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How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria Easily in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Financial Technology has made it easy to send money from Ghana to Nigeria as sending money across borders has become increasingly common in our interconnected world.

How to send money from Ghana to Nigeria easily

For individuals in Ghana looking to send money to friends, loved ones or business associates in Nigeria, going through the process can sometimes seem stressful.

However, with modern technology and the availability of various money transfer services, sending money from Ghana to Nigeria has never been easier or more convenient.

In this article, we’ll check out how to send money from Ghana to Nigeria easily in 2024, highlighting the benefits and considerations of each approach to help you in your transaction decisions and ensure an easy process.

What are Traditional Methods of Sending Money?

Sending money across countries has been a common  practice even before the arrival of modern technologies.

Many years ago and even till our present time, people relied on traditional methods of sending money.

Traditional methods of sending money include banks, money transfer companies like Western Union or even sending cash physically.

What are Drawbacks of Traditional Methods of Sending Money?

Although traditional methods of sending money worked just fine at the time, there were some drawbacks associated with these traditional methods of sending money across borders.

Here are some drawbacks associated with traditional methods of money transfer:

High Fees

Firstly, the high costs of using traditional money transfer methods was one of its key drawbacks.

Then, the amount of money that the recipient received was typically reduced by the increased fees that banks and MTOs charged for international transfers.

Long Processing Times

If there were delays in processing or clearing procedures, traditional money transfers may take days or even weeks to reach the destination.

This can be a problem when there is an emergency and the recipient needs the money immediately.

Restricted Accessibility

In places with little financial infrastructure, like rural areas, not everyone had easy access to banks or money transfer services.

It may have been challenging for people to send or receive money through traditional routes due to this lack of accessibility.

Moving Cash Physically

Sometimes people chose to transmit money across the border by moving cash physically.

Although this approach appeared simple, there were problems involved, like the possibility of the cash being lost or stolen while in transit.

Carrying significant amounts of cash may have also caused issues with border and customs officials.

What are Modern Methods of Sending Money?

The money transfer industry has seen changes due to technological improvements, especially in the fintech sector.

By using modern methods of sending money such as the internet USSD, and mobile financial apps that can be accessed from your phone, or PC.

Digital solutions remove many of the obstacles that come with using traditional methods and enable smooth transactions.

These developments have made financial services more accessible to all. It enables people and organizations to send and receive money with never-before-seen efficiency and convenience.

What are Benefits of Modern Methods to Send Money?

The modern methods to send money from Ghana to Nigeria is very easy and carries numerous perks. Here are some benefits of modern methods of money transfer.

Reduced Fees

One of the biggest benefits of using digital solutions to send money from Ghana to Nigeria is the decrease in costs.

Senders and recipients can save money by using digital platforms. They usually offer better exchange rates and cheaper fees than traditional methods that frequently impose high transaction fees and hidden taxes.

Faster Transactions

Modern methods of sending cash allow money to be transferred almost instantly. It cuts down on the amount of time it takes for money to get to where it’s going.

You can start and finish transactions in a matter of minutes with a few clicks or taps on your smartphone. With this, you do away with the requirement for the processing times connected with traditional methods.

Enhanced Convenience

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of modern methods to send money from Ghana to Nigeria easily, is their unmatched level of convenience.

You can initiate financial transactions whenever and wherever you choose, using your PCs or smartphones.

When it comes to paying bills, doing business transactions, and sending money to family members, digital platforms provide unmatched convenience.

Enhanced Security

Modern methods to send money from Ghana to Nigeria employ state-of-the-art security procedures and encryption methods to safeguard sensitive user data.

The security and integrity of financial transactions are very important to them.

The fraud detection algorithms and integrated security safeguards provide users with peace of mind. Their transactions are protected from fraudulent activity and unauthorized access.

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How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria

As indicated above, the arrival of technological solutions, especially in the fintech sector, has made sending money across countries a breeze, even with the distinct banks’ regulations.

Also, despite the restrictions, sending money across countries can be a very easy process if you follow the right channels and the appropriate methods.

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Overall, here are some seamless ways to send money from Ghana to Nigeria:


Bitnob is a digital payment platform that enables the transfer of money across eight African countries.

According to the fintech company, they offer lower transaction fees and quicker processing times. This makes it a more affordable and convenient option for individuals sending money from Ghana to Nigeria.  

How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria with Bitnob

To get started with the money transfer process, you should download the Bitnob app.

Then create an account and send some money to the account.

Next, you should head over to the home page in the Quick Links section and click on ‘transfer’. 

After that, click on ‘transfer to bank or MOMO’.

The next thing to do is click on currency change and click on ‘the Nigerian Naira’

Indicate the amount you want to transfer and click ‘continue’.

The next line of action is to select the bank of the beneficiary, and fill out the details of the person you intend to send money to.

Then, click on ‘proceed to transaction note’ to add a note for the recipient.

