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Latest on How to Borrow Data on Glo

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Knowing how to borrow data from Glo to stay connected is simple if you are a Glo member. When a user’s data runs out, Glo, one of Nigeria’s top telecom providers, lets them borrow more.

Data is necessary to maintain the functionality of our smartphones, tablets, and other internet-connected gadgets in the fast-paced world of mobile connectivity.

We need data to stay connected, whether we are working remotely or streaming videos. What occurs, then, if we run out of data and require more?

In order to borrow data from Glo, you must fulfill some qualifying standards. Before you may loan data from Glo, there are several restrictions that need to be fulfilled.

You must meet certain requirements in order to qualify, including having a current Glo SIM card that is registered in your name, using the Glo network consistently for at least three months, having a debt of less than ₦100, and having paid off any prior data loans.

After you’ve satisfied the eligibility requirements, you can use Glo data loan services. Let’s examine the several ways to borrow data from Glo.

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What is Glo Borrow Me Data All About?

Globacom, the third-largest network provider in Nigeria, launched a new service called Glo Unlimited Borrow Me Data, which enables qualified users to request data credit when their data bundles are depleted and they run out of airtime to buy more data bundles or in the event that their subscription bundle activation fails owing to a low balance.

In simple terms, Glo Borrow Me Data is a service offered by Glo, a telecommunications provider, allowing eligible subscribers to borrow data when they run out of their existing data balance. 

This service addresses the immediate connectivity needs of users, ensuring uninterrupted access to the internet even when their data balance is insufficient.

Subscribers can utilize Glo Borrow Me Data through various channels, such as USSD codes or the Glo website. The service typically involves a straightforward process where users request a specific amount of data, and the borrowed data is credited to their account instantly. 

Borrowed data is subject to repayment, and users are usually informed about the associated terms and conditions during the borrowing process.

Glo Borrow Me Data is a valuable feature for subscribers who find themselves in urgent need of data but are unable to recharge immediately. It provides a convenient solution to stay connected without disruptions.

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How Much Data can you Borrow from Glo 

Glo, a prominent telecommunications provider, offers users the convenience of borrowing data through its data loan service. 

The amount of data one can borrow from Glo is subject to the specific policies and borrowing plans outlined by the network. Typically, Glo users can access various data loan options that cater to their immediate connectivity needs.

To borrow data from, users often employ USSD codes, mobile apps, or other designated channels. The borrowing limits may vary based on factors such as user history, usage patterns, and the specific data borrowing plan chosen. 

Glo ensures flexibility in its data loan service, allowing users to select the amount of data that aligns with their requirements.

Users are encouraged to review the terms and conditions associated with Glo’s data loan service to gain insights into borrowing limits, repayment mechanisms, and any associated fees. 

By providing this borrowing flexibility, it empowers users to stay connected even when facing temporary data shortages, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. 

How Long will the Glo Data Loan last?

The duration of the Glo data loan, or the validity period for the borrowed data, is a critical aspect determined by Glo’s policies. 

When users borrow data from Glo, they are typically informed about the specific validity period associated with the borrowed data during the borrowing process. The validity period signifies the duration within which the borrowed data remains accessible for use.

The exact duration may vary based on the borrowing plan and the amount of data borrowed. Glo usually communicates the validity period clearly through USSD codes, mobile apps, or SMS instructions, ensuring users are aware of how long they can utilize the borrowed data.

To maximize the benefits of the data loan, users should use the borrowed data within the stipulated validity period. 

Beyond this period, the borrowed data may expire, and users might need to consider additional borrowing or regular recharges to maintain uninterrupted connectivity..

Eligibility Requirements to Borrow Data from Glo

specific eligibility requirements to borrow data from are subject to the network’s policies, which may evolve over time. 

Generally, the eligibility criteria for Glo’s data loan service are designed to ensure fair usage and responsible borrowing. Common factors that may influence eligibility include:

  • Prepaid Subscription: Typically, Glo’s data loan service is available for prepaid subscribers.
  • User History: Glo may consider a user’s history, including past recharges, data usage patterns, and adherence to repayment terms.
  • Account Status: Users with active and in-good-standing accounts are likely eligible to borrow data.
  • Repayment Behavior: Previous adherence to repayment terms, if applicable, may influence eligibility for future data borrowing.
  • Usage Patterns: They might analyze the user’s data consumption patterns to tailor borrowing limits.
  • Age of SIM Card: They considers any user to use the sine for more than 3 months before being eligible to borrow data.

Glo aims to provide a transparent and inclusive borrowing service, ensuring that users meet reasonable criteria to access this convenient connectivity feature.

How to Borrow Data From Glo 

There are several ways to borrow data from. These ways consist of:

1. Using the Glo Café App

2. Using the USSD code

3. Using the Glo website

Let’s go over each of these approaches in more detail:

1. Using the Glo Café App

You can borrow data from via their official app, “Glo Café.” Using the Glo Café app, take the following actions to borrow data:

  • Install the Glo Café app after downloading it from the Play store or app store.
  • Launch the app, then enter your Glo number to log in. 
  • The menu will say “Borrow Data.” Select it. 
  • Decide how much data you wish to borrow. 
  • Verify the transaction.

