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Full List of Winners of Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Award 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The wait is over! The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), Africa’s leading philanthropy empowering young entrepreneurs, has revealed the list of winners of the highly anticipated Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Award 2024.

This year’s cohort will be part of a growing community of more than 19,000 former beneficiaries, who are making history in the African entrepreneurship landscape.

TEF: A Legacy of Empowering Young African Entrepreneurs

From the very beginning in 2015, the Tony Elumelu Foundation has been an advocate for Africapitalism, a philosophy that appreciates the role of entrepreneurs as agents of change in Africa’s social and economic development.

The Foundation has provided support to a mind-blowing 1.5 million young Africans through its flagship TEF Entrepreneurship Programme.

TEF’s commitment is more than financial assistance.

The Foundation offers all-round help, including online training, through its digital platform, TEFConnect.

This platform equips emerging entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and connections to take their businesses forward.

The impact is evident: TEF alumni have together established over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs, creating a wave of growth throughout the continent.

Celebrating the 2024 Cohort

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Award recipients of 2024 constitute the most outstanding intellects and the most innovative ideas that span across all 54 nations of Africa.

Today, being Friday, March 22nd, 2024, at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM WAT, you can catch live streaming of the official announcement of the full list of winners of Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Award 2024.

This virtual event will be a party for Africa’s entrepreneurs and all the opportunities they bring for tomorrow.

What to Look Forward to in the Awards

More than just recognition, the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Award is an eye-opener.

The selected entrepreneur receives a $5,000 seed capital to launch their business ventures which is non-refundable.

They do not walk alone as they also get support through a world class mentorship program as well as business training along with being part of TEF network where they can connect with other entrepreneurs and potential investors.

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Coalition for African Entrepreneurs

Besides honoring the winners of the Entrepreneurship Award, Tony Elumelu Foundation is starting up a project known as Coalition for African Entrepreneurs.

This is an ambitious project which aims at supporting 100,000 young African entrepreneurs (50,000 women) by 2033.

The foundation will focus on fragile states, women’s entrepreneurship and green entrepreneurship, this will show how much the foundation is committed to poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.

African Youth in Better Position for Tomorrow

By developing young African entrepreneurs, Tony Elumelu Foundation is preparing new leaders who can drive change.

The 2024 cohort cuts across a wide variety of sectors, each one tackling its own critical challenge and developing solutions that will make Africa have a brighter future.

From agriculture and technology to health care and education these entrepreneurs are set to redefine Africa’s economic frontiers.

Stay Tuned!

Join the online announcement today to witness the revealing of the full list of winners of Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Award 2024.

Their achievements are our pride and we look forward to the bright future of Africa.

Let’s stand by these young entrepreneurs who are turning their dreams into reality and creating a more prosperous Africa for all.

The Full List of Winners of Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Entrepreneurship Award 2024

This year, 1,114 entrepreneurs from 54 African countries were selected to receive seed capital of $5,000 each, alongside mentorship and business training.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is a philanthropic organization committed to empowering African entrepreneurs and driving economic development on the continent.

Their annual entrepreneurship program is one of the largest of its kind in Africa.

Check out the list of awardees in the video below

Live streaming of TEF Selection Announcement
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