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ExTwitter CEO, Jack Dorsey partners with Chipper Cash to Expand his Payment Platform in Africa

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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TBD Partners With Chipper Cash: TBD, a digital payment platform, has declared it would integrate Chipper Cash with its tbdex protocol. This new development will power cross-border payments. It will also decentralize identity use for individuals and businesses in the African region.

TBD Partners with Chipper Cash

With decentralized identity, TBD is reinventing the account model of the internet to empower people to own their identities. Also to unlock access to financial services, and regain privacy & control over how their personal data is used.

The new collaboration with Chipper Cash will accelerate global cross-border payments. The partnership will also allow the newest business unit of the company formerly known as Square to grow its network of countries on the continent to 40. 

TBD Partners with Chipper Cash 

TBD was founded by Mike Brock, and co-founded by Jack Dorsey, who’s known for founding Twitter. The firm was created to drive financial access to individuals, businesses and payment platforms.

Chipper Cash which is based in San Francisco has onboarded over 5 million customers to move funds in 21 African countries. TBD allowing payments in digital assets appeals to young people in the continent as inflation surges in some countries. 

Maijid Moujaled, president and co-founder of ChipperCash, said: “At Chipper Cash, we’re excited about the potential of tbDEX to revolutionize remittance flows into Africa.”

TBD Partners with Chipper Cash To Bridge Global Payment Gap

Mike Brock, CEO of TBD, said: “We are laser-focused on building out the tbDEX ecosystem in Africa. Also, adding Chipper Cash to our growing network will help to accelerate our work on global cross-border payments and decentralized identity.”

According to Brock, an outstanding feature of TBD from competitors is its access to digital assets. Customers can leverage the platform to transfer cryptocurrencies directly to the recipient wallet or convert them to local currency. It makes transactions easier and faster. Also, recipients can hold the direct value in Bitcoin (BTC), stablecoin, or dollars. The platform bridges the gap between traditional and modern methods of payment.

The partnership also aims to reduce the cost of remittances on the continent. The firms emphasized that the collaboration would explore ways to empower small companies while deepening financial inclusion.

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