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Detailed Steps to Applying for Nigerian Passport Online 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In the era of digital convenience we live in, obtaining essential documents has become so seamless that you can do it online, from the comfort of your home, and the acquisition of the Nigerian passport has recently joined this ongoing digital evolution.

The Minister of Interior, in an interview with Channels TV, indicated that the Nigerian Immigration Service has launched a Nigerian passport application portal online that seeks to make the Nigerian passport application process seamless in 2024 through automation.

Nigerian Passport: Picture Source: Henley & Partners

The minister asserted that the new development is one where an individual does not have to spend a whole day on the Nigerian passport proceedings.

Also, he indicated that the solution to the passport crisis is almost done, and the Nigerian passport application portal for the collection of Nigerian passports is the first phase in the development process.

Then, the second phase is for those in diaspora who want to apply for the Nigerian passport, which will be ready on February 8th.

Nigerian Passport Application Portal

The third phase, which involves contactless biometrics, will be ready by March 8th. No physical visit is required; fill in the address, and the passport will be delivered.

During the interview, the minister indicated that the automated application system was nearly complete. The process would involve uploading passport photos and supporting documents.

He further mentioned that individuals applying for 32-page passports with a five-year validity in Nigeria would be charged N35,000. For those opting for 64-page passports with a 10-year validity, the fee would be N70,000.

The Minister asserted that a user-friendly experience is very important; hence, the application process should not take more than 5 minutes. 

The Nigerian Passport application portal is up, and this article will guide you through detailed steps in the application process.

Nigerian Passport Application Process

To begin the application process in the Nigerian passport application portal, click on this link: https://passport.immigration.gov.ng/ which will lead you straight to the Domestic passport Application Portal.

When the portal comes up, an important notice will pop-up with two click-on buttons: “continue” and “Apply from outside Nigeria,” which will also indicate that the portal section is for applicants applying within Nigeria; therefore, if you are applying from Nigeria, click on ‘continue’.

  • When you click on “continue,” it will take you to a new section with different options. Click on “Fresh Passport Application”
  • Then, it will take you to another section tagged “NIN Verification for Fresh Passport Application” . There are different columns; insert your NIN number and your date of birth, then click on Verify.
  • After clicking on the ‘verify’ button, your personal details, retrieved from your NIN will be displayed on your screen. If all the information is correct, then go ahead and click the ‘confirm and continue’ button below.

Application Form

Step 1: Passport Type
  • After clicking on the ‘confirm & continue’ button, the process will lead you to a 6-step application form process.
  • Throughout the process, a reference number will be provided. Keep it safe, as you’ll use this reference to track your application.
  • The first step is called “Passport Type” where you will indicate your processing state, processing office, and the type of Nigerian passport booklet you want. 
  • Next, your passport booklet fee will be generated. Click on ‘save & edit’ then ‘continue’ to move on to the next step of the passport application process. 
Step 2: Passport Photograph
Step 3: Personal Details

Once your passport photograph is uploaded to the Nigerian passport application portal, insert personal details like marital status and occupation.

Keep in mind that certain details, like names, date of birth, state of origin, and gender, cannot be edited online. Corrections require a visit to the Immigration Center.

Step 4: Contact Information

After you’ve entered personal details in the Nigerian passport application portal, provide contact information, including home town, state of origin, and addresses.

Step 5: Next of Kin Information

The next step in the six-step process is to present information about your next of kin. Details such as name, relationship, and address, among others, will be required. 

Step 6: Upload Supporting Documents

Finally, the sixth step in the application process requires additional documents from you. Before you proceed, there will be an indication to upload documents that are correct and readable to avoid rejection.

You will upload your birth certificate issued by the NPC, or Declaration of Age from the High Court.

Your local government certificate will also be required, along with a page from your non-Nigerian passport if you have one. The first two requirements are important.

Ultimately, after uploading all documents to the Nigerian passport application portal, you will have to confirm that all documents are genuine, make payments, and reserve a date for biometric capture. Then you can start tracking your Nigerian passport application status.


Conclusively, one cannot help but commend the efforts of the NIMC in making the Nigerian passport application process seamless.

Recall that according to the Henley Passport Index rankings, the Nigerian passport with the 95th ranking position is one of the least powerful passports in the world.

It’s truly a positive development and a significant stride in upgrading the Nigerian immigration system, which has faced challenges globally.

Perhaps the recent move of the NIMC will boost the global ranking of our passport.


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