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North Korea Tests Underwater Nuclear Attack Drone

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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North Korea recently showed its prowess by testing an underwater nuclear attack drone as a response to a joint naval exercise by the US, South Korea, and Japan. They claim the drone can carry a nuclear weapon. The first test happened in 2023. 

According to state media outlet KCNA, North Korea conducted a test of their underwater nuclear attack drone, named Haeil-5-23, off the country’s east coast this week. However, the exact date of the test was not specified.

Over the past few years, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been expanding his arsenal of nuclear-capable weapons, including a wide range of weapon systems.

It’s important to note that the reported underwater weapons test has not been independently verified. South Korea’s military has expressed skepticism about the drone’s capabilities, stating that North Korea may be exaggerating its effectiveness in carrying out strikes on enemy vessels and ports.

The country has blamed the US, South Korea, and Japan for escalating tensions in the region, citing their joint naval drills as the reason for conducting the test. The drills took place for three days and concluded near Jeju Island on Wednesday.

US and Asian Allies Response

The US, South Korea, and Japan are closely monitoring North Korea’s weapons show. They view these tests as a threat to regional security and stability. In response, they have been conducting joint military exercises and increasing their defense capabilities to deter any potential aggression from North Korea. Additionally, they have been engaging in diplomatic efforts to address the issue through negotiations and sanctions. It’s a complex situation, but they are committed to maintaining peace and security in the region.

A spokesperson from North Korea’s defense ministry criticized the three countries for their military exercises, warning of potential catastrophic consequences. They emphasized that North Korea’s underwater nuclear capabilities are being further developed to deter any hostile actions from the navies of the US and its allies.

Nuclear Attack Drone

In response, South Korea’s defense ministry issued a warning and called for a halt to North Korea’s weapons tests. They assured that their military is fully prepared for any provocations and will respond with overwhelming force if North Korea engages in direct aggression.

This alleged drone test occurred shortly after Kim Jong Un abandoned the country’s long-standing goal of peaceful unification with South Korea. He also mentioned that his nation plans to amend its constitution to officially designate South Korea as its primary hostile foreign opponent.

Effect of the Weapon Demonstration on South Korea

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is currently extremely tense, with North Korea intensifying its weapons demonstrations and making threats of nuclear conflict.

In response, the United States and its Asian allies have been bolstering their joint military exercises as a way to address these heightened tensions.

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Abdullahi Kafayat
Abdullahi Kafayat

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