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Google Takes on Microsoft: Workspace vs. Office

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Google Workspace Vs Microsoft Office: Google Workspace and Microsoft Office are the most popular and commonly used suites of business with tools that offer solutions and enhance productivity. They both aim to offer a solution for easier communication and collaboration.

Both suites are unique, reliable, and offer several benefits to businesses of all sizes. Most businesses can not function efficiently without any of the two. Hence, it is difficult to decide which suite is the best for businesses.

Google Workspace Vs Microsoft Office

However, Google has claimed it is ready to persuade corporations and governments to use its software rather than Office. 

Google Making Best Of A Rival Situation

To achieve this daunting aim, Google released a white paper highlighting its rival’s security lapses. The search engine company also said it was considering launching similar themed social media and advertising campaigns. It seems the company has taken the Google vs Microsoft campaign to the next level.

The statement read: “The repeated security challenges with Microsoft call for a better alternative for enterprises and public sector organisations alike. We believe Google Workspace presents a safer alternative, with a proven track record of engineering excellence, deep investment in advanced defences. What more? We have a transparent culture where providing security for customers is treated as a profound responsibility.”

Google Workspace vs Microsoft Office: Is Google About To Win The Business Suite Battle?

This brings to light the throes Microsoft encounters in securing safety measures against cybercrimes targeting high-rank official emails. Last month, the US Cyber Safety Review Board issued a report highlighting Microsoft’s inability to stop China-linked hackers from hacking into email accounts of US officials last year. 

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The report urged Microsoft to institute efficient reforms to combat the illegal activities of criminals. The company has promised to do so as part of its biggest security overhaul in more than two decades.

Google declared that the Microsoft situation with security measures has made its customers open to switching, and the search engine company has decided to explore the opportunity. 

Google Workspace vs Microsoft Office

According to Denise Wen, Executive Leader at Google, corporate customers said their boards and executives had given them a deadline to stop using Microsoft because they could “no longer sustain the risk”.

She further stated: “We also noted that Google conducted its own security overhaul after a 2009 hack. This was after Chinese-linked attackers breached the company’s servers and gained access to a database containing details of US surveillance targets.”

The timing could be advantageous. The familiarity that comes with using Google tools will make it the most reasonable option to rely on. Especially with the Office price increment and the additional fees on their AI features. It’s a Google vs Microsoft situation.


Jeanette Manfra, Google’s global Risk & Compliance Operational officer, stated it was a great opportunity for Google. This is due to the government agencies reasoning relying on only one business suite for more efficiency. However, she highlighted that Google has to overcome cultural resistance, because many officers who are still new in their roles might shy away from new projects. 

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