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Latest Home Affairs online booking steps 2024 

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Making a reservation makes Home Affairs online booking possible, as well as reducing the home affairs physical branches and avoiding long lines while saving time.

If you want to save yourself from having to wait in a queue when you visit a Home Affairs branch in South Africa, you should know how to make your smart ID application online.

You can visit a branch at a time and date of your choosing if you make an advance reservation. It also implies that you will probably be able to expedite the application process at the branch. 

An easy guide to Home Affairs Online booking for passport and ID card applications are the major points of this article.

What is the Branch Appointment Booking System (BABS)?

Customers can electronically schedule certain services at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) via the Branch Appointment Booking System (BABS).

The fight against lengthy lines is being led by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). We are launching the Branch Appointment Booking System, or BABS, as a result. 

The Branch Appointment System is the only way for customers to schedule an appointment, thus citizens are encouraged to use it. 

In the near future, certain Home Affairs offices will only process applications for smart IDs and passports.

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Home Affairs Online Booking Services 2024

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa provides online booking services for a number of services, including passport applications and renewals, visa and permit applications, and birth, marriage, and death registrations. People can schedule appointments at a convenient time for themselves at a Home Affairs office by using this online system.

In addition to cutting wait times and increasing efficiency, the online booking system aims to make it simpler and more comfortable for individuals to obtain Home Affairs services. On the Department of Home Affairs website, users can access the online booking system, which allows them to make appointments, monitor the progress of their applications, and get alerts and updates.

What are the Required Documents For Home Affairs Online Booking?

  • Birth Certificate:

Your birth certificate in original or certified copy form.

  • Proof of Residence:

A recent utility bill, bank statement, or other official documents proving your present address serve as proof of residence.

  • Photographs:

Colour passport-sized photos that adhere to DHA requirements. Keep in mind that certain Home Affairs offices have on-site picture booths.

  • Fingerprints:

As part of the application process, you will need to get your fingerprints taken at a Home Affairs office.

  • Previous ID:

It might be necessary for you to present your previous ID card or book when applying for a replacement ID.

  • Application Form:

A completed ID application form, usually available online or through the Home Affairs office.

  • Payment:

The cost of the ID application, if applicable. For up-to-date information on fees and payment methods, see the DHA website or get in touch with the department.

Easy guide to Home Affairs online booking for ID card and passport applications

Go to the Home Affairs Branch Appointment Booking System on your device’s browser and take the actions listed below to begin your smart ID application online booking:

Step 1: Enter your identification details

Select the form of identification (passport or ID number), fill in the space with your information, and click “Proceed.” Only those with a passport or South African ID number registered on the Home Affairs system are eligible for the service.

Step 2: Authentication

Enter the names that are on your identity paper, including your last name. In addition, provide your mobile number (an email address is not required). Select “Authenticate.”

Step 3: Select a branch

After your information has been verified by the system, click “Schedule Appointment.” Next, choose the branch for which you want to make a reservation. You can start by selecting your province, then your city. The branches that are open in your city will thereafter be shown by the system. Select the branch of your choice, then click “Proceed.”

Step 4: Choose a service

Selecting the service you want to receive is the next step. Applications for ID cards, passports, collections, and eHomeAffairs are among the available alternatives. After checking the relevant box, select “Confirm.”

Step 5: Select date range

It is now necessary for you to choose a range of potential dates for your appointment. The booking slots that are available within the selected date range will be limited by the system. Select “Find Slots” to continue.

Step 6: Select a booking slot

Select a reservation time slot from the list of alternatives the system provides. One-hour intervals are used to identify the slots (e.g., start time: 12:00, end time: 13:00). Click “Agree” on the COVID-19 declaration after selecting your preferred time slot, and then click “Submit.”

Step 7: Confirm booking details

Your booking details, including names, phone number, appointment branch, booking type, and appointment date and time, will now be displayed by the system. Click “Edit user details” if any information is inaccurate. When they are accurate, select “Confirm.”

Step 8: Finish

Your reference number and a confirmation that your appointment has been successfully scheduled will now appear on the screen. A message via email and SMS including all the information will also be sent to you. Don’t forget to show up at the right branch at the right time and day for your appointment.

Go to the DHA website here to see a list of Home Affairs branches that have implemented the appointment booking system.

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How To Access Home Affairs Online Booking Portal 2024?

Check out the website: 

Enter www.dha.gov.za into your web browser to access the Department of Home Affairs’ official website.

Use the eHome Affairs Portal to get there: 

Search for a connection to the online platform called eHome Affairs, which allows you to schedule appointments and access a number of services.

