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Change or correct your NIN details with the NIMC Self-service in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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NIMC, National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria has created a self service portal. The portal allows the modification of NIN details.

NIN details

Previously, correcting mistakes in NIN details was taxing, and visits to the NIMC offices were required. With the new development, all modifications can be done from your home.

The modification ranges from changing names to updating house and phone details. It is super convenient and easy.
However, without careful attention to documentation and guidelines, you can make mistakes.

NIN Number Compulsory for Nigerians.

NIN is a compulsory form of identity and it is a must-have for every Nigerian. The identity number is needed for all banking transactions and SIM registration. The Federal Government of Nigeria laid emphasis on its significance by blocking SIMs that were not registered with the number.

The importance of NIN numbers has caused Nigerians to flock to the NIMC office to register or correct their details. However, with the NIMC self-service, all issues can be resolved faster, with fewer headaches. 

Step by Step Guide On how To Modify Your NIN Data

  • Login to https://selfservicemodification.nimc.gov.ng/
  • Click on Register if you are not registered or Login if you have an account
  • You will be requested to fill in your NIN, last name and email once you’ve logged in
  • This will lead you to where you can modify your details. 

NIN Change Details Options

Change of Date of Birth Details:

This can only be changed once. To change, you have to provide an NPC birth certificate. A payment for the change will be requested. The amount needed to effect the change is NGN 16,340.

Change of Name on Your NIN

This can be changed only three times on the self service portal. To effect a name change on the self-service platform, you need a court affidavit and government-issued identification displaying your full name. A change of name due to marriage needs a valid marriage certificate and a newspaper update.This change cost a token of NGN 1522.5.

Change of Phone Number

Also, this can be changed only three times on the self service portal. After the three modifications, it can only be changed at the NIMC office. Users are required to submit a police report indicating the phone number to be updated. Also, this costs a token of NGN 1522.5

Change of Address 

Users are required to provide either a utility bill, tenancy agreement, bank statement, or a community leader’s attestation. This costs NGN 1522.5.

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Abdullahi Kafayat

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