Lastly, you should review your transaction summary, then click on ‘proceed’ to send money from Ghana to a recipient in Nigeria.

Head over to their official website here if you have inquiries or would love to send money to a loved one or client.

ATL Money

ATL Money is an authorised and regulated payment institute whose name is the trading name of AGPAYTECH. Ltd.

With ATL Money, you can send money very fast and seamlessly to over 60 other countries in the world from wherever you are located.

The transaction process is very transparent. Your money will be converted from the Ghanaian cedis to the Nigerian naira with the exchange rate depicted before you proceed.

How to Send Money from Ghana to Nigeria with ATL Money

To get started with the money transaction from Ghana to Nigeria, you should go to the website of ATL Money here and register by creating an account.

Then, you can do this by clicking on ‘register’ at the top right corner of your screen.

After that, go to ‘transfer cash’, enter the amount you want to send, and indicate the country you are sending to.

Next, you enter the details of the person you want to send the money to.

Then, click on the transaction summary, check that all is correct and click on ‘send’.

You can also download the ATL Money app on Google Play or the App Store to send money faster and at a lower rate to people in other countries.

Kinldy go their official website here to carry out further transactions.

Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT) 

According to Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana), the Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT) enables customers and non-customers alike to send funds from their account or in cash to family and friends in Nigeria.

Benefits and Service Requirements of the GTMT

  • GTMT enables account holders and even non- account holders from East and West Africa to send funds through any GT bank branch to a GT bank branch in Nigeria.
  • The money must be sent to the recipient’s account’s first name and surname.
  • The recipient in Nigeria will receive the exact amount of money, there is no fee deducted from the received cash.
  • The money sent from Ghana is immediately received at any bank branch here in Nigeria.
  • The recipient must have an active naira account here in Nigeria to be able to receive the funds.

How to send Money through Guaranty Trust Money Transfer

To use this seamless money transfer option offered by GT Bank, all you have to do is visit any GT Bank in Ghana to initiate the fund transfer.

You can also visit their help center here or call their help desk at +233 302 611 560 for more information.

If you’d like to carry out further transactions, then head over to their official website here.

Access Africa by Access Bank

This is another method through which you can send money from Ghana to Nigeria.

According to Access Bank, AccessAfrica is a payment product designed to simplify Global payments by Person to Person (P2P), Business to Business (B2B), Person to Business (P2B), Government to Person (G2P) and any other payment activities/flows. It enables efficient and effective transfers.

The AcessAfrica payment method allows you to send money in your local currency or in dollars. Also, the person you are sending money to, in Nigeria will receive the money in the Nigerian Naira or dollar (as long as the money is sent in dollars and the recipient has a domiciliary account to receive it in dollars).

This money transfer method is fast, affordable and very convenient.

More Information on AccessAfrica

  • Firstly, the approved means of identification required for the AccessAfrica transaction is your Ghanaian National Identification Card and your Access bank account number, if you are a bank holder.
  • Also, the document required to carry out the transaction is completed AccessAfrica ‘send form’ and your valid means of identification.
  • Then, the document required to receive the money in Nigeria includes a completed AccessAfrica ‘Filled Form’, a valid means of identification, a reference code and a test question and answer.  However, if you, as the sender, indicate an account you want to send the money to, then the recipient does not need to show up at the bank.
  • The AccessAfrica money transfer platform offers different payment methods, such as: cash-to-cash, cash-to-account, account-to-cash and account-to-account payment methods.
  • There is no cost attached for the recipient to receive cash but the sender has to pay a sending fee, which is dynamic.

How to send money using AccessAfrica

You can send money through this AccessAfrica method by visiting any Access bank that is closest to you.

You can also visit their official website here to make further inquiries.

Africash by UBA

According to UBA, Africash is a simple, secured web based platform that allows individuals to send and receive funds across the African continent.

The money transfer process can be initiated or received from any UBA bank branch. The beneficiary in Nigeria can receive the money immediately after the transfer from Ghana.

The process can be cancelled or money refunded (as long as it has not been claimed by the recipient) upon the request of the sender.

The transfer is very secure as it is tied to a reference code and a question/answer test.


To carry out this transaction, the sender has to provide:

  • A valid means of transaction.
  • A reference code the user will provide upon collection.
  • A test question and answer for security
  • The bank transfer details of the sender and receiver.

How to send money using Africash

You can send money to your loved ones or clients in Nigeria by visiting any UBA bank branch close by.

If you would like to make further inquries, then visit their official website here

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The process to send money from Ghana to Nigeria is now more accessible and convenient than ever before, thanks to the wide array of money transfer options available.

Whether you prefer traditional methods like bank transfers and money transfer operators or go for modern digital solutions such as mobile money and online platforms, there are options to suit every need and preference.

By considering factors such as cost, speed, convenience, and security, you can choose the method that best meets your requirements and ensures a smooth transfer process.

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