys to generate certain comprehensive and accurate statistical series.
  1. Advanced Analytical Expertise: These corporations have sophisticated statistical and analytical equipment that includes regression analysis, conjoint assessment, cluster analysis, and device studies to leverage deep insights and deliver reliable results.
  1. In-depth Local Expertise: A thorough understanding of the cultural, monetary, and social nuances of individual African markets is paramount. Leading research companies have a strong presence in many international regions and employ nearby specialists to carry out positive culturally sensitive observational processes and interpretations.
  1. Proven Track Record and Reputation: Proven track information about successful projects and huge customer references are the hallmarks of leading corporations. Acknowledgment by industry bodies and appreciation of excellence through business further strengthens their appreciation.
  1. Adherence to Global Standards and Accreditation: Commitment to first-class and ethical research is verified by complying with research requirements within the global market (e.g. ESOMAR guidelines) and obtaining relevant certifications.
  1. Client-centric Approach: Tailored responses that address the exact needs of the customer, including tailored briefs, actionable insights, and strategic advice, are hallmarks of top companies.
  1. Extensive Community and Collaboration: Collaboration with global study networks, technology suppliers, and various research groups strengthens their capabilities and geographic reach.
  1. End-to-end Reporting and Transformative Insights: Delivering unique, insightful reports that translate insights into valuable business insights and actionable insights is essential. This is where top organizations excel.

With a proven track record of excellence in these regions, the quantitative market research company has established itself as a pioneer in the African market and is poised to deliver stunning, reliable, and insightful studies that enable corporations to make informed decisions.

What Services Do Quantitative Market Research Companies Offer?

Quantitative market research companies offer numerous services to assist groups in understanding their target markets and making knowledgeable decisions. Here are some of the important services they offer:

  1. Survey Design and Administration: They can conduct surveys that might be statistically sound and independent to make certain that the records accumulated are correct and reflective of the goal population. They also can cope with survey management online, over the smartphone, or in character.
  1. Data Collection and Analysis: They have the system and expertise to extract massive quantities of statistics from surveys, polls, and different quantitative resources. Once collected, they can have a look at this data using statistical strategies to emerge as aware of traits, styles, and relationships.
  1. Market Segmentation: They can assist organizations divide their goal market into unique organizations based totally on demographics, behaviors, attitudes, or other applicable standards. This allows companies to tailor their marketing messages and merchandise to particular purchaser segments.
  1. Brand Tracking: They can tune brand popularity, brand ideals, and utilization over the years. This permits groups to apprehend how their brand is performing compared to the competition and to become aware of areas for development.
  1. Measuring Purchaser Satisfaction: They may prepare behavior surveys to boost customer delight with a product, company, or brand. These notes are vital for businesses to enhance their offers and maintain customers.
  1. New Product Development: They can use quantitative studies to perceive client wants and possibilities that might suggest upgrades to recent services or products.

By making use of quantitative market research services, businesses can leverage treasured insights about their target markets and make extra-informed decisions about their marketing techniques, product improvement, and middle-business commercial enterprise operations.

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Who are the Top Quantitative Market Research Companies in Africa?

Now we are familiar with what quantitative market research is and the services the companies offer but several companies consistently rank high for quantitative market research in Africa. Here is the list of top 10+ to consider:

  • Sagaci Research
  • Ipsos Africa
  • Nielsen Africa
  • Kantar TNS Africa
  • Geopoll
  • Web Haptic Intelligence
  • Research ICT Africa
  • VoicesAfrica
  • Daproim Africa
  • BMi Research (Pty) Ltd
  • GfK
  • Afrocentricity Research

Here’s a full glimpse into these leading quantitative market research companies in Africa and how they delve into consumer behavior:

1. Sagaci Research

quantitative market research company

Sagaci Research, headquartered in South Africa, is a market research industry powerhouse. They establish quantitative techniques for obtaining facts from large groups of people. 

Imagine a large survey with hundreds or maybe heaps of members! Sagaci uses online and offline devices to reach these respondents and ensures a representative sample of the target audience. By analyzing this large set of records, they can discover characteristics, preferences, and criticisms. 

So if an organization wants to understand what the people of Lagos think about a new laundry detergent, Sagaci can design a survey to get that data.

