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PTECSSAN Temporarily Calls Off Planned Telecoms Union Strike

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In a move that will give the whole of Nigeria collective relief, The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN) has temporarily suspended their planned strike against telecom operators. 

This imminent strike, which could have paralyzed communication networks in the country, leading to huge losses in business, was to start soon.

Union Points Out Unresolved Issues as Cause for Strike Threat

PTECSSAN, the union of senior staff in oil and gas sector, expressed its dissatisfaction with labor practices at certain telecom operators.

The union gave a list of issues which are yet to be resolved including alleged unfair dismissal of workers, poor salary structure and general non-adherence to collective bargaining agreements.

Discussions between Union and Operators result in Success

We are glad to see that last minute efforts and a fresh round of talks may have helped to prevent a national crisis.

There was a delegation from PTECSSAN and telecoms operators who had intensive talks facilitated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

These talks were fruitful, with both parties agreeing to a temporary truce to allow for further discussions.

Dialogue Becomes Central Focus

The suspension of the strike will help shift the focus on constructive means of resolving the dispute.

PTECSSAN has given an indication of their willingness to hold more talks with a view to getting an agreement.

The telecoms operators have also committed themselves to work jointly with the union to resolve all outstanding issues.

Minister of Labour Appreciates Work for Peace

The Minister of Labour and Employment, who was at the center of the truce-making process, praised both parties for having decided to talk first before going into a disruptive industrial action.

The Minister highlighted the significance of clear communication and commitment to finding a win-win solution between workers and employers.

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Despite some Unresolved Issues, some Positive Developments are Visible

While it is good news that the strike has been temporarily called off, it should be recognized that the root causes of the conflict have not been addressed.

PTECSSAN has made it known that they will waste no time in restarting their strike if their demands are not met.

Nonetheless, the willingness of both parties to continue with constructive dialogue gives hope for a quick and amicable settlement.

The Impact on Consumers has been Averted.

The welcoming development is that of Nigerian consumers who are very reliant on telecommunication services for their day-to-day activities, from business communication to being in touch with loved ones.

A nationwide strike would have far-reaching consequences, even leading to network outages, service disruptions and financial losses for both businesses and individuals.

PTECSSAN Move Earns Public Praise

PTECSSAN’s move to temporarily call off the strike was greeted with praises from many quarters.

The union is being appreciated by a lot of Nigerians for choosing dialogue over disruptive action.

It is also seen as a good step towards a more peaceful industrial relations environment in the country.

Focus Now Shifts to Getting Lasting Solution

In the days and weeks ahead, it will be key in determining the overall outcome of the dispute.

The short term crisis has been avoided but PTECSSAN and telecoms operators are expected to continue with negotiations.

Nigerians trust that both parties will discuss matters with a spirit of compromise, thus setting up a lasting solution which guards the rights of workers while maintaining an efficient telecommunication sector.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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