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PwC Hires 100,000 Workers Using ChatGPT, Becomes OpenAI’s Biggest Client

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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PwC, one of the four global international firms, has signed an agreement with AI startup OpenAI. This development makes the company the largest customer and first reseller of OpenAI’s enterprise-focused ChatGPT product. PwC onboards 100000 Workers On ChatGPT. 

The agreement between the two companies will improve businesses’ approach to artificial intelligence (AI) and its integration into everyday work.

PwC onboardS 100,000 Workers On ChatGPT

PwC Onboards 100000 Workers On ChatGPT

The accounting firm will deploy ChatGPT Enterprise to its 100,000 US and UK employees. This action will grant the firm access to a more advanced version of the popular AI tool. 

PWC said, “As part of the agreement, PwC will become OpenAI’s first reseller for ChatGPT Enterprise. This allows PwC clients to purchase access to the AI tool through the consulting firm. Generative AI is already involved in 950 U.S. consulting client accounts out of the top 1,000 based on strategic importance. So, PwC onboardS 100000 Workers On ChatGPT. ”

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PwC views this partnership as a much-needed strategic investment in its future. The company believes ChatGPT can improve employee productivity and simplify workflows. Consequently, this leads to the company’s growth without extensive workforce expansion. 

PwC Partners With OpenAI

PwC employees get access to OpenAI’s latest multimodal model, GPT-4o, through ChatGPT Enterprise. OpenAI highlighted it is developing custom GPTs to review tax returns, generate proposal responses, and assist software developers.  

According to the Journal, both companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal or details on PwC’s plans to resell the AI product. 

The Journal further highlighted that the partnership was a premeditated plan of PwC. It said the partnership with OpenAI is part of PwC’s previously announced plans to invest $1 billion in generative AI technology.

PwC ChatGPT Onboarding: OpenAI Largest Customer 

OpenAI had intensified its pursuit of enterprise customers following soaring interest in ChatGPT last year. PwC as a client marks a significant milestone for the startup on its path to gaining enterprise trust. 

Reuters reported in April that OpenAI has worked with other consulting firms such as Bain,  but its partnership with PwC, which includes a reseller component as well as dedicated investment is the first of its kind, the report said. This partnership increases OpenAI’s reputation. It’s a beneficial agreement on both sides. 

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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