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Legendary Nokia 3210 Returns with a new look

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Nokia 3210 is about to make an exciting comeback! The European mobile innovator, Human Mobile Device, recently announced the new development. It is an exciting concept as Nokia 3210 was a solid and reliable technology for a whole generation.

Nokia 3210
Nokia Phones

Moreover, the gadget made an unforgettable impact on users who got to use it then. It will be seen as an opportunity to use the modern version of the gadget in this present time. 

Nokia 3210 2024 Makes A Comeback

This resurrection of the legendary 3210 is sure to delight fans of so-called dumbphones, or phones with the bare minimum features. The Nokia 3210 is a phone that marked its era, not only with its attractive price but also with its interchangeable cases, customizable ringtones, and pre-installed games. Moreover, the 2024 version of the Nokia 3210 will have more improved features. 

Nokia 3210 Improved Features

  • Slightly larger color screen: 2.4 inches compared with the original which was 1.5 inches.
  • 2-Megapixel camera 
  • USB-C port for charging 
  • 4G compatible with a microSD card for storage space
  • A long-lasting 1450 mAh2 battery

To preserve its uniqueness, the gadget will still feature the Snake game. Additionally, the Nokia 3210 will be available in three vibrant colors: Y2K Gold, Scuba Blue, and Grunge Black. The device will serve as a digital detox in an internet frenzy world. It is noted that almost four in ten (38%) of 16-24-year-olds spend too much time on their smartphone. This device will ensure the percentage of young ones on the internet is reduced.

A New Trend Ushers In Nokia 3210 2024

Lars Silberbauer, CMO of HMD, said “The Nokia 3210, which is a cultural icon. It is back at the pinnacle of the global dumbphone boom as consumers look to balance their screen time usage with a digital detox.  Also, the Nokia 3210 has simplicity at its core, allowing consumers to be totally present. Forget dumbphones, this is 2024’s fun phone.”

It would seem that the globe is getting tired of entangling with smartphone technologies and is in dire need of detoxing from the digital space. However, the relaunch of the Nokia 3210 feeds into the increasing vogue as growing numbers of young people switch off and embrace the digital detox movement. 

The gadget is certain to convey the nostalgic feelings of the ‘80s and ’90s eras to users. It will ensure a disconnect from digital space and alertness to connect more with their surroundings. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend, or indefinitely, this phone can help you disconnect and take a step back in time. 


As it was back in the day, the Nokia 3210 is a must-have lifestyle and accessory this season. Many potential users will choose it for its robustness and no-nonsense functionality. Also, users will go for it to make a serious style statement.

Finally, Nokia 3210 is for people who want to disconnect from social networks and distractions. Nowadays, switching off from social media has become a real selling point. 

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