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VMS Bridge Programme Announces 10 Egyptian Startups as Winners of its First Edition

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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The VMS Bridge Programme, a joint initiative between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, has announced the ten winners of its first edition.

The programme, which aims to support and accelerate the growth of startups in Egypt, received a total of 350 applications from all over the country.

VMS Bridge Programme Announces 10 Egyptian Startups as Winners of its First Edition

The ten winning startups were selected based on their innovative ideas, market potential, and ability to scale.

They will receive a package of benefits, including access to funding, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities with potential investors and partners.

A Range of Prizes to Fuel Startup Success

The VMS Bridge Programme offered an assorted prize structure to adapt to the particular requirements of involved startups.

Five of the winning companies – Amanleek, Farhy, Sprints, Career180, and Jamaykaa—were awarded an esteemed four-day visit to Saudi Arabia.

Such an immersion experience will avail them myriad valuable opportunities to connect with potential Saudi investors as well as explore the limitless investment landscape within the Kingdom.

Essential for locking funds that would enable their businesses move towards the next level are these personal meetings.

Empowering Innovation Through Business Licenses

The program realized the importance of navigating the regulatory environment to expand business.

Hence, Notchnco and Neqabty, two standout startups from Rally Entrepreneurship Accelerator, were given free licenses to operate in Saudi Arabia.

This serves to eliminate a key barrier that is often encountered by companies wishing to enter new markets.

Notchnco and Neqabty, having received these licenses, are now able to operate efficiently within Saudi Arabia, thereby enabling them concentrate on their core business processes, such as customer acquisition.

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Sustainability and Social Impact Take Center Stage

The increasing concern about the environment and society’s welfare is being noted in the starting business landscape by the VMS Bridge Programme.

AgriCash, ReNile and ICareer are the three companies, among others, that won in relation to their commitment to such key areas.

This vital social influence in support has been given by Arweqah to these initiatives.

In addition, this endowed them with an opportunity for their respective projects because they will access free training facilitated by Arweqah organization.

Indeed, this particular training has been made specifically for these startups that are led by purpose, as it inculcates skills and knowledge that would allow them make more positive contributions to society and hence be sustainable while still earning enough money for themselves.

A Catalyst for Broader Collaboration

The Entrepreneurial Bridge between VMS Egypt and Saudi Arabia is significant.

Through the program, there is a promise of sharing ideas, getting great returns on investments and getting some tips on how to go about business life in general; Entrepreneurs will make new friends there; they can buy stuffs from both countries and use their products, respectively because they are partners now, thanks to the program.

The fact that some tangible things have been established in this edition means that similar programs could be set up later—it invariably means that we shall have lots of creative startups from Egypt that will easily thrive in Africa as well as beyond.

Helping these ten Egyptian ventures grow would be a major achievement made possible by this program.

From introductions of investors to assisting with regulations; different areas such as social impact training and all these combined are covered under the VMS Bridge Programme.

In so doing it provides them with all necessary tools and resources for survival even if there are others competing against them out there who do not share similar beliefs in intellect nor aspirations regarding business.

Allowing these potential economic drivers flourish could bring positive change not only to individual businesses but also ensure that a stronger more effective system for starting up new private companies is developed both in Egypt and its neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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