And that’s it! You have used the Glo Café app to successfully borrow data from. Even when your data runs out, Glo makes it simple for you to access the internet and maintain relationships with your loved ones.

Glo has you covered whether you’re working remotely or streaming your favorite shows.

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2. Using the USSD code

The most often used technique to borrow data from is the USSD code. Use the USSD code to borrow data by doing the following steps:

  • Launch the phone dialer and enter *303# to access your Glo line. 
  • The menu will say “Borrow Data.” Select it. 
  • Select the data bundle based on what you require. 
  • To confirm the transaction, respond to the prompt.

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3. Using the Glo website

On their website, you can access data loans service by following the procedures listed below can be used to borrow data from glo via the website: 

  • Go to www.gloworld.com/ng to access the Glo website. 
  • Select “Borrow Data” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Decide how much data you wish to borrow. 
  • Verify the transaction.

It’s crucial to remember that Glo will charge a service fee and deduct the borrowed amount from your subsequent recharge.

Depending on your qualifying circumstances, the maximum amount you can borrow is limited. There are restrictions when it comes to using data borrowing.

Only when your data balance is depleted can you borrow data, and only if you currently have a data plan in place. 

In addition, the borrowed amount needs to be returned within the allotted time; otherwise, there will be a penalty charge or you won’t be able to borrow the data again.

To find out if you can borrow data from, just dial *303# and choose “Borrow Data” from the options. A message detailing your eligibility and the quantity of data you can borrow will be sent to you.

Glo Borrow Me Data Prices

  • For ₦50, you can borrow 30 MB for a day.
  • For ₦100, you could be able to borrow 60 MB for a day.
  • ₦200 Naira will get you 200 MB of data for five days.
  • You may get 1600 MB of Glo Mobile data from the Glo network for seven days for ₦500.
  • You may get 3200 MB of data for 30 days for ₦1000. So, till you renew your data package, enjoy your Glo data subscription.
  • A data plan of 5GB (4.4GB + 600MB Night*) may be obtained for ₦2000 during a 30-day period.

Note: This new service has fees associated with it. For every loan obtained for data borrowing, you will be assessed an additional 15% of the total transaction price. You can use the night plan bonus from 12 am to 5 am.

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Can I Borrow Data from Glo For Others?

Indeed! If you decide not to share your data with anyone, you can certainly lend data to your close friends and family. This is yet another exclusive bundle that Glo offers to its users.

To utilize this package, just enter the shortcode *777# or *303# and choose from the available options on the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much data can I borrow from Glo? 

Your eligibility and prior use will determine how much data you can borrow on Glo. You can use *303# to find out if you qualify.

How do I return the borrowed data from Glo?

On Glo, the borrowed data will automatically be subtracted from your subsequent recharge. By dialing 3033#, you can also return the borrowed data.

Can I check out data from Glo more than once? 

Yes, provided you have paid back your prior borrowings and are still eligible for additional borrowings, you are able to borrow data from Glo several times.

How can I borrow data from Glo and not pay it back?

Unless you’re prepared to throw away the SIM card, there is no way to borrow data from Glo without having to pay it back. 

How can I borrow data from Glo using Borrow Me Data?

 Dial the USSD code *321# on your Glo line and follow the prompts to borrow data. Alternatively, you can use the Glo website or other designated channels.

Who is eligible to borrow data from Glo?

Generally, prepaid Glo subscribers meeting specific criteria, including active usage and adherence to previous borrowing terms, may be eligible.

Can I borrow data for another Glo subscriber?

Yes, Glo’s loan services are typically designed for individual subscribers but you may share or send your friends data.

How much data can I borrow with Glo Borrow Me Data?

The amount you can borrow may vary based on factors such as your usage history and Glo’s policies. Check the borrowing options provided during the process for specific amounts.

How do I repay the borrowed data on Glo?

The borrowed data is usually automatically deducted from your account during your next recharge. Ensure you have sufficient credit to cover both the borrowed data and any applicable fees.


To sum up, when your data runs out, knowing how to borrow data from Glo is an easy and quick option to stay connected. You can borrow data from Glo using the USSD code, the Glo website, or the Glo Café app by following the easy instructions provided in this article.

In order to avoid penalties, don’t forget to return the borrowed money within the allotted time. Remember that you should only borrow data when absolutely essential and not on a regular basis.

In conclusion, Glo Borrow Me Data offers a convenient solution for Glo subscribers facing immediate data needs. With a user-friendly process accessible through USSD codes and other channels, users can seamlessly borrow data to stay connected even when their balance is low. 

While eligibility criteria, borrowing limits, and repayment terms ensure responsible usage, the service demonstrates Glo’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and providing uninterrupted connectivity.

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