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dKilo, Egyptian adtech Startup, Raises $3.2 Million in Seed Funding

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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dKilo, an Egyptian ad tech startup, raises 3.2 million dollars in funding from Upturn Ventures and Revival Labs. The funding was in the form of equity and financing and is to be used for the expansion of ad tech solutions for the betterment of the Saudi advertising industry.


How Did dKilo Start? 

The startup was founded by Mohammed Mousa and Sheriff Abdelaty in 2020. dKilo offers all kinds of great services and technologies that help to accelerate business growth and optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

This recent funding from Upturn Ventures will likely be used to fuel their growth, reach more businesses, and further enhance their ad tech solutions.

It was created with the mission to help brands grow to their full potential by advertising them to the right set of audiences; they do this expressively and engagingly to attract customers.

They also help their collaborators earn a passive income on the platform. This platform further creates opportunities for more innovations for the collaborators.

What dKilo Offers 

Some of what dKilo offers include programmatic advertising, which uses automated technology to optimize ad placement and targeting. It identifies specific audiences and creates the access needed to get to them. Here, machine learning and algorithms are used to get the correct data needed for successful targeting. This is cost-effective as it gives businesses the results they want.

The startup also provides data management platforms, which help businesses collect data, analyze it, and utilize it for more targeted advertising strategies. It is an efficient way for businesses to get in touch with their potential customers. 

The startup also offers real-time bidding solutions. This allows bidders to bid on ad inventory. This function ensures effective ad placement. The advertising platform has made it possible not to shoot blanks when it comes to advertising for businesses.

What The Funding Will Be Used For 

With the funding, dKilo plans to further advance how brands and businesses interact with their customers on the platform. While doing this, it revolutionized the advertising industry by making it more efficient and effective. The funding also gives the startup the resources to research and develop its ad tech solutions, which will place them at the forefront of their niche. 

They also get the opportunity to expand their team, hire more professionals, and upgrade their operations. It is a step toward more opportunities: explore new markets and partnerships.


One of the markets they have in mind is Nigeria, there are great potentials to be explored by dKilo and it won’t be missing out on that. This action will make dKilo an advanced ad company that has the necessary tools to combat any challenges faced.

The Egyptian ad tech startup will be focusing on developing the functions they offer: targeting advertising strength, data management, and other innovations to give more efficient and effective advertising solutions to consumers. 


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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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