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Zash Loan Limit in Kenya

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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So, you want to take a loan, but are you unsure what the Zash Loan limit in Kenya is? Rest assured, that is what this guide is for. In recent times, mobile loan apps have been trending in many countries, and that is because of the ease of access that they offer.

Unlike traditional loan givers, who often request excessive paperwork and arduous formalities, mobile loan apps bring in expediency to operation.

This is why they have garnered substantial recognition over the years. Many of these loan apps will not request collateral from you, which is one of the criteria that gets people disqualified in the case of traditional loan applications.

You need a loan, and that is why you are here. In this piece, we will examine the Zash Loan limit in Kenya and other useful information that concerns the application for the loan service.

What about the Zash Loan App?

The Zash Loan app is a mobile loan app that is available to all Kenyans. They offer loans of up to KSh 50,000 within 1 minute on a mobile phone.It is one of those apps that has a transparent interest rate and borrowing fee and no hidden costs.

The Zash Loan app gives borrowers ample time to repay their loans. The application for its loan service is also easy, as it requests only a few requirements. Also, it is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya as a trusted lender.

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What Makes the Zash Loan Standout?

In this section, we will examine the qualities that distinguish the Zash Loan app from its counterparts.

  • It does not require a credit record in its loan application
  • Kenyan residents between the ages of 18 and 60 with a stable source of income can apply online anytime and anywhere.
  • The expediency of its operations is outstanding.
  • One can apply and receive money in one’s M-PESA account in minutes.

What is the Zash Loan Limit?

What is the Zash Loan Limit in Kenya?

Every mobile loan app has its own loan limits. This limit ranges from app to app. In this section, we will examine the Zash loan limit for all eligible candidates in Kenya. The Zash loan can be used to cater to a variety of needs.

As long as you meet the loan requirements and your loan is approved, you can spend the funds on whatever purpose you have taken the loan for. But does that mean you can take billions of Kenyan shillings? Absolutely not! So, what is the Zash loan limit?

The minimum amount of loan you can obtain through the Zash Loan app is KSH800, and the maximum amount is KSH50, 000. Furthermore, the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the Zash loan is 25% per year.

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How to Download the Zash Loan App

Before you can access the services offered by the Zash Loan app, you will need to have the app on your device. Follow these steps to download and install the Zash Loan app:

  • Navigate to your list of app collections
  • Open the official app store (e.g., Playstore) on your device.
  • You will see a search bar on the homepage of the store.
  • In the search bar, enter the word “Zash Loan app” to search for the app.
  • It should load instantly if you have a strong connection.
  • Click on the Zash Loan app in the list of apps fetched from the search.
  • Click on download
  • Lastly, click on install. As soon as it’s installed, you will have the Zash app on your device.

The next thing you want to do is apply for the Zash Loan app, but what are the requirements? Check the next section for details.

What Are the Loan Application Requirements?

To apply for the Zash loan, you need to have ready, the following:

  • Personal Information: This includes your first name, last name, ID card number, legal ID number, gender, date of birth, marital status, education level, place of residence, detailed address, and an optional email.
  • Income Information: This includes your type of work, monthly income, company name, position, and company phone.
  • Emergency Contact Information: This involves a few list of your emergency contact phone numbers and your relationship with them.

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Hot to Apply for the Zash Loan

To apply for the Zash loan, follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your device
  • Grant the app necessary permissions
  • Register an account with your M-PESA mobile number
  • Select the loan amount you want to apply for.
  • Fill in your basic information and also upload the front and back of your ID photo.
  • Submit the loan application. If your application is approved, you will get an SMS to notify you.
  • Once approved, the loan amount you opted for will be sent to your M-PESA registered account.

Make sure to repay your loan on time. Failure to do so attracts a daily 2% fee for the first 15 days and a 3% daily fee for the subsequent 15 days.

How to Repay Zash Loan Through M-PESA and Bank

According to a resource obtained from Money365.co.ke, you can repay the loan by following these steps:

Via Mpesa

  1. Go to Mpesa on your Phone and select Lipa na Mpesa
  2. Choose the paybill option
  3. Enter the paybill number 733555
  4. Enter your phone number as the account number.
  5. Enter the amount you are repaying
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  7. Confirm that all the details are correct, then click OK.

Via Bank

You can transfer or deposit the loan amount to the following bank details: 

  1. Account Name: Lui Bo
  2. Account number: 2041217491
  3. Bank Name: Barclays Bank Of Kenya Limited
  4. Branch Name: QUEENSWAY HOUSE
  5. Short Code: 03094

Hopefully, you have been equipped with the requisite knowledge regarding the Zash Loan and the Zash Loan limit in Kenya. Kindly leave a comment if you find this piece useful. For access to more contents like this, follow us on X or Twitter, @SilicoAfriTech.

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