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Mastercard and EDC Partner to Empower 10,000 Women with Digital Skills in Lagos

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The partnership between Mastercard and the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of Pan Atlantic University, in collaboration with the Lagos State government, is an incredible initiative that aims to empower 10,000 women entrepreneurs in Lagos. 

This collaboration is part of the Transformation of Nigerian Youths program, powered by the MasterCard Foundation. The goal is to provide women with the necessary capital and expertise to launch and expand their enterprises, thereby increasing their economic contribution and involvement in Lagos State.


What The EDC and MasterCard Collaboration Focuses On

The partnership focuses on various sectors, including entrepreneurship, creative arts, digital skills, and agro-based skills. By equipping women with these valuable skills, they will be better prepared to thrive in the digital world and contribute to the growth of their businesses. This long-term collaboration demonstrates a commitment to ongoing support and opportunities for women to enhance their digital skills and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

During a press conference, Akinyemi Ajigbotafe, the state commissioner for wealth creation and employment, shared exciting details about the training program. The training course is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of this year and will span 24 months. To ensure accessibility, the program will utilize a combination of in-person community learning and online partner-sponsored learning.

Areas Where The Selection Process Will Cover

Ajigbotafe also revealed that the selection process for participants will focus on women from the 20 local government and 37 local council development areas in Lagos State. This inclusive approach aims to reach women from various communities and provide them with equal opportunities to benefit from the program. 

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Additionally, he announced that the top 80 participants who successfully complete the curriculum will receive a N200,000 seed cash to support the start or growth of their enterprises.

This initiative is not only empowering women with digital skills but also providing them with the financial resources needed to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. It’s an inspiring effort to uplift women and promote economic growth in Lagos State. 

How the Collaborations Can Help In Wealth Development 

According to him, the seed money was meant to provide initial funding for women entrepreneurs, helping them overcome financial obstacles and recognizing their hard work. He also assured interested women that the selection process would be fair and encouraged them to apply through the EDC’s portal or the ministry’s website.

To achieve the goal of wealth development and job creation for young people in Lagos State, Ajigbotafe stressed the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Given the current economic state, he emphasized the need for the government to work with organizations like the MasterCard Foundation and the EDC to equip young people with the skills and knowledge necessary for employment and business development.

He expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to benefit women and the state, while also applauding the EDC for their extensive experience in training and developing young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, he expressed gratitude to the MasterCard Foundation for their dedication and support in transforming Nigerian youth, particularly in the areas of innovation and digital transformation. It’s truly amazing to see such commitment and collaboration!

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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