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Samsung East Africa Addresses Viral Smart TV Hacking Threats

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Samsung Smart TV is an extraordinary gadget that speaks of luxury and comfort. It is no surprise there are hacking threats to such advanced technology.

However, the Head of the Department of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd, Sam Odhiambo, highlighted the safety measures Samsung has taken to protect its users. 

Knox Guard

Samsung Smart TV Knox Guard To Curb Smart TV Hacking 

According to Bitdefender, smart TVs are at risk of exploitation by hackers. The lack of security measures on Smart TV exposes it to unauthorized access by hackers. These cyber criminals usually add themselves as users and dubiously access the Smart TV. These actions cause indentment and damage to the product.  


However, Samsung has built a security feature that protects Samsung products. The security feature, Samsung Knox Guard, is a powerful tool that protects Samsung TVs from hackers. It provides protection with a secure lock mechanism. Also, it is effective as it is reinforced with hardware-level security measures. The Knox Guard blocks unauthorized product editing and retains the product’s software. 

Benefits of Samsung Smart TV Knox Guard

Samsung Smart TV also includes a secure device identifier technology. The technology ensures the IMEI of the product is tamper-proof and provides strong restrictions against network bypass. 

It offers the following benefits:

  • Built-in Knox security ensures devices are protected right from manufacturing, and even after reset/rooting attempts.
  • Block unauthorized firmware or binary editing.
  • IMEI tamper-proof with our own, secure device identifier technology.
  • Network bypass-proof; restrict usage even when devices are offline.
  • Restrict malicious VPN/proxy usage.

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Samsung Knox Guard Safety Measures Against Threat

With the safety measures in place, users can tailor their protection to their needs. It offers the following comprehensive security coverage ranging from blocking software threats to locking down the device to prevent hacking. If the product is stolen, confidential data can be remotely wiped or reset. 

The Knox offers protection against the following threats: 

  • Send push notifications with customized messages. Make them periodic, dismissable, or non-dismissable based on severity.
  • Various lockdown options for both post-paid and pre-paid models. Supports SIM/connectivity-based lock, total lock, and more flexible lock/unlock options.
  • Dispel malicious users with a wide range of feature restrictions. Block binary flashing, USB/Bluetooth/NFC connection, incoming/outgoing calls, and more.
  • For verified corporate users only, access features to remotely wipe or reset devices to protect confidential data.

With the advanced security features, the Guard maintains a satisfactory user experience. There’s no development required to use the feature. It has an optional server that integrates with your legal systems, which is fully supported by using REST APIs. It has a soothing and customized user interface that creates a seamless customer experience. 

Who can Use Samsung Knox Guard?

  1. The device resellers providing financing or subsidy plans
  2. Insurance firms providing theft & loss protection products
  3. Any channels seeking anti-theft solution for logistics or retail display
  4. Finally, organizations that need theft/asset protection for devices

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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