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Canal+ Makes an Offer to Buy Multichoice for $2.9 Billion

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In a significant move that could reshape the African pay-TV landscape, French media conglomerate Canal+ has upped its offer to acquire South African pay-TV operator Multichoice Group Ltd. for $2.9 billion.

This revised offer, representing a 19% increase from the initial proposal of $2.4 billion, signifies Canal+’s strong desire to secure complete ownership of Multichoice.

Moreover, if the deal is successful, it would see Canal+ gain a foothold in Africa’s rapidly growing media market, while Multichoice shareholders would receive a significant payout.

The offer comes as Canal+ seeks to expand its global reach and diversify its revenue streams.

The company, which is owned by French telecom giant Vivendi, has been investing heavily in content production and distribution, and the acquisition of Multichoice would give it a significant presence in Africa.

Multichoice, which is based in South Africa, operates in 50 countries across the continent, with a subscriber base of over 19 million.

The company has been a dominant force in the African pay-TV market for decades, and its acquisition by Canal+ would give the French company access to a large and growing audience.

Previous Offer Rejected by Multichoice

Earlier in February 2024, Canal+, already holding a 35% stake in Multichoice, made a non-binding offer of $2.4 billion, which was ultimately rejected by Multichoice’s board.

Unfortunately, the board deemed the initial offer undervalued, failing to reflect Multichoice’s true worth and future potential.

This triggered a regulatory intervention from a South African panel, mandating Canal+ to extend a formal offer to all Multichoice shareholders.

New Offer Granted Exclusivity

Following the regulatory decision, Canal+ submitted a revised offer of $2.9 billion, translating to 125 rand per share.

This significant increase aims to address the concerns raised by Multichoice’s board and potentially entice shareholders to accept the acquisition.

Notably, the new offer of $2.9 billion has secured a period of exclusivity, granting Canal+ the sole right to negotiate with Multichoice for a specific timeframe.

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Multichoice Shareholders in Focus

The onus now falls upon Multichoice’s shareholders to carefully consider the revised offer.

However, while the increased price tag offers a considerable financial incentive, some key aspects remain under scrutiny.

The potential impact on the company’s future strategy, its brand identity, and its long-term value for its subscribers are crucial factors for shareholders to weigh.

Uncertainties and Potential Benefits

The potential acquisition raises several questions about the future of both companies.

Canal+ has expressed its ambition to leverage Multichoice’s strong presence in Africa to expand its own reach on the continent.

However, concerns linger regarding potential job losses, changes in content offerings, and the overall impact on the competitive landscape of African pay-TV.

Looking Ahead: Scrutiny and Negotiations

The coming weeks will be crucial for both parties as Multichoice shareholders engage with the offer and engage in discussions with Canal+.

Also, regulatory bodies are expected to scrutinize the deal to ensure it complies with competition regulations and safeguards the interests of consumers.

The final outcome of this proposed acquisition will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of pay-TV in Africa, and all eyes are on the decisions made by Multichoice’s shareholders and relevant regulatory bodies.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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