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How to Apply for Sterling Bank Loan

By Oluchukwu Ikemefuna

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Sterling Bank Loan – In challenging times, when sudden bills and urgent needs seem to hold you back, finding a way out becomes paramount. That’s where Specta comes in. But what exactly is Specta?

Sterling Bank loan

Specta, in collaboration with Sterling Bank, emerges as the fastest lending platform, granting individuals and businesses access to loans of up to N5 million in just 5 minutes. The process is streamlined, eliminating paperwork, collateral requirements, and the need for physical office visits. Whether you’re a salary earner, entrepreneur, or youth corper, Specta is custom-tailored to support your ambitions and pave the path toward the life you envision.

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Introduction to Specta on Sterling Bank Loan

Specta, in collaboration with Sterling Bank, is Nigeria’s fastest lending platform, offering access to loans of up to N5 million in just one transaction and within 5 minutes. Additionally, our objective is to provide you with a straightforward, convenient, and personalized experience, leveraging proprietary data and analytics to assess applications efficiently.

Furthermore, one of Specta’s key features is the absence of collateral requirements, guarantors, or the need to visit any office for loan approval and fund disbursement. Once your application is submitted, scoring occurs instantly, and funds are disbursed in less than 5 minutes.

Moreover, Specta welcomes everyone, irrespective of occupation or bank affiliation, ensuring accessibility for all.

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What are Some of Specta’s Products?

Specta offers a range of packages tailored to meet your specific needs:


  • Salaried Individuals: Access personal loans if your salary account is held in any bank or with Sterling Bank. Open to all account holders in Nigeria.
  • Non-Salaried Individuals: Access personal loans if you are self-employed, a business owner, a professional, or a trader with accounts in any bank or with Sterling Bank.


  • Boost sales by receiving payments from customers with Specta spending limits. Get up to N2 million to start or expand your business.


  • Provides digital credit limits for purchasing items online or in-store at merchant locations. Customers can also access quick cash from their limits.

Ultra Credit Card:

  • A revolving naira-denominated card available to everyone, offering convenience and short-term loans.

Specta Score:

  • Credit score evaluation assists financial institutions in assessing customers’ credit risk, aiding effective financial management decisions.

Specta Prime:

  • A variant allowing loans backed by investments. Invest your Naira at competitive rates and access loans at reduced interest rates.

When using Specta, you don’t need collaterals, paperwork, or physical office visits to secure loan approval and disbursement, provided you are profiled. Once you submit your application, scoring occurs instantly, and funds are disbursed in less than 5 minutes.

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How to Apply for Sterling Bank Loan

To apply for any of the Sterling Bank loan package, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Sterling Bank (Specta loan page) website.
  2. Navigate to the section related to loans, particularly Specta, as Specta handles Sterling Bank loans.
  3. Look for the “Apply Now” button under Specta and click on it.
  4. Open your browser and visit the Specta loan page.
  5. Download the Salary Domiciliation Agreement and fill in the necessary details.
  6. Send an email with the completed document to Specta at specta@sterling.ng.
  7. If you are operating with a savings account, register your account with the Corporate Customer Salary Account.
  8. Your details will be processed, and if found eligible, your application will be approved with funds disbursed in a few minutes.

Additionally, you can apply through the Specta loan app by creating an account and following the application instructions provided.

What is Specta Loan Repayment Plan?

The repayment duration typically ranges from 1 to 4 years. However, you should choose your repayment plan based on your capability. This allows you to repay comfortably and at your convenience, whether on a monthly or yearly basis. It’s important to note that failure to adhere to your repayment plan incurs a penalty of 1%.

Do I Need Collateral to Borrow Money From Specta?

No, collateral is not required to borrow money from Specta. However, you must meet the requirements of the specific loan package you are applying for.

Don’t worry about the terms and conditions of obtaining a loan from Specta, as they are stress-free and straightforward.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sterling Bank Loans

What is Specta?
Specta is Nigeria’s fastest lending platform, offered in partnership with Sterling Bank, providing individuals and businesses with quick access to loans of up to N5 million within 5 minutes.

What are the key features of Specta loans?
Specta loans feature a quick approval process (within 5 minutes), lack collateral or paperwork requirements, and are accessible to both salaried and non-salaried individuals.

Who can apply for Specta loans?
Specta loans are open to all Nigerians, including salaried individuals with accounts in any bank, non-salaried individuals such as self-employed, business owners, professionals, and traders with accounts in any bank or with Sterling Bank.

What types of loans are available through Specta?
Specta offers various loan packages, including personal loans for individuals, business loans to boost sales or start/grow a business, digital credit limits for online and in-store purchases, revolving credit cards, credit score evaluation services, and loans backed by investments.

How can I apply for a Sterling Bank loan through Specta?
To apply for a Sterling Bank loan via Specta, visit the Sterling Bank website, navigate to the Specta section, click on “Apply Now,” and fill in the required details. If your credit score is good and there are no issues with your application, you can expect to receive your funds in about 5 minutes or less.

What are the benefits of using Specta for loans?
Some key benefits of using Specta include fast loan approval and disbursement, no collateral or paperwork requirements, accessibility to a wide range of individuals including those without a Sterling Bank account, and the ability to choose from various loan packages tailored to different needs.


In conclusion, Specta stands out as a revolutionary lending platform, transforming the borrowing experience for individuals and businesses across Nigeria. With its lightning-fast approval process, absence of collateral requirements, and diverse loan packages catering to various needs, Specta has become a beacon of financial empowerment.

Specta is designed to support your dreams and provide quick access to funds when you need them most, whether you’re a salary earner, entrepreneur, or professional. By partnering with Sterling Bank, Specta ensures a seamless and efficient loan application process, making it a top choice for those seeking hassle-free financial solutions. Embrace the future of lending with Specta and unlock the possibilities for a brighter financial future.

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