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Starlink Now Available in 99 Countries, Becomes Third-Largest ISP in Nigeria

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Elon Musk’s internet service, Starlink, is finally one of the fastest growing internet services in the world. The unique internet service is now available in 99 countries. Elon Musk revealed the information in a cryptic message on his X account. The Starlink Nigeria ISP has also ascended to be one of the top three largest ISP providers in the country.

The news comes a day after Elon Musk visited Indonesia for the official launch of the service. Elon Musk emphasized that a major reason for creating the service was to provide quality internet services to more remote areas in rural areas. NCC data stated that Starlink’s active customers in Nigeria increased from 11,207 customers to 113,869 active customers.

Starlink ISP

This is an 113% increment experienced in Q4 2023. Right now, Spectranet is one of the oldest ISPs in the country. The internet service has also maintained its top position in the market with 113,869 active customers.

The other ISPs in the country include FiberOne, which is in second place, with 27,000 active users at the end of 2023.

Note that ISPs are different from mobile Internet providers, such as MTN, Airtel, etc. ISPs provide the Internet through various wired technologies. The technologies include DSL, cable, fibre-optic, or satellite connections. The technology uses fixed infrastructure that requires a physical connection to the home or business.

Starlink was launched in Nigeria last year, January 2023. The west african country was the first African country to access the service legally. As of September 2023, just 8 months after its launch, Starlink had amassed 11,207 active subscribers in Nigeria, making it the fourth largest ISP in the country.

To further drive adoption, Starlink Nigeria implemented a 21 per cent discount on its starter kit in October 2023, reducing the price from N378,000 ($378) to N299,500 ($299).

While the service continues to record impressive success in these markets, it is still struggling to establish a presence in several African countries. Recently, the government of Zimbabwe ordered the company to shut down its services in the country. The country claimed its citizens used the service for illegal activities. The company is also dealing with regulatory issues in Ghana. However, Ghanaian authorities convinced its citizens that a grant will be awarded to Starlink soon. 

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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