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Visa Announces a $2.5 Million Grant Contest for Female Entrepreneurs in Kenya

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Kenya is booming with opportunities and Visa, a digital payment, has declared its interest in the country. Visa has launched its She’s Next global advocacy program in Kenya. The Visa grant competition program represents the company’s efforts to create an inclusive and comfortable world where businesswomen can flourish and thrive.

Visa grant

She’s Next aims to support women-owned small businesses through funding, training, and mentorship.

Visa Grant Competition Open To Women In Kenya

The opportunity is open to women entrepreneurs from all sectors, and they can apply for a grant, which is up to KES 2.5 million. The top successful applicants also receive access to training and capacity-building sessions. 

During the announcement of the grant, Corine Mbiaketcha-Nana, the Vice President and General Manager of East Africa at Visa highlighted the importance of the roles women play in the economic growth of the nation. 

She said: “The women in our lives play a key part in the growth of our homes. Also, they play a big part in the growth of our country’s economy. It is with this in mind that Visa is partnering with Hand in Hand Eastern Africa to empower women business owners”.

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Benefits of The Visa Grant Program

The She’s Next program will also foster financial health through money education and increasing access to group banking. The Visa grant program also gives access to formal financial services. Additionally, Visa is investing in Hand in Hand’s IT infrastructure to support digital program data and collection. This will be scaled across all 23 of Hand in Hand Eastern Africa’s field offices.

The initiative is part of Visa’s broader commitment to support women’s economic empowerment. This vision is expanding to include additional access to education, tools, services, and networks. All these empower women everywhere, from the smallest micro-businesses to established small businesses around the globe. 

Patricia Okelo, Co-founder of Kayana Create, stated: “As the capacity-building partners of She’s Next Kenya, Kayana Create is delighted to be partnering with Visa. With this partnership, we plan to unlock the potential of female entrepreneurs. The initiative is in line with our strategy to support and empower talented women entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.  Also, help create new opportunities by building a vibrant community of women business owners with a focus on collaboration and capacity building.”

Effect of The Program on Kenya 

Visa has continued to lead initiatives that unlock the socio-economic barriers women face. The digital payment platform has continued these initiatives, especially in the business sector.  Consequently, contributing towards inclusive economic development globally.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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