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Top 10 Websites to Learn Python in 2024

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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If you’ve ventured into the tech world and are eager to learn computer programming with Python, you’ve made a great decision. While the abundance of resources can be overwhelming, having a curated list of excellent sources is beneficial. This helps streamline your learning journey, reducing the hassle of deciding which resources to use by providing a clear guide.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of resources to assist you in learning Python, catering to both visual learners and those who prefer reading. Before delving into the website recommendations, let’s first clarify what Python is all about and get that out of the way.

What is Python?

To initiate our definition, I’ll assume you have no prior knowledge of programming or programming languages. This ensures that this article doesn’t become another source of confusion in your learning journey. Let’s commence by defining what programming is.

But first, What is Programming?

Programming is the act of instructing your computer on how to behave. Essentially, when you engage in programming, you are guiding your computer to act according to your preferences within a defined sphere. By “sphere,” I mean a specific domain and for a particular use case.

Take creating a game as an example. When you program, you specifically instruct your computer on the actions it should take in the context of game development. Despite this specialization, your computer remains versatile and can perform other tasks, such as aiding you in document creation with Microsoft Word or playing music—each considered a distinct sphere by your computer.

In the case of a game, you express commands using a language understood by you, the computer, and anyone familiar with that language. Once you enter the realm of the game, the computer adheres to the rules you’ve defined within that specific gaming context. This encapsulates the essence of programming: teaching your computer how to behave.

Origin of the Python Programming Language

Now, onto our language of choice—Python. It’s important to note that, in this context, Python doesn’t refer to a snake. Instead, it was named after the comedy group that Guido Van Rossum, the language’s creator, was a fan of.

Let’s address the question of what Python is definitively. Python is a dynamically typed language that bears similarity to English, allowing us to provide instructions to our computer. In the context of dynamic typing, there’s no need for explicit declarations of data types such as integers, decimals, or strings of letters and words.

Where Can You Take Python Courses?

If you enter “python courses” in Google’s search bar, you’ll be inundated with numerous results listing various websites offering the course. However, this article aims to provide clarity, so I’ll curate a list of the top 10 websites where you can learn Python for free. Are you ready?


At the top of this list is FreeCodeCamp, established in October 2014 by Quincy Larson. This platform serves as your primary destination for a wide range of programming topics, including Python courses.

FreeCodeCamp provides courses that cover a spectrum of Python applications, from Data Analysis and Data Science to Web Development, Data Structures, and Algorithms. The best part is that all these courses are entirely free, allowing you to gain a solid understanding of core computer science concepts without spending a dime or leaving the comfort of your home, as everything can be completed online.

Beyond Python, FreeCodeCamp offers courses in other programming languages like JavaScript, making it a versatile choice, especially for those interested in web development.

This website has played a pivotal role in assisting thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of individuals and millions in launching careers in Python programming. Many have successfully secured high-paying jobs within the tech industry through the resources and education provided here. I personally recommend it.


Next on the list is Codecademy, a platform similar to FreeCodeCamp. Codecademy provides courses with a strong emphasis on Python. Similar to FreeCodeCamp, all you need to access courses on this platform is to sign up with your email and password, granting you exposure to a variety of courses.

Millions of individuals have successfully built prosperous careers by following tutorials on Codecademy, making it a valuable resource for those looking to excel in Python and beyond.


Ranking third is GeeksForGeeks, a comprehensive platform offering a diverse range of Python courses. From utilizing Python in web development through Django and Flask to delving into data science and data analysis using libraries like Pandas and NumPy, this website covers a broad spectrum.

GeeksForGeeks doesn’t stop there; it provides in-depth coverage of data structures and algorithms. Exploring this website is akin to having an entire house if the others, metaphorically speaking, can be considered rooms.

In essence, GeeksForGeeks can be aptly labeled as your one-stop shop for everything related to Python.


Securing the fourth position is Edureka, a website that provides an extensive range of Python courses spanning from web development to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Whether your interests are inclined towards constructing web applications in Python or delving into the realm of programming the next Natural Language Model, Edureka offers hands-on courses to guide you through these endeavors.


For those skeptical about entirely free courses, perhaps due to concerns about completeness, Udemy claims the fifth spot on this list. While Udemy does offer paid courses, a thorough search on the platform can lead you to free courses that align with your interest in learning Python.


Claiming the sixth position on the list is Coursera, a platform offering paid Python courses. Similar to Udemy, Coursera also provides free Python courses taught by top educators and professors from prestigious universities worldwide. Rest assured, with Coursera, your Python learning journey is in capable hands.


Seizing the seventh position is W3School, akin to a Swiss-army knife in the realm of Software Engineering. This platform goes beyond covering a little bit of everything; it delves deeply into various courses, including Python. Utilizing W3School as your guide in your Python journey in 2024 is likely to be a substantial service to your learning endeavors.


Occupying the eighth position on the list of websites where you can learn Python is RealPython. This platform, like others mentioned above, undergoes regular updates to incorporate the latest changes in Python. RealPython features seasoned experts who have mastered their crafts in software engineering, making it a reliable guide for honing your computer programming skills using Python in 2023.

Python (Official Website)

Seizing the ninth position is Python itself. While the name might sound peculiar, Python has its own official website. This is where many experts in software engineering initially refined their skills in the Python programming language. On this website, you can stay informed about the latest changes in Python and gain insights into the language’s workings, crafted by Guido Van Rossum himself, the maestro of the Python programming language.


Taking the tenth position is YouTube, catering to visual learners. While merely directing a curious student to YouTube is akin to telling a traveler to “go there” without coordinates, I’ll provide a handful of YouTube channels where you can learn Python for free, making the learning journey more accessible.

  • Telusko
  • Programming with Mosh
  • TechWithTim

Finally, we conclude the list of websites where you can access free Python courses. It’s essential to note that the order presented doesn’t indicate a ranking; each website holds its own significance, and the arrangement is for organizational purposes only. Happy coding!

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