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Amazon to Launch an AI-powered Version of Alexa this Year- but it will Cost You

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The e-commerce giant, Amazon is set to launch an AI generative update version of the voice assistant Alexa, in the coming months with new features that redefines smart-home device management but from all indications, it seems this upgraded version will come with a subscription based feature.  

Picture Source- Amazon

According to reports from Business Insider, the internally labeled ‘Remarkable Alexa’ is set to be unveiled to the public as ‘Alexa Plus,’ indicating a probable shift towards a subscription-based model of the voice assistant.

Business Insider also outlines that the introduction of advanced AI features in Alexa Plus hinges on a newly developed large language model (LLM) known as Olympus, necessitating the integration of both legacy and contemporary Alexa technologies.

The upgraded version of Alexa is anticipated to boast exclusive AI features, fostering more natural conversations with the assistant and delivering a heightened level of personalization.

However, the current state of Alexa Plus suggests that the voice assistant is still a work in progress. The ongoing testing phase involves 15,000 individuals, with identified flaws pointing to areas of improvement in Amazon’s revamped voice assistance service.

Despite its current developmental stage, Amazon is reportedly aiming for a launch date of June 30 for the upgraded voice assistant.

Picture Source- Amazon

In September of the previous year, Amazon revealed plans for an upgraded AI-powered Alexa, leveraging a new large language model meticulously designed and optimized for voice interactions.

The focus of this development centers around providing users with real-time information, streamlined smart home control, and an enhanced home entertainment experience, among other exciting features—that they know customers love.

According to Amazon, these new features will be rolling out in the coming months and here are some of the features they indicated:

More Fluid conversations

Engaging in chitchats with Alexa will be more natural and fluid, allowing for seamless conversations across various topics.

Whether delving into details about last week’s dinner episode or discovering a new artist, users can effortlessly transition between subjects before instructing carryout specific instructions.

Notably, customers who will opt for the Visual ID can initiate a conversation with Alexa simply by looking at the screen, removing the need to initiate a wake-up call every time they wish to talk with Alexa.

AIexa for everyone

The latest accessibility features introduced to Alexa are crafted to empower customers facing challenges related to hearing, speech, or mobility disabilities, providing them with enhanced independence to accomplish specific tasks with the AI powered voice assistant.

Alexa Emergency Voice Assistant

In emergency situations, a simple command such as “Alexa, call for help” will activate Alexa Emergency Assist, providing swift, hands-free access to assistance for anyone in your home through a compatible Echo device.

Drawing from Alexa Guard and Guard Plus, Amazon indcated that this comprehensive at-home hands-free safety service includes features like 24/7 Urgent Response, and Emergency Contacts, contributing to the overall safety of individuals at home or when away.

Introducing Character.AI

Character.AI, a new addition in generative AI, has introduced a groundbreaking Alexa Skill. This innovation allows users to engage in human-like voice conversations with over 25 distinct characters.

Whether you’re interacting with helpful personas like trip planners, fitness coaches, or iconic figures, these characters have the capacity to recall previous conversations and tailor their responses to your preferences, ensuring increasingly personalized interactions over time.

Picture Source- Amazon

Meet Splash

Splash, an innovative AI music creation service, is revealing a cutting-edge Alexa Skill that enables users to craft original music effortlessly.

By using voice commands to articulate the desired musical style, you can generate unique compositions instantly.

This hands-free experience encourages limitless creativity, allowing users to explore various song customization options.

Explore With Alexa for Kids

The kids will not be left out when it comes to exploring Amazon’s upgraded Alexa feature, as kids will be able to pose over 25 million questions to Alexa each month!

The addition of “Explore with Alexa” introduces a new and exclusive dimension, ensuring that interactions with Alexa are not only informative but also entertaining and tailored to a kid-friendly context.

Send Email to Alexa

You can leverage Alexa’s assistance in seamlessly organizing your family’s schedule by sending an email, invite, or event photo directly to Alexa via email.

Alexa will efficiently extract the event details, autonomously incorporate them into your calendar, and promptly send you a confirmation.

This will be an invaluable feature for families navigating busy schedules and coordinating numerous events.

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