2. Ipsos Africa

quantitative market research companies in africa

Another South African giant, Ipsos Africa is a global leader in market research. They use quantitative research techniques such as surveys and polls to gather facts on a large scale. 

Ipsos uses generation to conduct online and mobile surveys, reaching a much wider audience across Africa. In addition, they could set up booths in stores or public spaces to conduct surveys among people.

Based on data from these surveys, Ipsos can provide insight into brand focus, customer satisfaction, and market capacity. For example, a smartphone agency might hire Ipsos to understand cell phone usage patterns among Nigerian youth.

3. Nielsen Africa

best quantitative market research agencies

Nielsen, a globally recognized challenge in market research, has a strong presence in Africa. Their quantitative method includes methods such as retail audits and brand tracking. 

Nielsen’s video displays store revenue information to identify what merchandise is flying off the shelves. They can also monitor advertising campaigns to see how consumers respond to extraordinary messages. 

These statistics enable organizations to better understand client purchasing behavior and optimize their advertising and marketing campaigns. Imagine a beverage organization in Kenya trying to identify which tastes resonate most with clients. Nielsen’s retail audit statistics can offer valuable insights.

4. Kantar TNS Africa

quantitative market research

Kantar TNS Africa, headquartered in South Africa, provides a comprehensive range of quantitative research responses. Similar to various businesses, they also do surveys and polls to gather statistics from a large number of respondents. 

Kantar TNS goes beyond primary demographics and explores psychographics that delve into customers’ lives, attitudes, and values. 

This allows businesses to understand the “why” behind consumer choices. For example, a sporting activities emblem in Nigeria can work with Kantar TNS to find out what motivates people to purchase sportswear.

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5. Geopoll

quantitative market research company

Based in the US but with a robust African footprint, Geopoll uses cellular technology for its quantitative studies. They conduct surveys and polls instantly on people’s mobile phones, reaching a huge target audience across the continent. 

So this technique is particularly beneficial in areas with excessive cell phone penetration. Geopoll statistics can reveal valuable insights into patron preferences in remote regions or demographics that may be difficult to reach with conventional techniques. 

Imagine an NGO that wants to understand mobile money usage patterns in rural Senegal. Geopoll cell surveys can provide essential facts for such tasks.

6. Web Haptic Intelligence

quantitative market research companies in africa

Web Haptic Intelligence, a Nigerian business, acts as a statistics collector here, but rather than distinguishing spices, it gets statistics about customer options. 

They use surveys and questionnaires to get a huge picture of the ways people assume or behave about a product or service. This should include taking consumers on trips or conducting online opinion polls. 

By statistically reading this vast amount of records, Web Haptic Intelligence can tell a business owner, for example, how many people in Lagos (or even a select age group) are interested in a new type of espresso, helping them make informed stocking choices. their closets. 

7. Research ICT Africa

best quantitative market research agencies

Think of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, a hub of currency listings constantly buzzing with interest. Research ICT Africa, a South African company, also operates in the world of market research. 

Instead of tracking stock fees, they gather up-to-the-minute industry-specific facts, such as earnings data or company overviews, to understand market trends. It’s like searching the stock market beyond transactions to predict future market action. 

With this knowledge, Research ICT Africa enables companies to make informed decisions. For example, by reading cell phone revenue records in different regions, they can suggest a customer in a pleasant demographic to focus on a brand-new phone release.

8. VoicesAfrica

quantitative market research

Based entirely in Nairobi, VoicesAfrica is sort of a smaller, more focused version of the Market Studies Metropolitan Corridors meeting. They conduct intensive interviews with a smaller group of people to gain a deeper understanding of why people choose or reject positive products or services. 

Imagine a cozy meeting room where participants talk about their news using a new ride-sharing app. 

By analyzing these unique conversations, VoicesAfrica goes beyond simple statistics to reveal the motivations and thought strategies behind a buyer’s choice. This can be valuable for organizations trying to improve their products or services to better meet buyers’ desires.

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9. Daproim Africa

quantitative market research company

Daproim Africa, located in Accra, is a kind of group of keen observers located in the marketplace. They use a technique known as “statement research” in which they observe people’s behavior in real-life settings. 

This would not include hovering over clients or jamming; it’s bigger, like subtly watching customers navigate a clothing warehouse website or interact with a new grocery store self-checkout. 

