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How to Book STC Bus Ticket online in Ghana 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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When it comes to seamless road travel in Ghana, Intercity STC bus services is one of such organization that opens up a world of road transport ease.

In this digital age, road transportation and the process of booking bus tickets has experienced significant change, offering passengers a streamlined convenient experience.

It is a top transportation company in Ghana.

Picture Source-Intercity STC website

This article will guide you through the seamless steps to navigate how to purchase your STC ticket online comfortably from the comfort of home.

It will also depict STC physical offices, transportation routes and services among others. Before then we’ll answer the question ‘What is Intercity STC bus transportation company about?’

Intercity STC Bus Transportation Company

Intercity STC Bus Transportation Company was established in 1909 as the Government Transport Department to address the transportation needs of the central government.

Also, Intercity STC (ISTC) has undergone a transformative journey which does only involve STC ticket online.

Then, in 1965, it evolved into a corporate body through Legislative Instrument (L.I) number 414 of 9th March 1965 and assumed the name State Transport Corporation (STC), specializing in commercial passenger services.

STC Evolution

Subsequently, in January 1968, a division created to handle the transportation of both dry and wet cargo, was entrusted to STC as a bulk haulage division alongside its passenger services.

Then, the evolution continued with STC’s incorporation in June 1995 as a Limited Liability Company, operating under the name State Transport Company Limited, according to STC’s Companies Act, 1962 (Act 179).

The company experienced further rebranding in October 2003, becoming Intercity STC Coaches Limited.

In a significant move in 2016, over 400 buses were added to their fleet, enhancing operational efficiency.

Overall, beyond facilitating convenient transportation along the Ghana ECOWAS road, Intercity STC Coaches Limited is involved in diverse activities, including courier services, maintenance, and driver training, reflecting its commitment to comprehensive service delivery.

STC Intercity Bus Destination

According to Yen gh, the STC Intercity bus services runs 30 different destinations in Ghana, and here are the locations: 

  • Accra to Abidjan 
  • Accra to Bolgatanga 
  • Accra to Cape Coast 
  • Accra to Cotonou 
  • Accra to Kumasi 
  • Accra to Nandom 
  • Accra to Paga 
  • Accra to Tamale 
  • Accra to Takoradi 
  • Accra to Tarkwa 
  • Accra to Wa Abidjan to Lome Abidjan to Zabre 
  • Abidjan to Kumasi 
  • Bolga to Kumasi 
  • Cape Coast to Bolga 
  • Cape Coast to Tamale 
  • Kumasi to Aflao 
  • Kumasi to Nandom 
  • Kumasi to Tamale 
  • Tarakodi to Bolga 
  • Tarakodi to Tamale 
  • Tudu to AflaoTudu or Kpndo 
  • Tema to Bolga 
  • Tema to Cape Coast 
  • Tema to Kumasi Tudu to Nkwata Tema to Paga Tema to Tamale 
  • Tema to Tarakodi

STC Ticket Online Booking Process

Account Registration

The first step to booking the STC ticket online is registration and sign up.

First, when you visit the STC official website, click on Login/Signup so you can receive bus bookings and other notifications.

Then, when you click on login/signup, your phone number(that is registered with your national ID) will be required.

After you insert your phone number, an OTP then your STC account password will be sent to you via SMS. 

Overall, once you’ve gotten your password via SMS, you can insert the password then click on ‘sign up’ to create your STC account to book your STC ticket online.

STC Ticket Online Proceedure

After creating your STC account, you can then log into the platform. To book STC ticket online, you can follow these procedures:

First, enter your location in the “Traveling From” space

Next, you should also indicate your intended location in the “Traveling to” space.

Then, you insert your ‘destination date’

After that, click on the search button to check out available buses.

If a bus is available on the destination date, it will depict details such as; the bus arrival time, departure time, seats available, bus movement route and the amount per passenger in Ghanaian Cedis with the option to choose preferred seats. 

Once all details has been checked out, click on the “view seats” option, select your preferred seat(s) and proceed to make payments.

The STC bus booking platform receives different payment options such; Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, American Express, and MTN Tigo among others.

Finally, after payments you will receive an email or SMS to complete the bus ticket booking process with STC. 

STC Intercity App

Apart from the STC Intercity Bus website, you can also download and install the app on your phone from Google Play.

Apparently, you can also carry out the bus booking procedures on your STC app, among other related activities. You can also cancel your ticket or contact their customer agent for further assistance or information.

STC Physical Offices

There are STC physical offices around different parts of Ghana, that you can go to for inquiries, and more information. Here are different STC physical offices:

Head Office Accra( Main) 

The STC head office is located at No. 1 Ajuma Crecent opposite Awudome Cemetery

P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road West Industrial Area,Accra 

Contact Details:  0557943605 / 0557943606/0573100375 / 0573100398

Email: info@stc.gov.gh

Kumasi Station

STC kumasi location is at Oforikrom Terminal Workshop and Administration 053100382

You will also find them at Adum Terminal in the central Business District of Kumasi, Kumasi.

Contact Details: 0557943607 / 0573100383 /0573100390

Tudu Station

STC Tudu location is in the heart of the Accra central business district P.O.BOX 7384 Ring Road

right opposite the Kimbu senior high school, Area,Accra. 

Contact Details:  0573100340

Achimota Station

STC Achimota Station is located at No. 1 Ajuma Crecent,  at the New Achimota Lorry Park Area,Accra.

Contact Details: 0245376833 / 05771443799


In Conclusion, Technology has come to stay and will continue to shape all aspects including your travel experiences.

With technology, Intercity STC bus transportation company and its STC ticket online depicts and ensures that securing your seat for road transportation is not only a practical endeavor but also a hassle-free adventure.


Who is the owner of STC in Ghana?

STC is owned by Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT) who took over ownership from the government of Ghana.

How many seats are on a STC bus?

There are 44 seats on a STC bus.

How do I cancel my ticket?

To cancel your ticket, you should log into your account or log on to the STC website to cancel your ticket, you can also return your ticket to them at the bus terminal.


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