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How to get an FNB Loan without Payslip

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Getting a personal loan without a payslip can seem daunting, but it’s not impossible.

In recent times, traditional methods of proving income, like payslips, aren’t always available or applicable for everyone.

Whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or have irregular sources of income, there are still options available to secure a personal loan.

In this article, we’ll explore alternative ways to demonstrate your financial stability and increase your chances of approval for a personal loan, even without a payslip.

We will give you detailed information about the FNB personal loan and how to apply for the FNB loan without payslip 

FNB Personal Loan

With the FNB personal loan, you can apply for a personalised credit of up to R360 000 with a personalized interest rate in the shortest possible time.

One perky deal about the personal loan offer is that FNB offers the right credit solution suitable for you, whether it is for planned or unplanned expenditures.

What do you need to Qualify for FNB Personal Loan?

The personal loan is different from other loan types that FNB offers, and it also requires different qualifying criteria.

Here are some qualifying criteria for the FNB personal loan:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for the loan.
  • You must be employed or self-employed.
  • You are a South African resident.
  • Your salary must be paid into your personal account.

What documents do you need to qualify for the FNB Personal Loan?

If you are a customer with First National Bank, then you do not require any document to apply for the personal loan.

No payslip, proof of residence, nothing but then you have to make sure that the following is up-to-date:

  • Your South African green bar-coded ID or your smart ID.
  • You have been receiving consistent, stabilized salary payment into your FNB personal account.
  • Your proof of residence is not older than 3 months.

Note that if your salary changes, you may be required to submit your payslip for the latest three months.

Also, if you are not a customer with First National Bank, you will be required to submit the documents above when you apply for a personal loan.

Perks of the FNB Personal Loan

First National Bank offers some interesting benefits for personal loan accounts with repayment plans that span more than 6 months and have a record of being up-to-date with monthly repayments.

Personalised Interest Rate

FNB personal loans are accompanied by perky personalised loan rates that differ with the loan range. There are two types of interest rates.

Short-term Loan Interest Rate

FNB short-term loans that span between 1 and 6 months have a maximum interest rate that rises by 5% per month.

Long-Term Loan Interest Rate

FNB long-term loans that span between 1 and 66 months have a minimum interest rate of 17.50% and a maximum interest rate of 29.25% per annum. 

Fixed Repayment Plan

FNB personal loans offer fixed minimum repayment plan where you pay a fixed amount for the duration of your repayment period.

You can choose to pay more when you can afford it in order to finish paying your debt faster than estimated.

Penalty Fee

FNB will not charge you any penalty fee if you pay back your loan on time or even before the end of the stipulated repayment time frame.

January Payment Break Eligibility

If you keep your personal loan payment plan up to date, then you are eligible for a January payment break where you can choose not to pay back your loan that month.

There will be no penalty count attached to that but then you can choose to pay back even with the January break so you can finish up payment faster and save up on interest fee.

Credit Life Insurance

FNB attaches credit life insurance to your repayment plan when paying off a long-term loan.

How to Apply for the FNB Personal Loan

You can apply for the FNB personal loan by going to the loan segment of their website here, clicking on ‘Apply now’ and following the prompts to get the loan in a short time.

Apart from their website, there are other ways one can apply for personal loans and they include the following:

  • You can apply for the FNB personal loan via the FNB loan app. You can download the loan app on Google Play, App Store or AppGallery.
  • You can also dial *120*321# and follow the prompts to apply for the loan.
  • Another way you can apply for the loan is to call First National Bank’s help desk at 087 730 5596.  

Personal Loan Repayment Method

 There are different loan repayment methods for personal loans that span over 6 months. Here are some personal loan repayment methods:

  • You can make an electronic transfer to your loan account through the FNB app, online banking, phone banking or at an FNB ATM
  • You can also schedule a fixed loan transfer through the FNB app or via online banking.
  • Another way you can pay your personal loan is to deposit the money into your loan account via any First National Bank branch or ATM stand.


In conclusion, while obtaining a personal loan without a payslip may require some extra effort, it’s entirely feasible with FNB.

By exploring alternative methods to verify your income, such as bank statements, tax returns, or collateral, you can demonstrate your financial reliability to potential lenders.

Remember to thoroughly research your options, compare loan offers, and choose a reputable lender that suits your needs.


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