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Nigerians can Now Monitor Government Performance with an Upgraded Tracker App

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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In a very essential move to enhance transparency and accountability, the Nigerian government has introduced an instrument for its citizens: the upgraded Citizen’s Delivery Tracker App.

This innovative application, which is being piloted by the Central Delivery Coordination Unit (CDCU), provides Nigerians with the possibility of actively monitoring the performance of their government on a national level.

Nigerians can Now Monitor Government Performance with an Upgraded Tracker App

Enhanced Features for Increased Citizen Engagement

The new version of Citizen’s Tracker App comes with various features aimed at empowering citizens and making democracy more participatory.

Here is a list of some key functions:

Visibility of Projects and Policies: The app gives users all-encompassing information about priority government projects, policies, and programs.

This includes clear descriptions, timelines, and progress updates, which will ensure that citizens are well informed about government initiatives.

Performance Review: The app doesn’t only inform the citizens but goes further to giving them the power to evaluate performance of public officials, including ministers, departments and agencies.

Users can give real-time feedback on their experience with government programs and make public officials responsible for delivering on their promises.

Two-Way Dialogue: Citizens’ Tracker App is not just a broadcast platform. It creates a two-way communication platform between citizens and government.

Users can ask questions, raise concerns or give suggestions directly through the app, which fosters a more responsive and inclusive governance system.

A commitment to transparency and accountability

Upgraded Citizen’s Tracker App launch marks Nigerian government’s dedication to transparency and accountability.

The app empowers citizens to monitor government performance and voice their opinions, thus reinforcing the social contract between the government and its people.

The special adviser to the president on policy coordination, Hajia Hadiza Bala Usman, made this point at the launch of the event.

She said, “This application empowers citizens to provide real-time feedback on their assessment of the government’s performance. Now they can track implementation of policies, projects and programs from any location in the country.”

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A Catalyst for Improved Governance

Citizen’s Tracker App is a tool which can catalyze better governance in Nigeria.

By providing citizens with tools to hold their government accountable, this app will result in more effective implementation of government programs and better resource allocation, which will lead to improved service delivery for the Nigerian people.

Citizen Participation: The Key to Victory

The success of the Citizens’ Tracker App depends on Nigerians active participation.

It is very important that Nigerians welcome this app and use its features effectively.

This includes downloading the app (available on CDCU website and soon in app stores), acquainting themselves with its functions, and actively interacting with the platform to give feedback and monitor government performance.

The Citizen’s Tracker App Ushers in a New Dispensation in Nigerian Governance.

By giving people the power to participate in democracy, this revolutionary instrument can bring about positive change and guarantee a brighter future for the country.

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Oluchukwu Ikemefuna
Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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