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Safaricom Partners with ICTA, Launches Connect Academy to Train Fiber Optic Technicians

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Safaricom launched the Connect Academy, a training program for skilled fiber optic technicians in Kenya, which was unveiled at the Connected Africa Summit 2024. The academy aligns with Safaricom’s commitment to invest in robust fiber optic networks and the government’s expansion of internet access.


Safaricom To Train Kenyans Through The Connect Academy

The academy will focus on skill development, mentorship, training, certification, and innovation in the ICT sector. This is part of the Presidential DigiTalent Program, a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

This year, the academy aims to train 1,000 technicians and grow a creative talent pool that is employable. It is an effective way of paving a path for Kenyan youths with no higher education.

Safaricom will partner with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions to integrate fixed broadband training into their curriculum, further expanding the skilled workforce.

Fawzia Ali-Kimanthi, Chief Consumer Business Officer at Safaricom, said, “Our plan is to grow a world-class broadband connectivity talent pool. This pool will be for both public and private sectors in partnership with TVETs. This will create employment and a career path for Kenyan youth who lack higher education.”

Safaricom Connect Academy Launched During Connected Summit 2024

Launched in partnership with the ICT Authority, the Connect Academy will operate as a training program before transitioning into a comprehensive academy. The launch happened at the Connected Summit 2024 in Nairobi. 

The initiative will offer in-depth training to develop highly skilled fiber optic and fixed wireless technicians. This equips them with theoretical knowledge, hands-on experience, and practical skills for successful network deployment.

Customer Support Lead, Safaricom-Connect Academy, Paul Mbaka stated there will be benefits. One of the benefits is trainees getting extra courses on customer service, communication skills, health and safety, and financial management to ensure they are market ready and employable.

Also, he noted that the youth who undergo the training will be linked to the market. “We will find them jobs, but we are empowering them to be self employed.”


Kenya’s government unveiled a plan to deploy 100,000 kilometers of fiber optic infrastructure across the country, according to Kenya’s Digital Masterplan 2022-2032 revealed at the Connected Summit 2022.

This significant infrastructure expansion aims to connect 40,000 schools and other learning institutions, 20,000 government institutions, and 13,000 health facilities.

Finally, the project is expected to boost internet connectivity throughout Kenya, facilitating improved service delivery in education, government services, and healthcare.

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