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Nigeria Customs’ Auctions: How to be a Part of it Through the e-Auction Platform

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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At the ports, Nigeria Customs Services has started auctioning off abandoned and seized goods. According to Nigeria Customs, Nigerians can fairly participate in the bidding process on the redesigned e-auction website.

Nigeria customs

Steps on how to bid on items on the e-auction platform were also supplied by the agency. 

How To Go About With Bidding For Items From Nigeria Customs Services 

These items are now available for bidding on the official Custom e-Auction website. In order to place a bid, one must register on the official website. Because of this development, well-meaning Nigerians now have a way to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Nigeria Customs e-auction. 

The actions to take in order to take part in this initiative are listed below. 

1. Signing up for the Customs e-Auction Website

a. Go to the official e-Auction website: https://auction.nigeriatradehub.gov.ng.

b. Fill out your personal information to create an account.

c. Accept the conditions that the Nigeria Customs Service has set forth.

2. The Process of Verification

Along with these three crucial documents, the participant must also provide their phone number, a valid email address connected to their tax identification number (TIN), and a valid TIN.

a. It is necessary for participants to give:

A legitimate Tax Identification Number (TIN) and an email address connected to the TIN

– Contact number for confirmation.

b. In order to verify the participant’s identity, Nigeria Customs may carry out a verification procedure.

3. Cost of Administration

A small administrative fee of N1,000 must be paid in order to successfully register on the Customs Service e-Auction platform.

4. Equip E-Wallet

1. Access the auction website.

b. To allow bidding on items that are shown, create an electronic wallet and fund it.

5. Examining Listings for e-Auctions On Nigeria Customs Website

a. Look through the inventory of goods up for auction.

b. Examine the items’ conditions, details, and descriptions.

6. Bidding Period On The Nigeria Customs Website

a. Every Tuesday at noon, the auctions take place, ending at six o’clock at night.

b. Bidders may select up to two items at a time during the Nigeria Customs auction, and they may choose to submit multiple bids to improve their chances of winning.

7. Winning Bid Notification

a. As soon as the bid period ends, the participants with the highest bids receive notification.

b. Upon receiving the link via email, winners must download their winning certificates right away.

8. Payment Through The Nigeria Customs Website

a. Within a given time limit, winners must pay for the prizes they have won.

b. The e-Auction website offers payment options and instructions; money should never be deposited into a third party’s personal account. 

9. Procedure for Clearance

a. At the location where their goods are stored, winners are required to present the winning certificate.

b. It takes seven days to get clearance.

10. Conditions and Terms

Owners of seized property as well as Nigerian Customs officers are not permitted to take part.

b. The offices of the Customs Area Controllers are where winning bids must be verified.

c. It is required that payments be made as soon as possible, along with a 7.5% VAT and any applicable refundable container deposits.


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Abdullahi Kafayat
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