By reading these observations, Daproim Africa knows how people engage with the products and services of their natural environment. This can be particularly beneficial for organizations developing new consumer interfaces or improving the customer experience within their stores or online systems.

10. BMi Research (Pty) Ltd

quantitative market research companies in africa

BMi Research, which originates from South Africa, has established itself as a pioneer in uncovering client developments in Africa. Their primary weapon of choice? Surveys. But these aren’t your typical paper and pencil questions.

BMi Research uses the power of online and mobile surveys to construct a virtual network that collects data from large numbers of people in extraordinary countries. Consider a massive, properly prepared poll that is distributed online and reaches devices across the continent.  

Therefore, they create a positive image for agencies by carefully analyzing these replies, indicating what people think about products, offerings, and even advertising and marketing campaigns. This wealth of information enables businesses to adjust their services to African clients’ preferences. 

11. GfK

best quantitative market research agencies

GfK, a multinational firm with a large presence in Africa, employs a diverse approach to quantitative research. While surveys are important, retail revenue data outperform them.

Imagine having a real-time view of what’s hot off the shelves across Africa! By analyzing this data, GfK provides agencies with useful insights that go beyond what consumers say they would buy.

They reveal what buyers are undoubtedly investing their money in. This provides a more complete view of client preferences and opportunities, allowing groups to make informed decisions regarding product development, promotion and marketing tactics, and even inventory management based on the information. 

12. Afrocentricity Research 

quantitative market research

Afrocentricity Research, a Nigerian powerhouse, stands out for its in-depth knowledge of African market peculiarities. They know that a one-size-fits-all approach based on simple surveys frequently fails to reflect the complex tapestry of consumer preferences.

Therefore, to address this, they include in-depth interviews in their study technique. Imagine conducting focused interviews with a carefully selected group of customers to learn about their motivations, objectives, and the factors that impact their purchasing decisions.

This technique expands on floor-level survey data, allowing Afrocentricity Research to deliver richer and more specific insights into groups.

They provide the “why” behind the “what” and allow businesses to create products, advertising, and marketing methods that resonate with African consumers’ cultural contexts and goals. 

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What are the Advantages of Working with a Quantitative Market Research Company?

Working with a quantitative market research firm has various benefits for your business needs. Here are some of the major advantages:

  1. Data-driven statistics: They collect a large amount of data through surveys and polls and present you with statistically sound conclusions upon which to base your decision.
  1. Clarity of the target market: They assist you grasp your audience’s capabilities and habits, allowing you to better customize your services or products. 
  1. Market fashion knowledge: They can keep you up to date on market trends and help you stay ahead of the pack.

Overall, partnering with a quantitative market research firm can give you valuable facts and insights to help you make strategic business decisions.

What are the Selection Criteria for the Best Quantitative Market Research Agencies? 

Choosing a Quantitative Market Research Agency? Consider this:

  1. Look for corporate joy and a robust quantitative research team.
  1. From survey design to record analysis and reporting, ensure they have products that match your study goals.
  1. When comparing corporations, consider factors such as mission management, era, cost, and value.
  1. To locate the ideal match, read reviews, request references, and be specific about your needs.

By following this advice, you can select an employer who delivers significant insights and influences your business decisions. 

Final thoughts 

So, are you ready to explore the wonderful world of African customers? Selecting the appropriate quantitative market research partner is crucial. We investigated some of the best players and shared views from throughout the continent.

Do you want to learn more about a specific organization or make your suggestions? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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How much do quantitative market research services cost?

The value of a quantitative market research offer in Africa varies according to the breadth, complexity, and geographical reach of the engagement. Furthermore, sample size, survey method, and fact-finding requirements all have an impact on costs.

Are there any groups that concentrate on specific African areas?

Yes, several groups address needs in Western, Eastern, North, and South Africa. Look for companies that have experience with your pastime.

What are some of the challenges of conducting quantitative research in Africa?

Logistics, language barriers, and disparities in technology infrastructure can all provide challenges in different foreign locations. 

Are there any internet resources to learn more about African market research companies?

Market research firms are commonly included in industry publications and directories. Furthermore, the company’s website provides detailed information on its offerings and experiences.  


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