Establish an Account: 

You must register for an account on the eHome Affairs portal if you haven’t already. Creating a username and password as well as submitting your personal information, such as your ID number, are typically required for this.

Verify Your Account: 

In order to access your account, you might need to enter a one-time PIN that was given to your email or mobile device.


With your username and password, you can access the eHome Affairs portal after creating and verifying your account.

Make an Appointment: 

After logging in, go to the ID applications area and schedule a time and place for an appointment at the Home Affairs office of your choice.

What to do when you Forget your password On dha.gov.za?

  • Go to the official website: Visit the Department of Home Affairs’ official website, which is probably www.dha.gov.za in South Africa.
  • Search for a link that says “Reset Password” or “Forgot Password”: Usually, there will be a password reset option on the login page. This can entail selecting a link labelled “Reset Password” or “Forgot Password.”
  • Enter your username or email address here: Most likely, you’ll need to enter the login or email address connected to your account.
  • Observe the guidelines: After then, the website ought to walk you through changing your password. This could entail responding to security questions, getting an email with a link to change your password, or taking additional actions.
  • Create a new password: Once you’ve followed the instructions and verified your identity, you can create a new password for your account.

What are the Benefits of DHA BABS System?

Some of the benefits of using the DHA BABS system include:


People can schedule appointments ahead of time through the DHA BABS system, which eliminates the need to stand in large lines at Home Affairs offices. Better scheduling and planning are made possible by this time-saving technique.


People can schedule online appointments through the DHA BABS system from the convenience of their homes or from any place with internet access. This makes it unnecessary to make appointments in person at Home Affairs offices.

Improved service delivery

Through the provision of a more structured and effective appointment booking procedure, the DHA BABS system seeks to expedite service delivery. By doing this, the Home Affairs offices may become less crowded, improving customer service and cutting down on wait times for individuals who have appointments.


Depending on the availability of slots, the DHA BABS system allows users to select appointment times and dates that work best for them. Better schedule control is made possible by this, which can assist people in making appropriate travel plans while visiting Home Affairs offices.

Available Offices

GautengPTA Regional Office(Byron)
Western CapeCape Town – Barrack Street,
Eastern CapeLusikisiki
North WestBrits
Jane Furse
MpumalangaEmalahleni (Witbank)
Mbombela (Nelspruit)
Home affairs online booking

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Home affairs online booking

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do we need to book for a public service?

To shorten lengthy lines and wait periods for obtaining passports and smart ID cards at offices. Additionally, this will lessen the possibility of Covid-19 infections spreading to DHA offices. to provide prompt and effective service to citizens.

If I have made a booking, do I need to be serviced with those without bookings?

Following standard internal procedures, those having reservations will be given priority and permitted entry into the office.

What will happen to people who do not have bookings? Will they also be served as ‘walk-ins’?

Yes, they will be served as walk-ins; however, it is best to book ahead so that, if the system is operational, you can be sure that you will receive service on that specific day within your scheduled time slot.

Will the system not be open to abuse, and lead to people skipping the queue under the pretext of having an appointment?

No, because ID numbers will be used to verify clients when they schedule appointments, the booking system will stop agents from illegally blocking slots with the intention of selling them to those in queue. In order to guarantee that every customer is serviced and treated properly, the office manager and supervisors will make sure that the lines are always observed. It is recommended that all customers report agents and those who attempt to sell spots in the queue.

Can I make a booking even if I do not have a South African ID?

No, reservations can only be made by customers with active RSA ID numbers on the system. At present, the booking system provides services for passports and smart ID cards.

If I want to do a death certificate for a deceased person, or apply for a full birth certificate, do I need to make a booking?

No, at this time only applications for passports and smart ID cards are available.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes.  Once a booking confirmation has been received, an appointment may be cancelled. Customers can reschedule or cancel appointments through the system. A client can choose a new date by viewing available appointment slots.

If I know I am no longer going to attend my booked slot, can I give my slot to my friend/ relative?

No. Appointments are not transferable.

Final Thoughts 

To cut down on lengthy wait times at their offices, the South African Department of Home Affairs implemented a system called the Branch Appointment Booking System (BABS). People are being urged to schedule appointments online for things like obtaining a passport or smart ID.

In the future, certain offices will only provide these services to clients who have scheduled an appointment via BABS. The process will be quicker and simpler for those who have appointments because they can use designated counters.

Click on BABS at www.dha.gov.za to schedule an appointment. The Department is attempting to increase efficiency and enhance everyone’s experience, and one method they are doing so is by using this system.

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