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TymeBank Expands to 172,000 Spaza Shops

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In a move that will significantly improve access to cash for millions of South Africans, TymeBank has announced a strategic partnership with Flash

This collaboration enables TymeBank clients to conduct cash withdrawals at spaza shops across the nation. 

The partnership acknowledges the continued prevalence of cash as a primary mode of payment in South Africa, despite the growing adoption of digital transactions.

TymeBank Expands to 172,000 Spaza Shops

Boosting Financial Inclusion through Spaza Shops

The alliance between TymeBank and Flash represents a major milestone for financial inclusion in South Africa. 

With a vast network of over 172,000 spaza shops scattered throughout the country, TymeBank customers will now benefit from a broader and more convenient cash access network. 

This is particularly advantageous for individuals residing in areas without conventional bank branches or ATMs.

USSD-based Vouchers: Facilitating Cash Withdrawals for All

The new partnership offers TymeBank customers the ability to withdraw cash using a voucher generated through USSD on a basic feature phone. 

This is a critical aspect considering that a substantial portion of the South African population continues to rely on basic phones. 

The USSD-based voucher system eliminates the requirement for smartphones, ensuring that everyone has access to their TymeBank accounts regardless of their device.

TymeBank CEO Emphasizes Financial Inclusion for All

TymeBank CEO Coenraad Jonker expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership, highlighting its significance in providing inclusive financial services to all South Africans. 

He stated, “We are thrilled about this collaboration with Flash as it empowers us to further our mission of making banking accessible to everyone in South Africa. By leveraging Flash’s expansive network of spaza shops, we are making it easier for our customers to access their cash, irrespective of their location or smartphone ownership.”

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Financial Inclusion: A Positive Ripple Effect

The partnership between TymeBank and Flash is a welcome development for financial inclusion in South Africa. 

It grants millions of people a more convenient and accessible way to manage their cash. 

This is particularly beneficial for the unbanked and underbanked populations who traditionally rely on cash for everyday transactions.

By enhancing accessibility to banking services, TymeBank and Flash are actively contributing to the advancement of financial inclusion in South Africa. 

This will have a positive cascading effect on the entire economy by enabling more people to participate in the formal financial system.

Conclusion: A Significant Step Forward

The collaboration between TymeBank and Flash represents a significant step forward in South Africa’s journey towards financial inclusion. 

It will make cash withdrawals more convenient for millions of people and contribute to the promotion of financial inclusion for all South Africans.

Additional Notes

  • Cash withdrawals via spaza shops incur a fee of R7 per transaction, which is cheaper compared to ATM withdrawals.
  • To initiate a withdrawal, customers can generate a voucher code by dialing *120*543# on their USSD service.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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